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Last updated January 09, 2021

Hello again, Andy here. Welcome back to my humble abode. I am sure you are all just raring to get going and read a new review. Well, I shall not stall you any longer. I do indeed have a new review for you, and once again, I think this live adult cams site is a real winner.

Hot Supermen are live and waiting for you to come play is a web cam chat site that is tailored towards chatting with live hot studs. There is a reason why Supermen is ranked so highly among our live gay cams list. It is a diverse environment where adult entertainment can be found in many form. But we will discuss that aspect of this live adult cams site a little later.

For now, we shall return to what is undoubtedly the main source of traffic for the site, the live hot studs that are always working and always ready to put a smile on your face.

With a name like I am sure you can imagine the colour scheme that the site creators went for. That’s right; blue and red. The colour scheme works well, not only because of the visual connotations that come with it, but because … well, the colours just work. They are both intense, but at the same time the hot and cold feel creates a nice visual aesthetic when hunting down those web cam chat stars.

Horny men are ready to chat and are up for some fun


The cams themselves are presented in the standard thumbnail listing, but unlike other live adult cams sites the images are large, fitting just three to a row. This is very large and afford the users of the site a good view of the live hot studs they are choosing from.

Another thing that I love about this live adult cams site is that it offers you a preview of the live hot studs cam feed that you are about to view. The thumbnail turns into a mini video screen of the live show when you hover over it. This may seem trivial, but sometimes, when you are just browsing and have a distinct thought in your head about what you want out of your web cam chat experience, this can be a god’s send.

When searching for a live adult cams feed to follow, there are two different ways of filtering the returned available live hot hunks. A basic level that works on web cam chat show type – free chat, private chat, etc. – and an advanced filter that allows a little more freedom including the language of the hot live hunk you have chosen or age and ethnicity.

Come on Fellas, Give me a Kiss


Alongside the live adult cams, the site runs a magazine that is filled with all manner of articles relating to sexuality. It is a quality read that offer some good information to the readers.

Once you open the live adult cams stream you have chosen, you will almost immediately notice that the cam quality is very good. The images are sharp, and the sound, should your chosen live hot hunk have the sound enabled, it very clear.

There are several different screen sizes offered by the site, and each one has their charms and appeals depending on the viewer and the machine they are watching on. Each screen size, even full screen offer a good image resolution, but of course, the live adult cams host needs to have a High-Definition cam in order to get the best possible image.

The live hot studs at Supermen are very friendly, and always happy to chat with you for a while. Of course, those with credits in their account get the most attention, but that is the same on almost every site.

Live Hot Hunks Are Feeling Lonely

Within the show, there are a number of options that are open to users. The first one, and I am sure you regular readers are getting fed up of me for mentioning it, is the favourites button. This is without shadow of the doubt the best option on any live adult cams site. The ability to choose your own favourite live hot studs and organize them on a sub menu that looks like a homepage is priceless. Just imagine it, you can log on and go straight to a page filled with web cam chat feeds hosted by your personally selected group of models. What more could you ask for.

Along side the favourites button, another interesting addition to the web cam chat streams on Supermen is the ability to zoom in and out with the webcam. Obviously, this is not giving you control of the live hot studs camera, but rather a second level of access. You can zoom and pan through the screen. The range of motion is limited, and to be honest with you, the more I have seen it, and the more I have played around with it, the less convinced I am that it is something valuable. It is a nice feature to have, but not a great one to use. If you understand what I mean.

The main weakness I have found with Supermen is the biographies of the live adult cams stars. They are not as easy to find as I would have liked, meaning you need to leave the live cam feed in order to truly access them, and a lot of the models have not put in that much effort to making them anything of any real value. It is a shame, because a good biography can help a lot when deciding on a show to watch, and on that requests to make in private.

Live Hot Gay Chat Never Fails to Bring a Smile

All in all, Supermen is a decent live adult cams site, and it has a strong supporting line up of hot web cam chat streams to keep even the pickiest person happy for some time. It has a strong base and could easily push to become a number one contender. The biographies let it down, but that should not be anything against the site, but rather the models themselves.

Obviously, my words are just a guide, so I urge you all to take a look at and make up your own minds. I will certainly not be disappointed.