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Last updated January 01, 2021

Flirt4Free is one of the most well-rounded adult cam sites on the market. It has a generous amount of gorgeous babes and show types, great video quality, wide range of show prices, laudable security and wonderful customer support. It doesn't claim to have the best of anything apart from security, but from my experience, it very much does.

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Blonde girl flirting with her viewers on Flirt4Free

To start, Flirt4Free is a premium cam site that doesn't shy away from having nudity in the open chat. The developers of this cam site know that that's not all we're after. Flirt4Free encourages you to get to know the model before you spend money on her. Flirt4Free puts a strong emphasis on you and your enjoyment, as well as empowering its models in a variety of ways.

In this Flirt4Free review, I'll detail all the things this sex chat site does right and wrong, and give you tips on how you can save money on its paid services.

Pros Vs Cons


  • Great video quality
  • Good amount of show types
  • Two-way video and audio included in every private chat
  • Models are very attentive and engaged
  • Cheap if you know your way around it
  • Amazing VIP program
  • Mobile cam2cam


  • Cumbersome search engine
  • Fewer models compared to other cam sites
  • Some shows are ridiculously expensive

The Models

Flirt4Free has a great selection of hot adult cams, albeit a smaller amount of them than other sites have. There's an average of around 400 models online at a time. It has categories for most things people will search for, such as BDSM and Anal cam rooms, along with special categories for its top 20 cam babes, amateur cam girls, best of the month and the year and so on.

Sexy cam girl dancing for her viewers on Flirt4Free

The real problem that Flirt4Free has, is with finding something that doesn't have a dedicated category, such as jerk off instructions. Flirt4Free is actually one of the best JOI cam sites there are, but it takes a while for most to figure that out. The search engine is anything but useful, as it doesn't clearly show which models are online or lets you filter for the ones that are.

Still, there's no shortage of sexy cam girls on Flirt4Free, and there's a good variety of them. If your tastes are particular, you'll just have to take some time to search through the rooms manually. Thankfully, that is a very pleasant experience. Flirt4Free is slick and intuitive, and has a video preview feature that also includes audio and the model's bio.

If you want to know even more about the model, the ones on Flirt4Free have extremely detailed profile pages that enable you to learn everything you might want to know about them. You can learn their birthday and age, the languages they speak, the last time they were online and their schedule, their likes and dislikes, the awards they won and much more.

And while I'm mentioning awards, let me just touch on one of Flirt4Free's strongest points: Its empowerment of its models. This may not seem like a big deal for most of you, but it makes a huge difference. The awards and bonuses Flirt4Free gives its top cam girls, as well as the prizes they can get from viewer votes, are substantial. Like with any sort of competition between workers, this increases the quality of their performances. Models on Flirt4Free are some of the most attentive and engaging you'll meet, and it's no wonder why the site has "flirt" in its name. The models all do, and it's enthralling.

It also goes both ways. Members can leave a review and rating of a model, and the better ones naturally tend to have much better reviews and ratings. This informs other members about who are the best models to spend money on, and so the worse your performances are, the fewer viewer you'll be getting and vice versa.

Aside from the pertinent details about the model and her shows, almost all of models on Flirt4Free offer photos and recorded videos that you can view for free or purchase for a reasonable sum. Some also offer deals for their private video chat room, like "10 Minutes Free After 20 Minutes," meaning that after watching the model's show for 20 minutes, the next 10 will be completely free of charge.

Certain models also have fan clubs, which you can join on their bio page. Joining a particular model's fan club will give you discounts in paid shows that she's performing in and an option to view all her uploaded videos and photos for free. The cost of joining a fan club is a monthly payment that differs from model to model, but if you have a few strong favorites, the discounts and additional perks you get from it can go a long way.

You can access a model's bio page either by searching for her or by by clicking the head icon at the right of the chat inside the model's room, then scrolling down and clicking the blue "Full Bio" button.

Video Quality

The vast majority of the cam rooms are Flirt4Free are in HD, and are marked as such when you hover over them. It's actually so prevalent that you'll be hard-pressed to find ones that aren't. On top of this, the shows load fast and rarely suffer from frame rate or buffering issues.

Hot cam girl flirting with her viewers on Flirt4Free

The cam rooms themselves open with a big view of the show, proudly presenting the cam girl in all her salacious glory. If you wish, you can decrease the size of the show by using the button at the bottom left of the stream.


