Offer Some of the Hottest Live Gay Chat Feeds Around

Last updated June 14, 2024

Hey, Andy here. Fancy reading another live adult chat review? I’m just playing, of course you do.

Today we are taking a look at the hot gay chat site that is sitting pretty in the number three slot on your top give live gay cams list.

The Hot Men at Are Ready and Waiting is a name that is well known and respected throughout the live adult chat industry. It is a name synonymous with high quality product and performance, and that extends from its regular feeds through to its hot gay chat streams.

This is the first site in the list that is not a standard live gay cams site, or rather, I should say it is not an exclusive site. By that I mean there are all manner of live adult chat streams to be found within its walls. This is good because it means that there is a higher visibility for the site, and therefore more every live cam feed will be held to a higher standard.

This is obvious from the start. The site is clean and crisp in its construction. The two tone blue and white backgrounds are soothing and relaxing. Perfect for the warm reception that is waiting for you once you enter a hot gay chat room.

The site runs well. The speed and stability of the connection is very good, and even when connecting to cams that are heavily loaded with chat users there is no lag in the connection.

Naughty Men Want to do Naughty Things to You

The camera feeds are responsive and the sound of very clear. I mean of course, this can differ from once live adult chat cam to another, but it is evident that the site have done everything they can to ensure that their hot gay chat members have a memorable experience.

There are a good number of live gay cams up and running at any one point in time, and because of the show selections that are on offer there is always something to please everybody.

There are free hot gay chat rooms, naughty nude live gay cams, and private live adult chat shows. Each come with their own perks, and depending on your mood, satisfaction can be found in them all.

Hot Bodied Men Want to Entertain You

The main thing that I liked about the chat experience at was that the hot gay men that staffed them were already ready to chat and smile. Even if I was using a free membership account – if I had no credits in my active balance – they were still willing to chat. Ok, it was more in the quiet rooms than the busy ones, but still, that is a level of interaction that a lot of sites cannot offer.

There are four different screen sizes that are on offer, and one of them – my favourite now – is the ‘fit to browser’ option. This is a great option that really gives you the most from the live adult chat shows. It adapts the screen size to fit whatever device it is that you are using to watch. This is a level of interactive dynamic that many other live gay cams sites do not offer.

Fancy Joining Me For Some Good Time Chat

The chat itself on the site is good. The window is large and you can see a good size history, so you can see what tips have come in, what the hot gay chat star has said and what goals are being discussed. Also, for those that are that way inclined, there is a decent arrange of animated emoticons that can be used in the chat window. Personally I am not the biggest fan of them. I prefer to use words to define my statements, but I understand why people find them so much fun. The stars of these live gay cams certainly seem to appreciate them.

Two other nice features about the chat at is the ability to send ‘Whispers’ to the hot gay men you are talking to. These whispers are messages that cannot be seen by anybody else. Private messages, in other words, but send through the chat window. This means there is no need to navigate away from the hot gay men and their live video stream.  The whisper option is only available to those members that have credit filled accounts, but if you are serious about your live adult chat interaction, this would not be an issue. The ability to hide public messages from chat is also nice. I know, I know, I just said that the large chat window was nice, but sometimes, in rooms that are packed, you don’t want to be distracted, especially if you are chatting with hot gay men and looking for a private show. Being able to hide these other chatters with a single button click is very handy.

Did Somebody Say They Wanted to Get Naughty

The only thing that is really missing from is the ability to add certain live gay cams models to your favourites. The favourites is a favourite feature of mine and I always look for it. It is a shame that is it missing here because that can really change the usefulness of a site. Sure, the way it forces you to use the homepage, and maybe find different hot gay men to interact with is good, but what can I say, I might be just a little bit stubborn.

All in all, I really like and have reviewed them before from the general live adult chat site perspective. The one great thing is that even though they have niche cams, they give them all the same attention. There is no favouritism being played, and that is all to their credit.

Hot Live Chat is Never a Bad Thing

The site definitely deserves its third place on the list. The fact that it is one of the older webcam chat sites out there is testament enough to its ability to adapt and survive is reason enough for a ranking. Could it make it any higher? Maybe. There are a few things that will need to change, and I guess you already know what I’m going to say, so I shall refrain.

In sort. I like and think everybody should check them out. It is 100% free to join and that means you can never be disappointed.