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Last updated June 18, 2024

MyTrannyCams is the best tranny cam site in the business. This high praise may not be much more than my opinion, but it is an opinion constructed from a lot of experience and objective reasoning. MyTrannyCams has outstanding video quality, a huge selection of hot shemale cam models and first-rate security, discretion and customer support.

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Cute tranny cam model on MyTrannyCams

There's a bit more to this adult cam site, though, and that's why I'm here. I will detail everything that is great or otherwise about MyTrannyCams, give you a few tips on how to save money on its paid services and tell you what you can expect from its models and features.

Pros Vs Cons


  • Wide selection of gorgeous shemales
  • Amazing video quality
  • Fantastic cam2cam
  • Great customer service
  • Helpful search engine and categorization system


  • A bit pricier than the competition
  • C2C and two-way audio cost extra
  • Prices are hidden until you make a purchase

The Models

The models on MyTrannyCams are some of the most beautiful shemales you'll come across, but that's not why this tranny webcam site shines. The reason for that is how experienced and professional they are. The more time you spend on the site, the more you'll realize that MyTrannyCams doesn't just let anyone with tits and a dick stream on their platform. They're all carefully picked, and it shows.

Gorgeous shemale cam girl licking her lips on MyTrannyCams

On average, you'll find between 50-100 shemale cam models online. That may not seem like much, but you're not going to find this many 'grade A' shemale models in one place. They're also easy to find, even if you're looking for something very specific, as MyTrannyCams' search and categorization features are amazingly accurate.

If you want to know what the model is willing to perform, click the information icon at the top left of her cam show.

A model's room on MyTrannyCams also serves as her profile page, though the site refrains from sharing too much information about the model. You can see their age, penis size and any awards they may have won, what their willing to preform in private and some select quotes by them, but that's pretty much it.

If this site can't deliver to you the type of model you're looking for, then check out our full review list of transgender sex cams for more options.

Video Quality

This is the main thing that separates MyTrannyCams from the rest. The video quality on this shemale webcam site is just superb. All of the cam rooms on this site stream in 720p HD at the very least. The models on MyTrannyCams are actually not allowed to stream on any resolution lower than that, with some opting to stream in full 1080p HD. Watch them on a big enough screen, and it will look like you're watching them through their bedroom window.

Sexy mulatto shemale cam model on MyTrannyCams

And its not only the high resolution that stands out on MyTrannyCams. This site has no buffering or stuttering issues that I've noticed, and I've been examining things closely during the writing of this review. And on my spare time. Very closely. Still, all cam shows on MyTrannyCams proved to be more stable than my erection when enjoying them. And that says a lot.


When you first witness MyTrannyCams' luxurious quality, the last thing you would expect is for a private show to cost only about 2 dimes a minute more than the average premium cam site. But, as it happens, that is exactly the case. I actually ranked it among the top 5 cheapest shemale cam sites in the industry, and for good reason.

MyTrannyCams is highly affordable and, while technically more expensive than most, the meager difference in price should be the last thing to deter you from enjoying this upscale adult chat site.

Credit packages on MyTrannyCams

Even if it takes you a long while to use such a large amount of credits, I fully recommend you to purchase a bigger package for more bonus credits if you can afford it. From my experience, if you won't, you'll just end up regretfully thinking about the money you could have saved.

There are certain members who will end up having a slightly pricier experience; those that frequently use two-way audio to talk with the model. MyTrannyCams provides high resolution cam2cam with every private chat, but charges an extra fee per minute for it, as well as for two-way audio, which tends to be around $1.00 per minute for each. It may be peanuts in the short run, but it can add up fast for people who enjoy these features.

Check out the different chat types below to learn about their price and what you can expect from them.

Chat Types

As always, MyTrannyCams sticks to the basics and executes them flawlessly. It may not have the widest range of show types, but it has all most would want and in high quality.

Chat rooms grid on MyTrannyCams

By the way, know that you can change the size of the windows in the chat room grid at the top right. I've found that it really help if your screen is either smaller or bigger than the average.

Open Chat

The usual meeting place where members can flirt with the models before deciding whether or not to take them private.

I've found the shemale cam babes on MyTrannyCams to be really congenial and pleasant to talk to. Don't hesitate to ask any question as long as it's pertinent and delivered politely. The models streaming on MyTrannyCams are professionals who take their job seriously so behave accordingly.

Private Chat

What most of you will spend your money on. MyTrannyCams' private chat is what separates it from the rest of the crowd; it's luxurious, uncompromisingly so, and it shows. Even the rooms look like an interior designer gave them a pass before they started the show - everything is tidy, well framed and amazingly presentable.

The average price for a private show on MyTrannyCams is $2.70 per minute, with some going as low as $1.10. Considering what you get for it, it's laughably cheap.

Hot shemale cam model on MyTrannyCams

As I've mentioned, two-way audio comes separately and is not freely included in a private show, with a few models even refraining from using it. If you enjoy being this intimate with you cam babe, look for the Two-way audio category in the drop down menu at the top right. It may cost extra, but it's well worth your money, as the audio tends to be crystal clear, and the models are adorably nice.

