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Last updated May 10, 2024

Hi, its good to see you back for more. I bet it’s not the first time you’ve heard that, right?

Well today we are going to take a looksee at what has to offer in the way of fine female live cam models and all manner of adult chat rooms. is one of those live adult cam sites that just surprise you. They come out of left field and just flaw you with the package that they have put together. When I look around for a webcam chat site, I don’t just look for the big names, but search around. I am a firm believer that if you look a little bit away from the mainstream you will find some wonderful things. is, in my opinion, one of those instances.

From the moment the homepage loaded, I just had a feeling that I had found something good. The site was fluid, the loading times were fast, and you cannot begin to understand how frustrating it is to find fit live cam models, open up their came and sit waiting so long for their cam to load that they have either gone into a private show, or that position you saw them it… you know what I mean … has been and gone.

Screenshot of Serious Looking Busty Cam Model

The site, from first look, gave me a secure feeling, I had no doubts, and was more than happy to look for the sign up. The site is available in many different languages, but the navigation of the page remains the same.

Signing up was free. I loved that, but what was even better was all of the things you got for free. I'm talking about all sorts of extras that other sites make you pay for. Check this list out:

  • Full screen mode
  • Moderator Abilities
  • Private Messaging
  • Private Shows
  • Group Shows
  • Emoticons for use in chat
  • Follow Capabilities

All of this and several other options – I just forgot to write them down – await you for signing up, and you want to know something else knockout about these live adult cams? You don’t even need to enter an email address to sign up. How frigging unbelievable is that!

Cute Chaturbate webcam model

Besides the long list of extras, I found the shows to be incredible. The majority of sites are based around private live can models chat, with the free adult chat sessions being used as a tool to entice users further into the site. Not here however. Here, you open up one of the free adult chat, and you are liable to see all manner of intense live cam models action sequences. It is incredible the lengths that these hot ladies and gentlemen of the adult video chat world will go to for free.

But, I will let you in on their secret…. Well, not that it is much of a secret, but hey ho! They site is not driven by tokens being used in Private shows, but rather tips during free chat. Tip are an exchange of users money for cam models requests. This operates on two levels, either the cam models list what they will do, and the prices next to them, usually building up to one big event, or people can tip an amount and make a request.

Chaturbate model with a Lovense toy

If you ask me, this is the perfect way to run a live adult cam site. It keeps the control spread across the board and allows the members to feel as though they have a little control and saw in what happens. Also, by basing things on tips rather than a per minute cost, the site will probably find that the turnover of revenue will increase. People, especially in a group, are more likely to keep giving, especially when there is a clear goal, rather than when they are paying by a flat rate.

The live cam models on Chaturbate are also some of the most attractive around. They are all good looking, all hot and ready for action and all of them, at least all of the ones I have spoken with are willing to chat with you rather than just demand money. The only negative points are that if you are a guest user, the screen is rather small. That being said, when signing up doesn’t even require an email address, what are you still doing as a guest member?

The site offers two screen sizes, the small view or full screen, and there are not many additional features to the site. You can follow models, and send them private messages, but it does lack the additional finer points that many of the bigger names have to offer. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you are someone who pays attention to the smaller things rather than the bigger picture, then you could be found wanting.

All in all, I found to be one a very nice site. It is small in its overall size, but still manages to offer around 5000 live cam models. That is still  a decent number of ladies waiting for an adult video chat adventure.

To anybody interested in the site, I would say come along and sign up. It is quick, easy and opens up a number of additional features that just make the site ‘pop’ that little bit more. Is it perfect, no, it is good value for money, yes. I honestly thing that if the site develops a little further, but holds onto the core values that it has now, it could become one of the top sites around. It’s strongest selling point is the action available in the live free chat sessions, to both registered users and guest users. If they can keep hold of that, then the future is very bright for the ladies and gentlemen of

Now, if you excuse me, I just spied a very attractive blonde who has just come online. I caught the end of her show yesterday, and want to get in from the start today.