Find Sexy Webcam Chat Stars at ImLive

Last updated November 06, 2018

In the world of live adult webcams, there is one name that carries with a reputation for excellence. ImLive is a site that has a long history in the world of real amateur cams and to this day is continuing to evolve and improve its services to keep their users happy.

The site is free to join, and is one of the few places where the benefits can be found instantly, with a free membership.

While being a site that caters to the live webcam chat audience, it has managed to achieve a multi-layered experience by offering its services across a range of levels all built within the same site engine.

The site opens by presenting you with a list based structure of the live adult webcams models that are broadcasting at that moment in time.

ImLive is Home to the Best Cam Babes Around

The site offer a range of different show types, with the industry standards of free chat and private chat being the bookends for everything else that comes in between. The show type is clearly displayed meaning you know in advance what you are getting yourself in for. The thing I like is also that if you hover the mouse over the image of the real amateur cams model in question, then you will see a live stream of the show in progress, which is a nice feature as it gives you foresight as to what your chosen model is doing and allows you to decide whether or not this is the chat stream for you before loading the page.

The site offers multiple ways of viewing the live webcam char streams on the site.

These three views are a culmination of the views offered across the other top live adult webcams sites. ImLive is just the only site that offers all of them. The models you see are the same in each view, but the freedom of choice allows you the view that you feel most beneficial.

The views are all based on thumbnails. The site has one additional bonus that sets it apart from the rest. The Multicam stream is revolutionary in the real amateur cams world. It offers you the ability to watch six different live webcam chat cams all at the same time. The benefit of this is that you are not making your viewing decision based the live adult webcams show itself rather than a profile image. It is a strong selling point of the site, and certainly one of the key components behind their continued success.

Never a Dull Moment At ImLive

The chat shows themselves are based on a private show format, which means that for non-paying members, and even paying ones watching the free real amateur cams, the shows are not so much exciting or arousing but more teasing. They are there to get you through into the private shows, where the gloves come off and the real fun starts. It should be noted here that the private shows on ImLive are some of the hottest on the net, and more than worth the cost.

To be able to watch private shows tokens are required. This can be bought on the site in pre-set denominations: For those that sign up to the site via a referal from Andy will be rewarded with a $25 bonus, the very frist time they load credits onto their account. 

The site only offers a limited number of payment options as a means of adding credits to your account, but they are widely available international options, so nobody loses out.

An Experienced Website For Legendary Experiences

One of the great things about ImLive, and it is something that is bound to split opinion in some circles, is that they are all about the live adult webcams. They are not bothered by the fluff or the special features that add nothing to the overall experience. They deliver what you want and what you need. Real amateur cams and a means to chat with the lovely ladies that staff them.

There is very little in the way of options within the chat show itself.

For those that are fans of the live adult webcams concept this reduction in functionality is a great thing because it focuses the site on its core component and ultimately means an enhanced experience for all.

The nice thing about ImLive is that the models are nice and interactive. Even with free users they will spare some time to chat and engage. This has not always been the case, but it is getting better by the day. The interactive element is a bonus for all because as a guest user, you are more likely to invest money in a site that provides interaction from the get go.

A Varied Range of Real Amateur Cams

Once you join the site and upload some credits onto your account, you are entered into their membership program which is a great way of ensuring existing members are not forgotten. Many sites offer bonuses for signing, but forget or neglect those that already have. ImLive does not do this. Their program offers members levels to climb with each one offering better benefits, discounts or more enhanced features.

On top of this the site run a daily program where 12 lucky members are given their money back for that day. So in theory you could add 100 credits to your account, and at the end of that same day, have the money paid back to you. This is not something seen very often, and shows the commitment and to their site and their members.

ImLive might not be the very best webcam site out there, but it is certainly up there with the big names, and it is doing everything right. There is, in fact, very little wrong with the site. The only thing holding it back would be the expectations that others have around the fringe benefits and add ons that other sites tend to have. As a provider of a product they are first class, and should definitely be bookmarked and checked regularly.