The Only 2 Cam Sites That Take American Express

Last updated January 03, 2019

With over 110 million in circulation, American Express is among the most popular credit card companies in the world.

Unfortunately, not all businesses accept it, despite it being highly trusted and secure. Overall, there are only two webcam sites that accept American Express as of right now, and one of them only accepts it if you're a US resident.

MyFreeCams is one of the most veteran and trusted cam sites in the world. It has accrued a huge collection of cam models, many of them are gorgeous and highly experienced. It also boasts an extremely large amount of American cam babes, so if you prefer girls who speak your language fluently, this is the site for you.

Hot nude brunette cam babe on MyFreeCams

MyFreeCams, though, only has girls. If your tastes lay elsewhere, skip this one, as it's like a no-dicks allowed zone. Seriously, you'll never see them, even in the couples section. Nevertheless, MyFreeCams found its niche and stood the test of time while staying both free, and free of ads. That's right: MyFreeCams is a freemium Amex cam site that doesn't even badger you with infrequent prompts to purchase tokens.

MyFreeCams has great video quality and makes it easy for you to find whatever cam model or show you might fancy with a great categorization and search features. Unfortunately, they are a bit cumbersome to use, as is the rest of the site. MyFreeCams looks its age. It's outdated and not very inviting, especially to newcomers, who would have to invest a good amount of time on the site to learn how to navigate it.

Additionaly, MyFreeCams is not very cheap for anyone adamant on only enjoying its private shows. The price of one, per minute, is set at around 60 tokens (roughly $5.40 depending on the token package that you purchase), or 80 tokens (roughly $7.20) for true private, where none can spy on your good time. Spy (around $1.80) and group shows (around $0.90) are much cheaper, but also don't give the same experience that private shows do. Whether or not two-way video and audio is available in any private show is dependent on the model, but you'll be notified of that prior to entering a show so read the fine print.

On the bright side, registering for MyFreeCams is fast, easy and free. Furthermore, anyone who buys any amount of tokens immediately becomes a premium member for life, able to send private messages to both models and other members.

MyFreeCams' customer service is somewhat of a mixed bag. It has an entire wiki page as its FAQ section but you can only contact its customer support team via email. Overall, you probably won't have any issues on the site (I certainly didn't), but if you do and the FAQ page doesn't help, expect to have to endure that issue to last for a couple of days.

Chaturbate is another fantastic freemium Amex webcam site. It is tip-based, just like MyFreeCams, has a ton of hot models using its platform doesn't use any obtrusive ads or pop-ups. The sad part is that it only accepts American Express if you live in the US. You do? Well, great! Go visit the site and enjoy. You don't? Well, tough luck. Hope you have another payment method you're comfortable using.

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Sexy cam couple eager for your attention on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is exactly the type of adult chat site you'd want to use your American Express card in. It's slick, intuitive, secure and discreet. Many of its cam models stream in beautiful HD quality and are both professional and drop-dead gorgeous. The shows are plentiful and varied, as are the models, and, unlike on MyFreeCams, you can also find guys and shemales here, if you so wish to watch them.

Chaturbate is also pretty inexpensive. Come to think of it, as of now, Chaturbate is the cheapest Amex cam site in the world. It's average price is about the same as of MyFreeCams, but it is not fixed, so you can find shows that are pricier as well as shows that are cheaper. I've easily found shows that go for about 12 tokens a minute (around $1.20 if you purchased the cheapest token package, which doesn't have a discount.)

Not all is perfect, though. Chaturbate has one minor problem and one major one: The minor one is that the site doesn't have a good search or categorization system, and nor preview feature, so finding anything specific is going to take you a bit of time. The major problem is that there's no good way to set up cam2cam or two-way audio on Chaturbate. It's not a built in feature like it is on most other cam sites, and it's going to give you a headache just trying to get it to work well.

Still, the site itself, as  mentioned, runs extremely well. It loads fast, as do the cam rooms, and has no issues to speak of, technical or otherwise. If you do come across a problem, Chaturbate's customer support is about as good as MyFreeCams' is. It has a great FAQ section, and a decent customer service team you can contact only via email.

Is Amex Good?

Considering the cashback benefits, loyalty points and up-front incentives you gain from owning an American Express card, it isn't difficult to understand its prestige.

But while a lot of people want to own one, it remains fairly hard to obtain due to the relatively high credit score required, and that's because Amex only wants people with money, who earn a lot and spend a lot.

Think of it as a kind of a private club. It's great when you can get in, and irrelevant if you can't.

Why Do so Few Cam Sites Accept Amex?

For the same reason that many businesses refuse to accept it: High fees. Amex charges any retailer steep fees for making a transaction with the card and, while it doesn't really hurt you, it hurts them, especially if they're a small business.

This doesn't really mean much for you, aside from this: If you find a webcam site that takes Amex, bookmark it. Getting to your monthly spending minimum for those sweet, sweet credit points will never be easier.

In Conclusion

While both sites are fantastic, and among my favorite free webcam sites, let's not kid ourselves here: You only have two options. If you live in the United States, feel free to choose whichever site best suits you. I've been thorough enough to trust you to make an informed decision. If you don't live in the US, well, MyFreeCams is a fantastic chat site, so count your lucky stars.

Not happy with your choices? Well, lucky for you, There are other great ways to pay for cam porn without using your main credit card, such as PayPal, Bitcoin and even gift cards. In case of the former two, you can use the money on your Amex card to either top off your PayPal account or buy Bitcoin, so you're never really out of options.

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