The 5 Most Secure Adult Chat Sites

Last updated November 08, 2018

Some users fear using adult cam sites that they are unfamiliar with. From my robust experience, these are the five most secure private cam sites that you will be able to find online. They have each implemented cutting edge technology and procedures to make sure that your details will remain anonymous and that you stay protected.

While I can recommend each of them as one of my most trusted cam sites, you will need to decide for yourself which to choose. They all use top of the line TLS data encryption, to keep your personal and payment information secure. If you pay with a credit card, the transactions will appear on your credit card statement as something completely innocuous.

They all have something to offer, so keep your eyes peeled.

There is no better guarantee to getting a safe and satisfying experience then resolving to spend the money required to get the highest-quality product. And there's no cam site that beats LiveJasmin when it comes to quality. This is a site that simply refuses to compromise on pretty much anything, including your information, security and peace of mind.

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LiveJasmin hot mulatto cam girl psoing

Let's start with the basics: LiveJasmin knows why you entered it and is determined to give you the best product it can. There are tons of hot cam models of astonishing variety using its services, and they're all required to stream in HD. Whatever you're searching for, LiveJasmin has it in eye-popping video resolution, and its search and categorization features will allow you to easily find it. What's more, all models are carefully picked by the site and treat camming as their full-time job. They are patient, attentive and amiable, and they expect you to act the same.

Above that, LiveJasmin works flawlessly but still keeps a trained and professional customer service team. If you have any issue whatsoever, contact them through email, phone or live chat, all of which are available to all members, and they will make sure it is resolved with immediacy. There's even an extensive FAQ page that details you plainly how the site performs, what the rules are and what you can expect in short, simple terms.

You might be asking what the catch is. Well, it's simple: the price. LiveJasmin is able to maintain such high quality and security due to its higher costs, and it makes no effort to hide this. The difference between it and other premium cam sites isn't great, but it is noticeable and may drive away some with more budget restraints. On the upside, LiveJasmin accepts gift cards, so you can pay in a completely untraceable and totally discreet method. Two-way video chat is also included in every private show, although two-way audio costs a bit extra.

A highly alluring freemium cam site known for its total transparency of the talents of its performers, CamSoda is one adult chat site you'll have trouble looking away from. Seriously. Go ahead and visit it. Just make sure to time how long it takes you before you wake from your stupor and realize what you had come for. It may not have the biggest collection of cam babes or the best way to search for them, but it there are a few things that make up for that. CamSoda's mass preview feature is one of those fantastic things you don't know you need until you have it. Combine it with the general quality of CamSoda's performers and the freedom it gives them to show off their skills in open chat and you get yourself a recipe for an extremely enticing display of naked, heaving bodies.

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CamSoda gorgeous blonde hottie

The shows you'll see on CamSoda will, in most cases, feature high video and audio quality. While not every cam show you'll find will be streamed in HD, many will be, with some even opting for full 1080p HD. Yes, It's surprising that a freemium cam site can maintain such quality. Yes, it actually does.

The way this is payed for is mainly by tips the models receive from her viewers. This is very similar to an honor system, only the models will often refuse to perform what you request or to ramp up the action unless you shell out. If you prefer something more intimate, you can still take the model private for a price that equals that of the average premium cam site. Additionally, two-way video and audio is included for free in many private sex chats, and you can easily see which performers allow for it in their shows.

CamSoda is also, in my opinion, the best mobile cam site in the industry. Not only because of the fact that its the only one that allows you to cam2cam on your phone, but also because it's so lightweight and neatly designed. It is also pretty much free of any issues, technical or otherwise. If you encounter any problems, CamSoda has a huge FAQ page and a customer support team you can contact via email and phone, or through live chat if you have a VIP account.

JOYourSelf is a great safe premium cam site for anyone that puts a plethora of varied cam hotties as his number one priority. The amount of experienced beautiful babes on here is downright astounding. The fact that you can find one that answers your taste easily with their fantastic search and categorization systems only adds to that.

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JOYourSelf tanned cam babe enticing you to watch her

JOYourSelf also requires of each and every cam model using its platform to stream in 720p HD at the very minimum. The only models you'll find on here that stray from this are the new ones, but they too are required to obtain the right equipment or be forbidden from streaming on the site.

All of this comes at a price. As in a monetary price; one that's higher on average then on most other premium cam sites. JOYourSelf isn't unaffordable, but it's expensive, and is not for anyone looking for a cheap experience. PayPal is one of the top payment options available on JOYourSelf. You can use PayPal, to completely avoid a credit card statement. In addition, two-way video chat is included for free in every private chat, while two-way audio chat is not, and costs a bit of change to enable.

