Review of CamSoda - A Fun New Name in the World of Live Adult Webcams

Last updated November 06, 2018

Hey, Andy here, ready to talk to you about an exciting new live adult chat cams site I have found.

I say new, it may have been around for a while already, but it has recently come onto my radar, which means it is a site that is going places, if you ask me.

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The site is It is a real amateur chat site, and from a first glance appears to operate on a similar methodology to that of Chaturbate and MyFreeCams.

Real Cam Chat With Hot CamSoda Stars

Like I said, I heard about it through the grapevine, and knew I had to pay it a visit.

The site is free to join, and this does actually mean free. There are no payment requirements, or even a request to enter your payment details when you first create your account.

You simply need to enter the following information:

It could not be simpler, and you are even redirected straight to the homepage.

The main screen of CamSoda is set up in what is now the traditional way. A search filter on the upper bars, and then thumbnail images of the current active free webcam chat models in the center.

While the site does not offer the live thumbnail preview that other sites seem to be favouring these days, it does come with a dynamic thumbnail. The images used are screenshots taken from the current in progress show, and are updated every few minutes. This means that you still get a pretty accurate idea of what is happening in your real amateur chat room before you open it.

Real Live Adult Chat Stars Can Be Found at CamSoda

The filtering system on the site is not the most advanced, but it is broken down into a few basic predefined options.

On top of this you can use a hashtag filter of some basic live adult chat features.

While I will admit to finding this search logic a little restrictive, it does work well for the site. Plus, the site is young, and growing, so as they establish their name, and get more free webcam chat streams up and running, I am sure they will look to expand on this.

Enjoy Real Amateur Chat at CamSoda

Once you have narrowed own your live adult webcams feeds, you are left with one final choice. Which sort of show do you want to watch?

Inside, I found the chat rooms to be rather plain and simple. There were no real frills to the live adult chat experience. I had the screen, which was a decent default size, and a chat window.

Within the chat there were only a couple of additional features: 

Real Amateurs Can Be Found In a CamSoda Free Webcam Chat Room

The other interesting feature I saw within the live chat sessions is the notification option. You simply click the button and you will be signed up for automatic email notifications when your chosen real amateur chat babe comes online. I find this a nice extension because it means you do not have to log in or memorize your cam friends schedule in order to watch them.

Aside from adding tips to keep the different show types going, I found nothing else of note on offer in the chat rooms. That being said, there is nothing more needed. The cam stars are talkative and friendly and the shows are very fun indeed, so I have not complaints there.

As I mentioned, you need to have credits in your account if you are really going to enjoy the CamSoda real amateur chat experience.

Their free webcam chat is good, but I always feel better when I participate.

You can buy credits on the site in designated bundles:

When you first join the site you are able to claim an additional 100 tokens absolutely free. I was very pleased to see that this was a real freebie, not based on adding a certain number of credits to your account.

As I would expect from a modern cam chat site, there are ample ways of completing your credit purchases, which makes the site that much more available to people.

Enjoy Free Webcam Chat at CamSoda

All in all, I found CamSoda to be a refreshing and easy to use free webcam chat site. It is not perfect, but there is potential for something really good here. A fun, fresh site that promises to change the webcam world, and may just do it. 

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