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Last updated June 19, 2024

Hi, welcome back. It’s Andy here, once again, bringing you another tip top, ultra-awesome review of the live gay chat site that holds onto the number four position in out prestigious top five cam site reviews.

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After sneaking into third place, we return to an adult chat cams site that is fully focused on providing hot gay chat to all of those that are looking for some online action.

Let me start by saying that I think Steamen is a very good site. I had not spent a lot of time on it before I began researching this review, and must admit, I really enjoyed my time on the site.

Why the heck therefore, is it stuck down on the number four position, I can hear you all asking it.

Well, two reasons. One is that the first three sites are also super awesome places that offer top of the line adult chat cams and service. Secondly…. Well, that would spoil the review would it not?

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The initial thing that got me about Streamen was the sheer number of hot gay chat cams they had live at any minute. Now, I’m not going to quantify it because it depends heavily on the time of day, and in which time zone you are, but let’s just leave it as me saying that I visited the site numerous times throughout the day and the number of live adult chat cams was very high indeed.

As far as live video chat sites are concerned, Streamen is very run of the mill in the way it is set up. There is nothing overly unique about the site, or even attention grabbing when you first log on. The background is white, with some blue borders. Personally I think it would be nice if they could jazz it up a little.

Sign up is absolutely free. All you need to do is provide a valid email address, as this is where your initial password is sent. The other details are simple, user name, name, surname and country. Nothing incriminating, nothing too personal. The best way. There is no need to register a credit card or anything like that. Enter your details and you are good to go. Live Amateur men will be falling at your feel to chat with you. I am always surprised at the number of live video chat sites that still like to have card information and things when you create an account. Free is the way forward people.

There is Somebody for Everybody Behind these Live Adult Chat Cams

Once you are into the site itself, navigation is simple and the site has an intuitive feel to it. The hot gay chat cams are shown with thumbnail images of the host, and are 5 screenshots wide, meaning you have a decent size screen and view of the live amateur men you are choosing from.

There is also a multi-faceted search feature which allows you to filter based on both adult chat cams features, such as HD cams, audio options, show type and or broadcast region, but also on the left hand vertical bar you can filter based on the hot gay chat stars themselves. Appearance, build, couples, solo, etc.

This does add a nice level of specificity to everything and allows even the pickiest visitors the chance to find the right live amateur men to suit their needs.

With all of this praise for the site, I can assume you are wondering what the real reasons are for its low placement on the top five live gay chat sites. Well, in my opinion a hot gay chat site should offer something special once you get inside the chat room itself. It is in this area that I feel Streamen lets us down.

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Now, please do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with their live amateur men chat streams, but there is also not that special ‘zing’ that you would normally hope to see either.

The chat windows are a decent size and the screen resolution is also strong. There nothing can be faulted. The models too are very friendly, and open to chat. They are not about the private chat sell, but more for the interaction. This too is a plus for the site. But it is the lack of options within the adult chat cams sessions themselves that means it loses ground on its competitors.

The only options are to send a tip or to enter a private show. There are no fun gifts to send, no options for snapshots or even a favourites button to help organize the best live amateur men on the site. Now, if there is one thing I am sure you all know I look for in a site, it is the favourites button.

The site could really be improved with any one of these options being added to its arsenal, or even a fan club or some other members’ only benefit that encourages you to get involved in the site.

Nobody Puts on a Better Live Cams Show That a Hot Streaman

I did enjoy my time on the site, and have not had a bad experience on there to date, which in itself is a very positive point, but I just finish every session with a feeling that there was something missing, and that is not what you would expect from one of the best live adult chat cams sites.  

All is not lost for Streamen. They are, in essence, doing everything right, they just need to start looking to take it to that next level. I think they are ready for it and am eager to see how they develop.

Obviously, you do not need to take my word for it. Pop on over to the site, sign up – it is free and very simple to do after all – and allow your own mind to be made.



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