The Best Humiliation Sex Chat Sites

Last updated January 30, 2020

Hey there, you worthless loser. Did you find that opener a turn on? Well, then you may have a humiliation fetish. If you want to indulge in your kink, I'd suggest you do so safely, discreetly and cheaply while getting the best models, streaming quality and interactivity that this industry has to offer. These 5 humiliation sex cam sites meet these criteria, and then some.

If you prefer your session to be a one-on-one with a beautiful and experienced dom, then chances are you won't regret trying out LiveJasmin. It has some of the best streaming quality you can find, and an attention to detail that honestly impresses me to this day, even after spending countless hours enjoying its many, many cams.

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Leather-clad domme humiliating her viewer on LiveJasmin

If you want a hardcore fetish cam model that knows how to verbally destroy someone, then you'd be better off searching for one inside LiveJasmin's Fetish category. There are over 200 fetish models on LiveJasmin on average, and they're experienced in anything from small penis humiliation to ruining orgasms and even financial domination.

As mentioned, though, what truly distinguishes LiveJasmin from the crowd is the actual quality of its cams, and I'm not just talking about their overall video resolution. The site does a fantastic job of helping its models become better streamers, whether by teaching them how to properly set up their webcam or by showing them how to better use the lighting in their cam rooms. The end result is what I can only describe as luxurious.

But HD quality cams and fantastic models come at a price, and LiveJasmin is not exactly cheap. An average priced cam show on the site usually costs around $2.40 a minute, but that doesn't include cam2cam, which costs around a dollar extra per minute to add. You do, however, always have that option available to you, if you want your model to see just how pathetic you are.

LiveJasmin may be a bit pricey, but it's very much worth it. The developers even make sure that you're always left feeling satisfied, and do so by employing a 24/7 customer support team that you can contact via live chat.


There are very few fetish cam sites that truly make you feel at home - Where you know that your kinks aren't just welcome, but expected. FetishGalaxy manages to do that while maintaining excellent fetish cam shows at affordable prices.

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Big-breasted Latina eager to humiliate her subjct on FetishGalaxy

I've crowned FetishGalaxy as the best cam2cam fetish site in the industry for its c2c availability, varied selection of fetish cams and welcoming accessibility to kinksters. Models here are split between Dominatrixes, Submissives, Educators (who specialize in servicing inexperienced fetishists) and Experts (who specialize in niche fetishes). Whether you just want to be torn down by a professional or after something more particular, like taking part in a cuckold cam show and being the subject of ridicule by a sexy cuckoldress, you'll find it here in no time.

As I've mentioned, the price of these shows will also be highly affordable. You'll easily be able to find a cam girl to humiliate you for just under $2.00 a minute, with c2c and two-way audio included. There are usually over 130 fetish cam shows live on the site to help you slake your thirst, and the site's categorization system does a great job of helping you navigate between them to find those that more suit your tastes.

The downside to all this is FetishGalaxy's video quality. While there are some HD cams on the site, the majority are in HQ or even less, and there's no real regulation by the site on how good a cam show should look or how good of an upload speed the model should have, making for some stuttery shows at times.

The site's selection, categorization and navigation make it so finding the high quality cams is fast and easy, so you can still ignore the low quality ones. At the end of the day, if you find yourself stressed about your expenditures this might be a way for you to be able to enjoy your degradation at ease.

When visiting Flirt4Free, the first thing you'll probably notice is how ravishing its models are. This sex chat site has some of the most gorgeous cam girls (and boys, as a matter of fact) in the industry, and backs them up with high-resolution streams that really put a spotlight on their quality.

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Blonde Russian dominatrix mocking her cuck viewers

First thing's first: If you're a US citizen or just prefer US models, then this site should definitely be higher up on your "to visit" list. It has an amazing selection of US cam models of all shapes and sizes, and, from experience, these girls know how to play a role. Cam2cam is free and even includes 2way audio, making this a great option for those seeking to be humiliated on cam. Additionally, if you're into getting jerk off instructions and cum eating instructions, this is the spot.

The site itself is really fair in its pricing, and while the models are free to charge absurd prices (with some even charging up to a whopping $13.00 a minute), most charge between $0.90-$5.45, and you can easily find the ones charging lower rates thanks to the site's filter-by-price option.

All this wouldn't be so appealing if Flirt4Free wasn't fetish-friendly, but it very much is. In fact, Flirt4Free has a very active fetish community, with a large section of the site dedicated to it. That section, which can be accessed under the Live Cams drop-down menu, is filled with articles and blogs on different fetishes and kinks, instructional guides and even an active forum.

