The Only 4 Cam Sites That Take American Express

Last updated June 01, 2024

Sorry!... Amex seems to have fallen to the whimpers of the advocates, and they will no longer be processing payments on adult sites. When they gain back their courage, I'll be the first to let you know.

As you await that day, you can conveniently add your Amex to a PayPal account on these cam sites that accept PayPal.

With over 110 million in circulation, American Express is one of the most popular credit card companies in the world.

Unfortunately, not all businesses accept it, despite it being highly trusted and secure. Currently, there are only four webcam sites that accept American Express as of right now, and one of them only accepts it if you're a US resident


CamSoda has a lot going for it, especially when compared to the other entries on this list. First, it is one of the few adult chat site that has cam2cam implementation, and not just for computer users, but for mobile users as well. Sounds good? It gets better: It's free, includes two-way audio, and while it's up to the model whether to enable it, most CamSoda performers do. Not only do you get to interact with the model more intimately, you also get a free show before you start paying.

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MyFreeCams is one of the most veteran and trusted cam sites in the world. It has accrued a huge collection of cam models, many of them are gorgeous and highly experienced. It also boasts an extremely large amount of American live cam babes, so if you prefer girls who speak your language fluently, this is the site for you.


Chaturbate is another fantastic freemium Amex webcam site. It is tip-based, just like MyFreeCams, has a ton of hot models using its platform doesn't use any obtrusive ads or pop-ups. The sad part is that it only accepts American Express if you live in the US. You do? Well, great! Go visit the site and enjoy. You don't? Well, tough luck. Hope you have another payment method you're comfortable using.

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Continuing the trend of freemium cam sites, Cam4 gives its models all the freedom they need to perform right in the open chat, and focuses more on tip-based sex chat and less on 1-on-1 private webcam shows. Cam4 has close to 800 live cam models at any given moment, and a bit more than half of them are men. What truly distinguishes Cam4 from other sites is its abundance of amateur cams - while there are more experienced cam models here than you will probably need, a lot of them are still wet behind the ears and downright adorable as a result.

Is Amex Good?

Considering the cashback benefits, loyalty points and up-front incentives you gain from owning an American Express card, it isn't difficult to understand its prestige.

But while a lot of people want to own one, it remains fairly hard to obtain due to the relatively high credit score required, and that's because Amex only wants people with money, who earn a lot and spend a lot. Think of it as a kind of a private club. It's great when you can get in, and irrelevant if you can't.

Why Do so Few Cam Sites Accept Amex?

For the same reason that many businesses refuse to accept it: High fees. Amex charges any retailer steep fees for making a transaction with the card and, while it doesn't really hurt you, it hurts them, especially if they're a small business.

This doesn't really mean much for you, aside from this: If you find a webcam site that takes Amex, bookmark it. Getting to your monthly spending minimum for those sweet, sweet credit points will never be easier.

In Conclusion

While all sites are great, and some are among my favorite free webcam sites in the world, let's not kid ourselves here: You only have four options. If you live in the United States, feel free to choose whichever site best suits you. I've been thorough enough to trust you to make an informed decision. If you don't live in the US, well, MyFreeCams is a fantastic chat site (if you're into women), so count your lucky stars.

Not happy with your choices? Well, lucky for you, There are other great ways to pay for cam porn without using your main credit card, such as PayPal, Bitcoin, and even paying for live porn with gift cards. In case of the former two, you can use the money on your Amex card to either top off your PayPal account or buy Bitcoin, so you're never really out of options.

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