The prices on Flirt4Free are somewhat of a mixed bag. They range from the absurdly cheap to the shockingly expensive. Below are the credit packages, along with the bonus credits you get when you purchase them. You can redeem the minimum bonus (120 credits) for free by entering a valid payment method. This free bonus is only available as your first purchase (or free redeeming), so if you've finish reading this review and decide that Flirt4Free is for you, then I recommend that you first purchase the biggest package that you can comfortably afford.

Flirt4Free's credit packages and first purchase bonus

With $1.00 being worth exactly 9 credits (excluding the bonus credits you get on your first purchase), the exchange rate on Flirt4Free isn't the most straightforward. Prices of a show can therefore be a bit unclear, so, for the sake of convenience, I suggest you just divide the amount of credits by 10 to get an approximation of how much you're about to spend.

Most importantly, to filter a show by price, hover over the View By button on the top right of the site, just above the grid of cam rooms you are viewing. There, you can also select to view the rooms according to interactivity or a couple of different show types.

Which brings me to...

Chat Types

Flirt4Free's plethora of show types can easily overwhelm a new member. Fortunately, you have this review to help you.

Flirt4Free's cam show grid

I've listed all of Flirt4Free's show types, gave a short summary of them, detailed their price ranges, whether cam2cam is included and their price ranges and whether you can record them for later watch:

Show TypeDescriptionPrice/MinCam2CamVOD
Multi-UserMultiple members chatting with a model in private. The first member to initiate the session can turn on his webcam, everyone else has to type.$0.55-$6.00
PrivateOne on one chats. Prices wildly range here, with the average show going for around $3.00-$7.00. You can filter by price, to stay within your range.$3.00-$14.00
ComboThese rooms offer both Private and Multi-User shows. Users may join or start a Multi-User show as long as the model is not already in a private show. Multi-user is always 2/3 of the cost of Private. There is no voyeur mode availability for Combo rooms.$0.55-$14.00
Voyeur ModeWhen a model is already engaged in a private show, you can watch her performance by entering voyeur mode. No audio or text chat is permitted.$0.55-$14.50
FeatureShowing featuring some of the hottest adult stars.$3.00/Free for VIPs
Group ChatA community experience. The performer sets the required number of credits for the length of show they will perform. One or more users can pledge any amount of credits to meet the goal. If the goal is met and you pledged the minimum, the show will start in 30 seconds.Varies
Offered ShowsThese let you negotiate with the performer to find a price for a paid show that works for both of you. You can haggle for a deal.Negotiable
Party ChatA free adult show where anyone can join. The parties last for as long as users are tipping the model. If the model gets tips, she will often strip. You can't initiate privates while a party is going on.Tipping

This table should give you a better understanding of what to go for when visiting the site. Now, as for watching your recorded shows, you can do so in your profile page, but not for free.

It's a bit lengthy, so I'll explain it all in the next section.

Unique Features and Extra Content

Want to rewatch your private shows? Hover over your username and click Manage usernames and then My Content on the control panel at the left of the page, or just go to the video section through the button at the top. Once you do wither of these, you'll see the My Collection button at the left. That is where you will see all of the videos that you have purchased, been gifted, or redeemed through free VOD offers. Videos that were gifted or redeemed with Free offers will expire after a certain amount of time and eventually disappear. You'll be warned beforehand in case you want to watch them a few more times.

Group Chat with hot naked cam girl on Flirt4Free

When you pay for any show type that has VOD available (detailed in the above table), you'll see a recording of the show you've watched here. You can then purchase them to add them permanently to your collection. Purchased videos will remain in your collection as long as your account is active.

Other than videos of your private cam shows, there are a lot of other recordings of hot live cam action, so have fun browsing. Just know that, since Flirt4Free doesn't enforce price limits, some models charge insane amounts for VODs of their shows. Don't take those to reflect on the rest, though. Just like with the live cam shows, prices here vary greatly, so shop around. You can also use reward points and VIP Free Passes to purchase VODs without spending a dime, so consider that before doing so.

Now for Flirt4Free's interactivity options. There are 3 different types of interactivity used by Flirt4Free's cam models, an they are as such:

Flirt4Free's interactivity options

To put it simply, a pink Interactive banner means the model's sex toy can be activated by tipping her, the blue one means it can also be activated in other ways, and the purple one means that the model can control your sex toy, if you have a remote controlled one. These banners show on the preview pictures of the cam rooms themselves and are hard to miss. You can also look for them specifically by using the aforementioned View By button.

Mobile Site

There's a reason why I chose Flirt4Free as one of the best mobile cam sites, and I think you'd agree. It has mobile cam2cam like only very few do, and pairs it with a solid interface and good quality video and streaming.

