Real SakuraLive Japanese Amateur Chat Cams Reviewed

Last updated June 07, 2024

The site that has made it into the number two position on my list of live Asian chat sites is the primarily Japanese,

As mentioned above, SakuraLive is primarily a Japanese video chat site, linking visitors with the hottest amateur webcam chat models that the Far East has to offer.

Live Japanese Video Chat Models

SakuraLive has a set up unlike the majority of the amateur webcam chat sites out there.

Japan is famed for its technology and their techno / cyber cities. Neon lights, electronics and so forth, and somehow, all of this has been succinctly captured in the free chat cams homepage. The site has a pink background but is not the clean and crisp colour scheme that most other free chat cams pages tend to favour.

The main homepage of the site presents the live Japanese video chat models in a standard grid style format, with all of the live Asian chat streams presented with uniformly sized screenshots.

Live Japanese video chat with naughty cam models

There is also one larger screen which is set to a continual rotation and shows you live peeks inside the live Asian chat show of the model in the rotation. It is nice to be able to see ahead of choosing a model what their amateur webcam chat room looks like. After all, everybody likes different things, and wants to see different things inside their free chat cams.

The site also boasts the same amateur webcam chat preview when you hover your mouse over one of the live Asian chat thumbnails, only this is in a smaller screen. It is also possible to scroll through the models via the large screen, forcing the rotation through at your pace.

SakuraLive amateur webcam chat rooms are colour coded in accordance with the live Japanese video chat that is in progress.

Live Chat With Real Asian Webcam Stars

There are three main live Asian chat show types that members can choose from:

  • Free
  • Started, or
  • Private

A ‘started’ show is one that is not limited to one-on-one contact and allows all members the ability to see the model putting on a hot live amateur webcam chat show.

The site is not free to join, which is a small disappointment, but at the same time, if you are joining a live Asian chat cams site, you are not doing it for the free chat cams, but for the chance to enjoy private one-on-one Japanese video chat sessions. That is where all of the fun happens after all.

The sign up process is easy, and you can pay with a range of electronic card types. Funds are called points and can be bought in batches of fifty, and also a smaller batch of ten.

Real Asian Amateur Web Cam Shows

Points can be used in a number of ways within the adult cam chat shows provided by the site, and are usually charged on a per minute basis.

Once you have chosen the hot Japanese video chat model that you want to spend your time with, you will see the live chat show opens as a new pop up window.  The site offers only one screen size with the live adult cam chat shows, but it is a decent enough size that you do not really need anything larger or smaller.

A lot of the models hide their faces in the free chat shows, but once the real fun starts, there are no limits to the parts of their body they will not show.

The basis of the site is that the amateur webcam chat models are fully submissive, and total control is given to the participating members.

With this in mind, SakuraLive offer an extensive array of in chat features, all of which are design to emphasize the impression of control and even dominance, while providing members an entertaining way to enhance their Japanese video chat experience.

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You can control the models toys, setting both pace and intensity. There is a charge of one point per minute for this feature, but it is a real show changer. Of course, in group shows, only one user at a time can use this feature, and the site gives a visual indicator when this is being used.

Another nice option is the ability to focus in on a particular body part. If you are a breast man, a hand man, or even a neck and shoulder kind of guy, you can use the body option to focus on any part of the live adult chat models body, once again, allowing you to tailor the show to suit your own desires.

The live adult chat models also understand that sometimes, you just want to watch. You are not interested in chat, but seeing the show they put on. There is a button you can press on the chat screen that tells them just this. Hit the ´Peep´ key and you can sit back and enjoy the Japanese video chat show without being disturbed.

Watch Real Asian Amateurs Play With Themselves

The models are all friendly on this live Asian chat site, and certainly make every visit a memorable one. However, given that this is a Japanese run site, the models, for a large part speak primarily their native language. To counteract this and open the amateur webcam chat site to the rest of the world, a translation bar can be used, which contains a number of key phrases likely to be used while watching such amateur webcam chat shows. These can be selected and appear in the models native language, and better aid the communication between you all.

SakuraLive is certainly an interesting site, from its appearance to its actual working basis, there is a lot to like, and a few things that go against it. The colour coding is good, but not ideal, and there is no segregation of live and offline cams, they are just mixed with each other. Still, it is not enough to lower the site's overall appeal. A well deserving second place, and who knows how things could change in the coming time, as the site continues to grow.

Follow the link, take a look around and see for yourself the fun and games that can be had with submissive Japanese video chat models.