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Last updated November 13, 2018

Hi, Andy here. Today I am going to be reviewing what is by many, widely considered to be the best live shemale chat site on the net,

While the internet is undoubtedly a barrier breaking beast, the shemale market is still a very much considered a niche market. offers a large database of established free live tranny shows that provide hours of entertainment to anybody that enters their hallways.

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The first thing you will notice when loading up the site is that this free shemale cams site is driven by the same engine that powers the number one live chat cams site – Live Jasmin.

This immediately fills you with a confidence that makes you want to click the Sign Up button. This site has all of the right connections.

Signing up is a simple process. Something I am always grateful for. All you need to do is enter you a user name, password and email. You do not even need to answer a verification message. You enter the details and you are good to go. One thing I noticed is that they use one offer to entice you to sign up for the free account.

Ten free tranny webcam teasers. These are glimpses into private shows that will show you everything that you are missing out on. Once you sign up however, you are hit with a secondary offer of additional credits for verifying a credit card. This is a simple process, you enter your card details, and while they charge you for one solitary credit, you are rewarded with $10.99 which you can use at your own discretion. These are two interesting offers, and work in perfect combination with one another. Both require minimal effort from you, but the rewards are there to be reaped.

I will validated my card, I mean, why not, right, but for the review, I that will come later.

There is a nice search / filtering structure on the site, which makes it relatively simple to find the perfect free shemale cams partner for any given mood.

I quickly found a nice looking live shemale chat babe to spend my time with, and we immediately started flirting with each other. Chatting is a great way to hone those skills, and a great way to let go of your inhibitions and embrace the lust in your life.

Live Shemale Babes can't wait to play with you

This live shemale chat babe was a beauty, and she was full of fun and life from the off. Looking around the chat window, the construct is really simple. You can have multiple screen sizes, which equate to Small, Medium or Large (full screen). Depending on the quality of the cam, the mid-range screen size seems to be the best. I have said before that so many live cam chat sites offer a small screen. They are really missing out on something, but hit the nail on the head.

My two favourite buttons on the chat window are the Bio button and the favourites.

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So many live chat sites out there keep their live cams and their biographies separated. Not at Here, you can learn more about your chosen live shemale chat model as you go. The Bio button opens up in screen, telling you all of the important items that could hold influence over a free shemale cams session in one way of the other. I particularly like the private chat ‘willingness’ items. These are a list of the things that a model is willing to perform inside live shemale chat private cams session.

I did not enter a private session, not for this review, as that only changes the show, not the site. However, knowing exactly what is on offer for any given free live tranny cam show is great, because you know upfront what the limits are. Let’s be honest, when we break down out inhibitions, we are all kinky buggers, and different things will drive different people wild.

At There is Plenty To Choose From

The favourites button speaks for itself. With so many different free shemale cams to choose from, the favourites option will become the most used feature of the site. It allows you to build up your own internal menu of free shemale cams. Loading it at the click of a button, your live shemale chat favourites will appear and you can easily see which are online. As you build up your list, you will find that having the ability to filter like this can become a god’s send.

You can also show your approval for the models in various ways. You can vote for a model. This is a ranking system that sorts models on in a leader board style. This works on the site level, and so incorporates the views of every free live shemale chat user. Only registered members can vote, but it adds an extra level of detail that makes the site so user oriented.

Real MyTrannyCams Always Deliver a Quality Service

Another fantastic feature that really needs to be mentioned, albeit one that I have not used for the purpose of this review is the Snapshot feature.

Credit holding members can take up to 90 snapshops of a live shemale chat session, preserving the memories for future use as they see fit.

I certainly see myself using more often, and can see why people consider it to be one of the finest cams sites of this particular niche. It goes to great lengths to provide a three dimensional experience. Going deeper than merely providing you with free live tranny cam shows.

I would happily recommend this site to anybody that asked, and must say that the models are very interactive. Even with free members, they chat, they flirt and of course, their number one goal is to get a private show, but they are certainly interested in the interaction side of the free shemale cams exchange.

There are a lot of live shemale chat sites out there, and there are four more reviews to follow this, so while I recommend this site to you, I also implore you to check out the others. See what they have to offer, join and look around, for each site has something different to offer.