Flirt4Free's mobile site

When you activate c2c on Flirt4Free, you can view a preview of your broadcast to make sure it works well beforehand.

Flirt4Free's mobile site does suffer from the usual issue that most adult cam sites suffer from on mobile, though: The address bar blocks the top part of the screen and you need to swipe up before going into a show in order to get rid of it. Not a major issue by any stretch, but worth noting.

Here's a tip to take care of that problem: watch the shows in panoramic view (horizontally), and if the address bar gets in the way, swipe up on the stream to minimize the show so you can fix that problem. If you want, you can also browse the other shows while watching the minimized cam show.

Here's another tip: While watching the show in this way, you can click the left part of the screen (where the eye icon is) to hide or reveal the chat.

You're welcome.

Premium Membership and Rewards Program

Flirt4Free has a fantastic VIP membership program. It costs $39.95 a month (or less if you purchase a longer membership), can be canceled at any time, and gives you the following benefits:

  • Unlimited access to your recorded shows, meaning you no longer have to purchase them to view them  
  • 1500 new VODs everyday that become freely available for you to watch for 1 week, as well as free daily photos
  • 3 free videos of your choice each month that you can purchase for free
  • Free feature shows with professional adult cam stars  
  • A larger video preview screen
  • Filter messages from unregistered members
  • Can activate c2c in the free chat, including on mobile
  • 2x Power Boosts that you can spend to push your favorite models up the page to get more views

This is a lot, and it's actually not all you get - just the most important stuff. If you end up spending even a few hours a week on Flirt4Free, seriously consider its VIP program.

Flirt4Free's VIP membership subscriptions

In comparison, Flirt4Free's rewards program, Flirt Rewards, is a tad lackluster, though it is just there to give you stuff for free. By spending credits in the site, you generate points that you can then redeem on Flirt4Free's Rewards Marketplace to purchase anything from VODs, promo codes that give you a discount on your next purchase, digital gifts you can send your favorite models and more. Generating points also has the added benefits of increasing your membership rank, which other members and models can see. You can probably guess how much more attention ballers get than new members.

The reason why I'm not gushing about this rewards program is that it takes a long time to generate points through this program. This won't be much of a problem for dedicated members such as myself, but I know that many of you will be a much more casual viewer than a guy who spends his time writing reviews about the top cam sites.


There's not much to say here. You choose a username, a password, and enter a valid email address. You then verify that email address by clicking a link you receive by mail from Flirt4Free. Bam, you're done. I suggest, at this point, that you enter a valid payment method to, at the very least, redeem the free credits they give to new members. It's a handy way to check out the site more thoroughly and experience it for yourself.

Accepted Payment Methods

The accepted credit card types are as follows:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • MasterCard Maestro
  • Diner's Club
  • Discover
  • JCB

And these are the available alternate payment methods:

Security and Quality Assurance

After reading through Flirt4Free's privacy policy and checking its security protocols, I can safely say that this adult webcam site is as safe as you can get. It is a 100% private and secure cam site, which is also exactly what it claims.

I can also say that I wasn't surprised in the slightest. This cam site has been around for more than two decades, and evolved with the times as needed. They use the latest encryption methods, including HTTPS and SSL to secure your connection and personal information, and the best and most renowned payment processors to handle your transactions and ensure that they are 100% discreet. Flirt4Free allows you to change your security and privacy preferences as you please.

And finally, from my own experience, Flirt4Free's customer support team answers any worry you might have quickly and professionally. Which brings me to this:

Customer Support

Flirt4Free has first rate customer support, along with a very comprehensive FAQ page in case you have any basic question.

If your inquiry is a bit more pressing or complex, or you can't find anything helpful to your situation in the FAQ page, then you can contact Flirt4Free's customer support team in the following ways:

  • Email
  • Phone (both US and international numbers)
  • Live chat
  • Postal (snail mail)
  • Live chat
  • Billing support (available for each billing method)
Flirt4Free's customer support page

As a side note, you can also check Flirt4Free's Twitter page for general announcements on site downtime and special offers.

In Conclusion

The developers of Flirt4Free have been around the block, and know what their customer need, want, and fantasize about. Its selection of live cam rooms may not be the biggest, but it more than makes up for that with quality, additional content, promos, deals and a fantastic user experience.

In short, Flirt4Free is like ketchup. It's not extravagant. It's down-to-earth. It's tried-and-tested and loved by all but the really weird (you know who you are).

There's little to no chance you'll find Flirt4Free to be anything less than appealing. Check it out for yourself and see.

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