Discover PAWG Plus-Size White Cam Girls on These Sites

Last updated July 18, 2024

Wondering what the devil PAWG is? It stands for Phat Ass White Girl, and it's a niche genre for these kinds of cam girls that's becoming increasingly popular. Some junk in the trunk is sexy and many viewers like to see that booty wiggle and jiggle in front of their live cams, while they fantasize about grabbing big handfuls of them. The following are the best cam sites with PAWG webcam mdoels.


CamSoda is so lively and busy that it doesn't take much to see phat asses, as well as all sorts of other hardcore scenarios, like fuck machines, gang bangs, bondage, squirting, masturbation, and more. CamSoda is a case of pick your poison, if you're able to decide. With live video previews of every single chat room, your eyes and hands will be be occupied and exercised from the start, and spotting chubby white cam girls with fat asses will be an enjoyable cinch.

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CamSoda has good tags to use to get close to phat ass white girls for live chats

CamSoda tries to make some sense of it's free carnal mayhem with a huge library of Tags, accessible from the top of the site by a dedicated page. CamSoda models pick and choose as many as they want, so using them can get you closer the girls who meet the criteria, though, as mentioned, many CamSoda users prefer to just browse the many live feeds for their next webcam date. If you use the tags, some of the best ones to explore for PAWG cam girls are, ass, bbw, big, big ass, curvy, muscle, natural, and white.

Once you're in a certain arena, say, Big Ass, CamSoda will give you additional links to use, such as White Big Ass, Big Ass Milfs, or Big Ass Pornstars. What you'll see here depends on who's online at the time in that category, and what relevant tags they've used. You'll also see indulgent Ebony cam girls in the main mix, so you may want to start with the white niches. What qualifies as a phat ass white girl is personal, so you'll need to go through the results to look for yours.

CamSoda is free live fornication to the max and it's not uncommon for a good number of performers to decline private sessions during peak times. You mught be able to schedule a future time with her using her public chat and even negotiate the rate, the lowest being $0.22 a minute, and averaging $2.86 a minute.

Most CamSoda PAWG webcam models offer the service to make custom videos for any paying fan, according to the script and instructions they submit. So, you can always purchase a few of these for yourself, to tide you over, until the plus-size white cam girl is available for you live.


LiveJasmin is the virtual red carpet of live adult chat sites, which probably explains the site's alluring color scheme. Cream of the crop is the name of this game when it comes to the models, features, customer service, and chat experience. Yes, it'll cost you, because LiveJasmin is premium through and through, but if you want live cam2cam with PAWG female models who're professional, accomplished, and gorgeous, with your satisfaction guaranteed, you want LiveJasmin.

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Use LiveJasmin's Trending tags to get closer to the site's chubby white cam girls

LiveJasmin's main navigation menu has a good range of options to get you on your way, but fat and curvy are not amongst them. What you'll need to do, is head to the box of Trending tags, and then Show More. Here, you'll find a large A to Z list of every kink LiveJasmin offers, and each is a clickable link. Look for Big Ass, Chubby, Butt, Curvy, Spanking, White, and Xxl. Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to these; you are welcome to take your time looking through LiveJasmin's impressive gallery of stunning cam girls, until you spot one who meets your PAWG criteria.

LiveJasmin's Exclusive cam girls only ever appear on this site and nowhere else, and the Certified models have undergone advanced training provided by LiveJasmin, so they are especially well equiped to deliver gratifying cam shows. Both of these arenas are also well worth a look for potential chubby white cam girls. As you explore and discover, add any fat white cam girl you'd like to see again, to your list of favorites and, if you find that you keep coming back to the same select few, consider joining their personal fan clubs, as well.

As LiveJasmin is premium, you won't get much in the way of bare skin and booty, though you might stumble across the ocassional cam girl who's breaking the rule, or who's stripped down to her undies. The free chat service is there for you to flirt a little, preheat the oven, and discuss what she'll do and how far she'll go in a one-on-one, but not much else. Once you've both agreed, your private chat will cost you around $0.36 a minute, unless she happens to also be running a promo, which could get it down to just $0.12 a minute. Using your own webcam and mic each cost extra.

For those prices, you might expect LiveJasmin to be one of the cam sites that lets you record your shows, but alas, LiveJasmin does not. Many models, however, have their own collections of Free Content and Premium Content for you to peruse, and then download or purchase, as you wish. It's the next best thing to keep your best PAWG cam girls close in between shows.


ImLive is an adult webcam giant that, despite still hosting a fair number of chat rooms stuck with standard definition streaming, has a large and growing fan base who love everything else that the site has to offer. ImLive's services and features have remained constant and, because they're already doing some things that no other cam site does, and doing it well, they hardly need to change a thing.

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ImLive's Fulfill your Fantasy service will lead you to the site's best PAWG cam girls

ImLive's menu is pretty extensive but there's a trick to getting to the chubby white cam girls. Under the Filtering heading, look for More Filters, where you'll then find Curvy/Healthy and Big Ass, under Appearance. You can also browse ImLive's gallery of BBW girls, if you like. By far the best way to find your perfect slice of plus-size white cam ass, however, is ImLive's exclusive service to Fulfill your Fantasy. Available to all members at no cost (until you seal the deal, that is), anyone can complete and submit the brief online form for their shot at meeting their dirtiest PAWG sex cam dream, live and face-to-face, in a cam2cam show.

