- A Good Site With Room for Growth

Last updated May 04, 2024

Hey, it’s Andy here. I see you have gutted it out until the end and have made it to the fifth and final review of the hottest all male amateur chat sites. I hope you have enjoyed yourself thus far and hopefully you have joined at least one of the sites and had a good time on there.

Live Hot Men are waiting for play

Today we are looking at the second live adult chat site on your list. By that I mean a site that is not solely staffed by hot live men, but rather a whole range of adult cam chat stars.

I really enjoy Chaturabte as a site, and must say that the shows the live amateur men put on are of a high quality and always deliver.

The site loads very swiftly, and is not clogged with adds or other distractions that may divert your attention away from the live amateur men and their live streamed adult cam chat rooms. There are no pop ups on the site either, which is a real plus as a number of adult cam chat sites are becoming inundated with pop ups and adverts for all manner of sites.

Kinky Live Amateur Men Always Delivery

The Chaturbate homepage is neatly laid out with live amateur men being shown five abreast. The thumbails are large enough to give a good view of the show in progress and the hot live men that are running the show. The one downside is that the thumbnails do not offer a live ‘preview’ of the live adult cam chat show as it is in progress. This is a shame because I feel that Chaturbate, as a site, could not only accommodate but benefit from having this feature added.

That being said, the thumbnails of the live amateur men are relatively dynamic in so far as they are regularly refreshed by the site, meaning the image you are shown is a fairly accurate representation of the hot adult cam chat show.

The live adult chat shows themselves are always good fun on a site like this. The models anything by body shy and are not concerned with taking one or two people into private shows, but rather with tips coming from across the board.

Nothing is Too Much In These Hot Adult Chat Cams

The benefit of this is felt by both parties. The live amateur men can earn a lot more money, and as viewers you are going to get a much better show for a lower individual price. This is a logic that not many other live adult cam chat sites offer. If I were in the business of predictions and not reviews, I would say that this was something to keep an eye on. I can see it becoming the next trend.

How the live amateur men of Chaturbate work is by setting targets for their audience and staging it so that certain actions are performed in exchange for reaching various stages on the ladder towards the overall goal.

The cam feeds run smooth and a lot of the live amateur men have high definition cams which certainly results in a much sharper live adult cam show. The sound is also decent, but it should be said that both screen quality and sound will differ greatly from live adult chat feed to feed. This has nothing to do with the site, but rather the equipment the hot live men are using.

The Hottest Shows Online Are Just A Click Away

Chaturbate only offer two different screen sizes for their live adult chat shows, that is small and full screen. It is a good thing that signing up to the site for 100% free because only registered members can access the full screen option. This is one of the first limiting factors of the site, and certain goes some way towards explaining their relatively low rank. The ability to change screen sizes is important, and at least one in-between option would have been nice. Maybe even the ‘fit to browser’ choice.

The full screen option is good and it works well without too much image distortion given the larger exposure.

The biggest problem with Chaturbate is not the live hot men, nor is it their select of adult chat cams. On that ground they are good, with a plethora of real live amateur men who are always looking for a good time. What really is the biggest let down is their lack of in-chat options. There is nothing that you can do in chat. Sending a tip is the only feature. Now, you could argue that this is all that really matters, given the ultimate purpose of a live adult chat site. You would be correct, but look at the other sites on this top five list. They all have features that can be used to not only draw people in but actually enhance the online hot live men experience.

The Fun and Games Never Stop With Live Amateur Chat Cams

When you are chatting with live amateur men, you want something else that can not only take the show to another level but allows you the change to show your appreciation in ways that are not necessarily going to be used by everybody. Chaturbate lacks this and it is the main reason for their low rank. If they add just one or two simple things, they could very easily shoot up the list.

The one thing that they do offer is a follow button. This works in the same way to the favourites button and, as regular readers know, is one of my favourite features. To be honest, it was this that allowed Chaturbate to make the top five list. Following your favourite live adult chat streams is great because not only does it create a sort of virtual homepage for you, filled only with your personally selected cams, but you can see on the ‘Follow’ tab, how many of your chosen live adult men are online

Chaturbate is a very good site that delivers a great product, all they need to do now is work on the dressing to go with their main product and they could very easily become a name to be reckoned with in the adult cam chat world.