Best Lesbian Sex Cam Site Reviews – Watch the Hottest Female Couples

Hi there, Andy here. Welcome back to Top5CamSites, and welcome to my new section, dedicated solely to the top five best lesbian sex cam sites.

I think it is pretty fair to say that live lesbian cams are a big turn on for almost all of us. Nearly everyone is turned on by some girl on girl action. Hell, according to PornHub, even straight women like watching lesbian couples have sex, and I for one can’t blame them.

There is something about watching live lesbian cams that just encourages feelings of arousal and notions of the erotic. From professionals within the industry through to the hot amateur models there is always a certain draw that comes from live lesbian sex cams feeds, knowing that the girl on girl action is happening in the now.

As I am sure many of you are aware, my reviews are unbiased and real. They are written from the heart and based around my own experiences on these sites.

An Andy review is not just a quick look around the site, a few lines on the live lesbian cams followed by a strong arm sales pitch. No, no, no. In the coming reviews you will only about of what I consider to be the top lesbian sex cam sites on the net. They will have good points, and they will have bad points. I will point out both to you as we go along, and by the end, I hope you will have a well-rounded appreciation for each site, and can then base your own decisions on how you want to proceed.

If you like naughty lesbians and live amateur cams, then this is the site for you. Arguably the very best lesbian sex cam site on the net, offers you a wide range of female stars, ready to get it on in some girl on girl action.  

Free to join, LiveJasmin is the leading name in adult cam sites, and it is clear to see why from the moment the page loads. Give it a try today, and see for yourself how great lesbian cam shows can be.

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ImLive are the 3rd ranked live lesbian cam site, and that fact alone makes them a great place to visit.

Filled to the brim with hot amateur lesbian babes, it has everything you could need in a real live amateur sex cam site, and will leave you gasping and begging for more at the same time.

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There are not many adult cam sites that offer a hotter array of amateur lesbian cam girls than Chaturbate. One hundred percent free to join, there are always plenty of hot lesbians to give you a live show.

There’s also cams with groups of girls, for some intense lesbian orgies.  

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The number four rated live lesbian chat site is none other than MyFreeCams. A site packed with beautiful women, real amateur lesbians and sex cam chat rooms.

There’s plenty of reasons why MyFreeCams has been one of the most popular cam sites around.

Come on in to learn about the hot girl on girl cams streaming on the site.

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The live lesbian sex cams from are some of the best on the net. It cannot be surprising therefore, that this hot lesbian sex cam site earned the much coveted second place on our top five lesbian cams.

There are many hidden wonders to be found within the site, both on its basic pages as well as in the chat rooms themselves. Come on by and see exactly what you can expect to find the first time you visit the site.

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Currently, these are the five best lesbian sex cam sites to watch female couples get it on in girl on girl action. If you enjoy lesbian porn, I recommend LiveJasmin as the first place to start. It has the best quality feed and some of the hottest lesbian models around.

If you have the time, I heartily recommend signing up for all five sites. They all have a free option available, so you can test them out to see where your favorite lesbians couples are. At the end of the day, one of the biggest motivators in sex cams isn’t the user interface but rather a specific cam girl.

When you find that cam girl of your dreams, you are going to sign up for that site regardless of anything.

As this list is unbiased, it is subject to change. I am regularly browsing sex cams, lately with a strong focus on lesbian cams (what can I say, I’m just in the mood). As I am exposed to new sites and new models, the ratings may change, sites may be added and/or removed.

All of five of these adult sex cam sites are great places to watch cam girls. With a wide selection of lesbian sex cams, you are going to have a huge variety to pick from. Get ready for excitement, sexy lesbian camgirls are just a few clicks away. 

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the reviews.