A Detailed Review of Live Lesbian Cams at Sexier.com

Last updated June 17, 2024

Hello, Andy here, your guide through the top five cam sites.

Today I want to talk to you about the classic lesbian cam chat site, Sexier.com. A fascinating live amateur chat site, with a reputation for quality as well as quantity.

Unlike many real chat webcam sites, Sexier does not bring you straight to a thumbnail filled homepage with lesbian cam chat streams, Sexier first request you make a choice between the different categories that they offer.

Naughty Sexier Lesbian Babes Having Fun

This is in part, due to the sheer number of active live amateur chat models they have on their books, but I am sure that they also did tis because they wanted to be different. To stand out from the rest of the crowd.

I find this a clever and subtle way to stick in people’s minds.

This filtering means that it is very easy to find the real lesbian cam chat streams on the site. Not everybody has an entire domain dedicated to each niche, like LiveJasmin does.

You would be forgiven for thinking that the category for free lesbian chat would be the obvious choice, and you would be correct. However, these cam streams tend to have single cam models hosting each stream. The best option for live lesbian cam chat is the group chat option.

I can see how some would find this confusing, but the truth is in the category name, and moving from one to the other is logical. Whichever category you choose, there are going to be more than enough free lesbian chat hosts available for your viewing pleasure.

Cute Lesbian Couples at Sexier

The site offers three main show types:

  • Free Chat
  • Private Chat
  • Happy Hour

The free lesbian chat thumbnails give you a free live preview if you hover your mouse over the image. I really like this option, and hold it in high regard when reviewing a site.

Much like the number one hot lesbian cam chat site, LiveJasmin, the cam feeds at sexier are split into two clear modes. Free chat is for flirting and foreplay. You are unlikely to see much skin during a free chat session. The real fun is saved for the private chat, or the discounted happy hour shows.

Personally speaking, I think this approach can work very well. It means that there is something special being saved for the private and happy hour shows. It does not work for every live amateur chat site, but Sexier, it just fits.

Real Sexier Lesbians Know How to Please

Within the live amateur chat streams you will find a plethora of additional options that are there to enhance your free lesbian chat experience.

This begins with a range of screen sizes. With four different options available to you, the shows suddenly take on an extra dimension. Especially given how mobiles and tablets have taken over, and play such an important role in our lives. Switching from one to the other is no longer an issue with these screen size options.

An additional in chat option that helps make the Sexier live amateur chat streams stand out, is the in cam control options.

Each individual viewer can zoom their stream in on the model, as well as being able to pan left and right. While on the surface, this may not seem like an amazing feature, however, once you give it some thought, you realize that Sexier are giving you complete control. Is your free lesbian chat babe putting on a show, you can control the view and focus on the parts you like most. Enjoy feet, then zoom in and move that camera around a little. Get those five little piggies in view. Others may be more interested in watching the breasts wiggle in live amateur chat rooms, and so they can zoom in on those.

Enjoy Live Lesbian Chat with Hot Amateurs at Sexier

It is all about choice, and in my opinion, Sexier is making the ultimate step in recognizing that their users are all individuals. Sure, we are all driven by the same baseline goal, to enjoy amateur cam chat babes, but at the same time have different wants and desires in order to fully enjoy the site.

As with most sites, Sexier gives you the ability to mark your top lesbian chat rooms as your favourites. This is a little bit of a standard feature now, one of those items that is not really more than a side point, as everybody has it, but for the time being, it warrants a mention. What between way to group together the top lesbian real chat webcams on the site, for quick access later on. It is a great way to save yourself time, and remove the at times complicated choice of being presented with a full range of search results.

Now, this is all very well and good, but as with all sites, guests can have a little bit of fun, but for a lot of fun, you need to be a registered member. This is the main drawback of Sexier, and the core reason behind their second place finish in the top five free lesbian chat cams listing.

Live Sexier Lesbians Chatting Now

You need to add credit to your account the moment you create it, if you want to go on and enjoy the perks of being a registered member. That being said, it only costs the low low price of 25 to top up your account. Credits are available in pre-defined bundles. Private shows are priced at anything from 1.98 a minute, and well, between you, me and the gatepost, they are more than worth it.

Free lesbian cams are fun, but you have not had a real Sexier experience until you have been in one of their ultra-smooth private real amateur webcams sessions.

One final word of advice for those of you that are looking at Sexier.com and thinking, yes, this is the live amateur chat site for me. Take a moment before you dive into a session and read your chosen lesbian model’s biography. You can learn a lot from them, and it will certainly help to make your lesbian cam chat experience all the sweeter.