VIP Show

This is MyTrannyCams' group chat, where the model sets a specific tip goal, and if she reaches it within a certain time frame, the show starts and is accessible to every person who tipped. If the goal is not reached, you get your money back. Simple. The downside here is that you'll rarely see any VIP shows on this cam site. Which is a shame, since the average price for a VIP show on MyTrannyCams is around $3.60 for a 10 minute show, which is pretty cheap.

This option will cater more to those who are not looking for the most intimate experience and just want to see a hot shemale babe pleasuring herself. It's simple, straightforward and very effective at getting you off. Just make sure to check every once in a while to see if the selection there interests you.

VibraToy Chat

This is where you should go if you like seeing your models squirm at the press of a button, her pleasure becoming yours to control and dispense as you please. Models here use remote-controlled sex toys they stick inside themselves. These can be activated by tipping, and are a great way to heat things up.

Unique Features and Extra Content

MyTrannyCams isn't big on extra content. It's a site wholly dedicated to provide high-quality live shemale sex chat, and that's exactly what it delivers. While its a shame that MyTrannyCams doesn't even allow you to record your own private shows for future enjoyment, if that's what had to be sacrificed for such quality at such an affordable price, then it's well worth it in my book.

Mobile Site

MyTrannyCams' mobile site works great, runs fast and fits perfectly on the smaller screen of your phone or tablet. It's also one of the very few shemale cam sites that allows mobile cam2cam.

MyTrannyCams mobile site

It's more than apparent that the developers behind MyTrannyCams spent a significant amount of time making sure that the site is as mobile-friendly as it can be. And for that, they have my sincerest gratitude. Mobile shemale cam site are hard to come by, especially good ones.

There is a slight issue of the address bar obscuring part of the screen, but since you can easily minimize a show by sliding downwards, you can also easily fix that by then sliding upwards and returning to your show.

Premium Membership and Rewards Program

MyTrannyCams has no paid subscription or recurring payments whatsoever. You become a premium member on MyTrannyCams once you make your first purchase, and retain that status as long as you remain even a little bit active on the site. You'll, of course, get much more attention from the models once they see that you're not wasting their time, but you also get some minor benefits along with the title, like the ability to exchange offline messages with your favorite cam girls.

MyTrannyCams also doesn't have much in the way of a rewards program. It doesn't get cheaper and cheaper like does, but it doesn't really have to. Here, you stay not because it won't cost you, but because it will be worth what it costs.


Not much to say here, as it's pretty straightforward. You pick a username, valid email address and password, than click on the link you get to verify that the email you entered is indeed yours, and you're done.

MyTrannyCams registration page

Once you're registered, know that you can claim 9.99 credits for free by entering a valid credit card. The site will charge you 1 credit to check if it's valid, then automatically refund you, so you can test it out for free.

Accepted Payment Methods

The accepted credit card types are as follows:

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Visa Bleue
  • MasterCard
  • MasterCard Maestro
  • Diner's Club
  • Discover
  • JCB

And these are the available alternate payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • BitCoin, Litecoin and more than 50 other Altcoins
  • Bank wire transfer

Security and Quality Assurance

MyTrannyCams is one of the safest and most private tranny cam sites there are. It uses HTTPS to keep your connection private, SSL encryption to keep your information encoded, and Escalion, a popular billing processor, to keep your payments secure. In addition, just to be on the safe side, MyTrannyCams employs the services of Advantio, a qualified security assessor (QSA) to keep its information security standards at the highest level.

As for discretion, MyTrannyCams makes sure that none of your bank or card statements will reveal the type of transaction you made on MyTrannyCams, or that it took place there at all. They keep it under a nondescript name so no one can pry into your business. The receipts are also sent directly to the email you registered with.

I could really go on and on about how private and secure MyTrannyCams is, but suffice to say that if you're looking for the most private and secure shemale cam site in the industry, then look no further.

Also, in terms of quality assurance, MyTrannyCams has a very fair refund policy. You cannot request a cash refund for spent credits, but you can request credit refunds in certain cases, such as when a model refuses to perform something she explicitly wrote down in the "I'm willing to perform" section of her bio (click the information icon at the top left of a cam show to see this). You can also do so if you experienced any technical issues during the show. Not that it happens often, but still.

Customer Support

I don't have one bad thing to say about MyTrannyCams' customer support, which is strange, since complaining about poor customer service is almost a hobby of mine at this point.

Customer support section on MyTrannyCams

You can contact MyTrannyCams' customer support team via email phone live chat. There's also a fairly comprehensive FAQ section which has helped me more than once.

Scroll down on the page and click the Online Support link to find these.

In Conclusion

If you're looking for the best shemale webcam chat site, Than MyTrannyCams should be the first cam site you visit. It covers all the basics and does them with an attention to details that few sites have. It's models are gorgeous and total pros, its video streams are perfect and its prices, while higher than the average, will fit most budgets.

Really, if you're into tranny webcam porn and you haven't checked MyTrannyCams yet, you're missing out.

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