With all my time spent on JOYourSelf, I've yet to have any issues. The previews and rooms may take a while to load, but the videos suffer no buffering or stuttering issues. If you have any problems, JOYourSelf has your back. You can peruse the site's comprehensive FAQ page and try to solve it yourself. If you can't manage to do so, you can contact customer support via email, phone or live chat.

Flirt4Free empowers its members to have control over their experience from beginning to end. From its meticulous categorization system to its stance on letting members chat with the girls in open chat and its many show types, Flirt4Free insists on giving you the privilege to choose. Sadly, while the variety of actual cam shows to choose from is pretty big, Flirt4Free has fewer cam girls than the other secure adult chat sites I recommend.

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Flirt4Free brunette bombshell waiting for you in bed

The video quality on Flirt4Free is fantastic. Most performers on the site stream in HD, and even those who don't have decent enough filming equipment and lighting to make for a good-looking show. The models here are also drop dead gorgeous, and will make it hard to turn away. If you take a liking to one, though, remember to save her in your favorite's list to avoid using the site's search engine, which is far from helpful.

As for prices, Flirt4Free continues its trend of "give the member choices and let him decide for himself." You'll find both the cheapest and the priciest cam shows here, so make sure to sort by price. Also, Flirt4Free likes giving its members freedom in choosing whichever payment options they want to use. It even accepts some most won't, including gift card ineligible in most safe cam sites. Two-way video and audio is also included in every private cam show for free, although some models choose to disable it.

There's also Flirt4Free's amazing VIP program, which gives you so many benefits that I'm not even going to list them all here. Just read my review of Flirt4Free site if that speaks to you, although I recommend you to do so anyway; Flirt4Free is remarkably fast while even letting you here what's going on in the room in its preview. Beyond that, it has a huge FAQ page and its customer support is first rate and available via every method you can think of.

ImLive is the cheap alternative which I recommend you to visit if you find yourself looking to spend more time enjoying this hobby without going bankrupt. Other than the fact that cam shows on this secure sex chat site will charge you much less than most webcam sites, it has a loyalty program that will make things even cheaper in the long run. Even two-way video and audio is freely included in all private performances.

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ImLive cute cam girl showing her adorable smile

ImLive's cheap prices are not the only thing that makes it shine. Tired of looking through hundreds of cam rooms for a performer willing and eager to fulfill your deepest desires? Well, ImLive's Fulfill your Fantasy feature will make them come to you. You fill in the details of your specific fantasy and watch as gorgeous cam babes bid to be the ones making it a reality.

There is a downside to all of this. ImLive has no HD to speak of. All streams on the ImLive platform are limited to 560p video resolution, which—while not being a big issue for anyone with a slow computer or internet connection—will surely drive away some.

On the bright side, this allows the site to load quickly and have little (if any) frame rate issues. Even if you do have any sort of problem, which I've yet to have, ImLive has a helpful FAQ page and email, phone and live chat support offered to all members.

Security Guarantees

The above websites are the safest cam sites that I've found. They use TLS (Transport Layer Security, the successor of Secure Sockets Layer), which encrypts and protects your information so not even those who gain access to it through hacking can use it. They also have strict rules protecting you from any sort of harm, as it is in their best interest that they do so. Safer means more clients, after all.

But all this does not mean that every member on these safe cam sites will be immediately safe and protected while on them no matter how they act. Apart from not disclosing your account and personal details to anyone, you should follow a few simple steps in order to best protect yourself.

First, know that you can use a dedicated email address specifically for these secure cam sites. I recommend you to open an email account on for this reason. It's easy, fast and will safeguard your main email from anyone that might somehow hack the site. Hey, If it happened to Facebook and even the Pentagon, it can happen to anyone.

Second, use a secure payment method. While credit cards are safe enough, it's even better to have another degree of separation between your savings and any ne'er-do-well aiming to rob you blind. Use PayPal, or better yet, PayGarden when it's possible. They're not connected to you bank account and gift cards even have zero details connecting them to you, so they're not only safe, but completely anonymous and discreet.

Third and finally, these secure sex chat sites have tens, if not hundreds of millions of satisfied customers and have been around for years. They're as trusted as websites can get, meaning you'll get what you pay for without the added malware or spyware thrown in. Still, if you're not using an antivirus and/or firewall already, start doing so. There are many other reasons why you'll want to.

In Conclusion

LiveJasmin is perhaps the most highly-rated and trusted cam site on this list, but beyond that it provides quality like no other. It's hard to go wrong with LiveJasmin. Anyone willing to put the effort in finding the safest cam site will, more than likely, want to get the best bang for his buck.

Sure, the other safe cam sites on this list have a lot to offer, from cheaper prices to an open chat filled with bare tits and ass. But, as far as I'm concerned, when talking about security and quality, nothing beats LiveJasmin.

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