Just be sure to use Flirt4Free's categorization system (and not its unhelpful search engine) to find whatever you're looking for. Also, if you have any issues, Flirt4Free has a live chat customer support that's available to all its registered members and operates at all hours of the day, and on all days of the week, so take advantage of it.

Did you ever have trouble finding the perfect professional for the job? A gorgeous and strong-willed mean girl who will make your cock hard and your eyes all teary? Then ImLive has the solution for you: A wonderful feature that lets you find exactly the performance that you're fantasizing about, by letting your post your requests or fantasies to a board that only the models can see. Those that are interested may reply to you directly to arrange a time to meet online.

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Mulatto domme waiting to degrade you on ImLive

This feature that has you post your fantasy is called ImLive's Fulfill your Fantasy. Make your request as simple or as elaborate as you want, and instead of you having to look for the right girl for the job, the ones who want to degrade you in the exact way that you want will all send you messages, usually with an asking price. You can then pick and choose. I just wish this feature wasn't exclusive to this site, only.

And, if we're on the subject of prices, then know that ImLive is perhaps the cheapest sex cam site on the market. Not only do its shows usually go for under $2.00 a minute, but the site itself has a multitude of ways to help you reduce costs - From its discounted block sessions (long shows that you pay a reduced price in advance for) to the models' fan clubs and its amazing rewards program. If you've ever felt in a rush to finish a show because it's running too long and you're worried about spending to much on it, then worry no more. ImLive's here to help you enjoy your shame in peace, and for cheap.

Aside from ImLive's exclusive Fulfill your Fantasy feature, it's also one of the only sites with a dedicated humiliation category (a sub-category in the fetish category) with close to a dozen or so live dommes at any given time. The site has a hundred fetish models and hundreds more non-fetish models that are always online.

There is, however, a downside to all of this, and that is ImLive's streaming quality. The site features tons of HQ cams with very little HD cams to boast. Also, every now and again, you'll come across a cam room with some annoying latency and buffering issues, even among the humiliation fetish models, which is just a shame. The quality, overall, is rather good, but it's nowhere near that of LiveJasmin or Flirt4Free.

High video quality? Check. Beautiful cam models? Check. A dedicated fetish category with plenty of beautiful babes? Check. JOYourSelf is a classy adult webcam site that caters to most, and has high-quality streams that rival those of the best in the field.

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Sexy Brunette flipping off her pathetic viewers on JOYourSelf

JOYourSelf is what you would call an exemplary cam site. First, most of its shows are in HD, and none of them suffer any technical issues that may be prevalent in other cam sites. In fact, it's actually a chore to try and find a cam room here that's not in 720p at the very least.

Second, JOYourSelf's models are absolutely stunning. The site hosts models that are both experienced and lovely. It also has a great collection of fetish babes that will suit your needs in the Dominatrix category. JOYourSelf even lets you keep tabs on your favorite models through their Story - a feature that lets you see them as they are in their day-to-day lives, like you would on sites like Instagram.

What bothers me about JOYourSelf, though, is that it's so bare-bones. The site has really no extra features other than c2c and two-way audio, and even those usually cost around a dollar extra each to enable in a show. And speaking of which, The site is rather pricey. A cam show will usually cost you around $2.50 a minute, but considering the fact that c2cd a 2way audio cost extra, and the fact that you can't filter by price, JOYourSelf can slowly leave you in the red.

There's JOYourSelf's Club Elite program to help you deal with its costs, but while it makes the site more affordable, it certainly doesn't make it cheap. Still, if you're looking for assured high quality, there are few better sites to try out.

In Conclusion

First, let me start by saying this: You don't need to specifically search for fetish models in order to indulge in your fetish. Do you prefer bratty to have bratty college-aged girls verbally humiliate you? Do you want her to look cute and wholesome, like the next door neighbor? If you prefer these things, or anything else, to the dommes you can find in the fetish section, you're not alone. All of the above chat sites have enough varied webcam models to fit your tastes, and many of them are professional and experienced enough to give you the experience you crave.

But, even then, LiveJasmin still comes out on top. It has around 1,400 live cam rooms on an average day, and the quality of the vanilla models matches that of its fetish models.

If you're looking for immersive and intimate sexual humiliation on cam, then LiveJasmin is perhaps the best option for you out there. It might be a tad bit pricey, but it's worth it.

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