While there's no way to restrict your viewing to ImLive's chubby white cam girls only, it's still never a good idea to skip the live Voyeur webcams. Six live streams at a time, on the same page, is the sexiest way to peruse ImLive's cam girls, and a simple click of the arrow, brings you six more. You could very well discover your next PAWG cam lover.

If you come to your chosen PAWG cam girl this way, you may have been able to negotiate your cost down to ImLive's lowest $0.80 a minute. Otherwise, better luck next time, and expect to pay the site's average $2.00 a minute. If your fat white cam girl is really something special, purchasing Prepaid Sessions of chat time with her not only saves you money, it also lets you schedule your phat ass nookie time when it suits you.

In between live sessons with your best plus-size white cam girls, ImLive's arena of Videos is a real treat, with libraries of Monthly Video Contests, Pornstar Shows, and the Top Past Live Shows. You might even spot your leading PAWG cam ladies in some of them.


Stripchat is a freemum megalith adult cam site where the only rule is that anything goes. Streamers here know that the more radical and extreme their shows are, the more viewers they'll attract and, likewise, the more they'll make in tips. So, while everything goes, it's not up to you what that is; as long as it's in a public show, the model decides.

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Stripchat's All Categories has many options to lead you to PAWG cam girls

Stripchat has a wealth of options and niche genres and, while PAWG isn't one of them verbatim, you're still spoiled with relevant and busy galleries to explore, like White, BBW, Curvy, Big Ass, and Anal Toys. And not just that, because if you select, for example, Curvy, you'll get even more, specific arenas to explore, like Curvy Blonde, Curvy Young 22+, Curvy MILF, and, of course, Curvy White. Stripchat is your PAWG sex cam oyster; just head to All Categories. Stripchat is loaded and vast, so be sure to save all the fat white cam girls you find to your favorites.

Leading live sex cams into the world of virtual reality viewing, Stripchat has the largest number of cam models performing shows that can stream to your VR device, with easy instructions to connect yours, according to make. To get right up close to fat white asses wobbling across your screen and showing off their ripples of blubber, a virtual reality cam show surely can't be beat. They don't even cost that much more.

Speaking of cost, it's easy to get away without paying a thing on Stripchat, and still seeing fully nude and explicit shows. But what goes is up to the cam girls and, if you're not paying for her prime rump, you may not get it. Besides, the number of users in any chat room can get large and claustrophobic, and no one likes vying for attention. Isolate yourself and your PAWG webcam model in a private chat, starting at $0.68 a minute and averaging $3.08 a minute. If your girl has a Start Rec button, then you can even tape your live webcam shows to keep.

Tucked away at the bottom of Stripchat's main menu is the site's Blog. If you don't know it's there, you'll never see it, which is a pity, because it's full of riveting and useful information, like special feature shows not mentioned anywhere on the main site, the Models Vlog, and an insightful Sexuality Resource, so be sure to check it out.


Flirt4Free is a premium adult chat site where you can see more nudity and lewd activity than most other elite sites, with a small but stimulating selection of live show types to choose from. The HD switch makes sure you're shown chat rooms with quality feeds from 720p upwards, but nowadays, it's almost obsolete, because most chat hosts use high tech webcams.

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Flirt4Free's Categories and Videos help you discover the site's PAWG cam girls

Flirt4Free's main list of Categories has links to BBW, Big Butts, and Chubby cam girls, and the closest you'll get to 'white', is to explore the European Girls, and any of the live American cam girl chat rooms. This list responds to the site's activity and as soon as the last model in any arena logs off, that link will disappear, until someone logs on again. So if you don't see your favorite one sometimes, don't panic, it'll be back. It's also why you should always add new PAWG sex cams you find to your own record of favorite models, so you can always find them again.

Flirt4Free's extensive Videos archive is also arranged by Categories, and these get a little more specific than the list for the live cams, like Blonde, Big Ass, Curvy, Butt Plug, Butt Clapping, Gloryhole, and Spanking. What's handy about browsing Flirt4Free's collection of videos, is that each one names the model, so it's another way that you can look for the site's plus-size white cam girls, to approach for future shows.

Speaking of shows, unless you're joining a Party Chat and sharing the cost with other members, Flirt4Free's one-on-one sessions begin at $0.00 a minute and average $2.05 a minute. If you end up paying for more than 4 mnutes of fat white ass shaking, then you'll also be able to record it for yourself, and watch it for free, for up to 7 days. If your show is sufficiently salacious, you could even find that it joined Flirt4Frere's video catalog.

Flirt4Free's arena of Profiles highlights the site's top performers in areas such as the Top 20 Models, Freshest Face Of The Month, Flirt Of The Year, and Hall Of Fame. These are always worth a look to see if any new PAWG webcam women are among them. If you hover on the cog icon that's in the top right of each girl's preview, you can add her to your favorites, request to be notified when she's online, and even email her to schedule a chat.


Every live porn purveyor of plus-size white cam girls has their own idea of what is fat, chunky, curvy, and so on. Like all good things in life, it's a matter of personal taste. I've provided you with my experience-based guide on the best ways to begin your personal pursuit of PAWG cam girls; it's then up to you to choose and save the ones to your taste. After all, that's part of the fun!

If you'd like my suggestion for the sex cam site to get you started, bursting with chunky choice for PAWG chubby white cam girls in uncensored live shows, free to watch, and even cam2cam during public chat, then it's CamSoda.

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