The Top 5 Gay Cam Chat Sites Reviewed

Unsurprisingly, there are a ton of gay live cam sites online. Most would consider this a blessing, but when you are trying to rank the best live gay chat sites, it makes it difficult. So, after some effort, I've found the top 5 cam sites that I can confidently call the best gay chat sites in the business. You're welcome.

All of the reviews will look at the site from multiple angles, and so should a particular site be lacking in one area, it has every chance of making it up in others.

Cameraboys, in my humble opinion, is one of the best gay webcam sites around. With high definition cameras, easy sign up and plenty of handsome studs to keep your attention. You will happily wile away your free hours lost in the company of these hot male models.

148 models online
Starting at $1.05 a Minute

While not strictly dedicated to gay cams, Flirt4Free has nonetheless managed to surpass any other adult chat site on the web in the quality, quantity and variety of its male cams. Thanks to that, and to its low prices, unique features and different chat options, Flirt4Free has cemented itself as the best gay cam site around.

250 models online
Starting at $0.45 a Minute

If you're looking for an affordable gay cam sites, you'd be remiss not to include Supermen on your list. It may not have the largest model count, but it more than makes up for it with excellent features and a lot of sass. It's a must-see for any self-respecting male cam connoisseur.

31 models online
Starting at $0.98 a Minute are a top quality live adult chat cams site offering plenty of hot adult men behind live streming chat cams. There is always someone online ready and willing to play with you.

103 models online
Starting at $0.99 a Minute

Step on up and see the review of the number four ranked top five live gay chat sites online. Filled with live hot men and all manner of show options, it is a great place to visit time and time again.

67 models online
Starting at $0.99 a Minute is a good site that has a lot to offer, but in the eyes of this reviewer falls a little short in a few places. Do you want to know where? Come on inside and have a look around. If hot live men performing behind a wide range of interesting adult chat cams is what you like, then you've found the right place for you.

1320 models online
Starting at $0.60 a Minute

It might be surprising to some, but the world of live gay cams is actually a vast one. While the demand for gay cam models isn't as high as it is for cam girls, men tend to be much more willing to get before a camera and put on a show.

This is, for the general live gay chat loving public, a great thing. For a reviewer such as myself however, it can be a tough one. The more free gay cams sites there are, the more choice there is and the stricter I need to be with my lists. I say this because I want to ensure that everybody understands that this list is composed after careful thought, and doesn't just include the first gay chat sites that I've stumbled across.

And since there are so many different types of gay cam models, from bears to twinks, I believe that the best gay webcam sites need to try to offer a wide variety - to cater to at least a portion of the demographic.

The above sites will feature some of the best male action you'll see in your life, and that I can pretty much guarantee. While it's the main reason I chose them, though, know that it is not the only one. They all have fantastic security and are sensitive to the possibility that most of you will want to keep what happens there under wraps. After all, not everyone is proudly out of the closet, as we all have our circumstances in life. This shouldn't keep you away from enjoying what you like, though, so anonymity is key in these sites.

With my choices of the top 5 gay cam sites, I did my best to give you high quality and good bang for your buck. They all have interesting special features and a stunning selection of masculine eye-candy. But, while I'll flash a six-packed hunk you can feast your eyes on every now and again, I want to stress that I tend to review the sites and not the models themselves. I mean, of course the models play a role, but these reviews are more about how good are the various live gay chat sites, rather than the specific individuals that star in their cam rooms.

I am, after all, looking for the best gay webcam sites, and not the best gay cam models. Every site has its stars, and I may, at times, point them out to you, but since this is so subjective I tend to leave the enjoyment of finding your favorites to you.

This is not to say that I remain 100% objective. The above reviews should not be considered to be anything other than a matter of opinion, and I urge you all to tell me what you think about my reviews and what your personal opinions are. When it comes to webcam feature hot live men, there is always room for discussion.

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