TsMate.com - Live Tranny Chat Review

Last updated January 11, 2021

Hello, Andy here. I see you are back for more. Well, I didn’t call this site the top5cams.com. Welcome to review number four, of the top five real shemale cam sites.

Today I am going to be taking a close look one TSMate.com, one of the less known free shemale cams sites, but nonetheless home to some of the sexiest hot tranny babes.

Sexy Shemale Babes Are Waiting for You

The site itself is a simply laid out and had a crisp clean finish. Light colours and not clutter with ads or distracting banners. They are making a statement. ‘You came here for real shemale chat and so we will give you real shemale chat in the form of live tranny cam shows.’

The site is one of many that claim to offer a free membership, and do you know what. They are not lying. The sign up process is slightly more laborious than other live tranny chat sites, but if it 100% free, with no hidden doors waiting to stop you.

Enter an email address, and personal information – first and second name. Your password is then emailed to the given address. That is it, your account is created and you can almost instantly get access to the real shemale live cams.

The cams themselves load quickly, and there is no lag between the video and the sound which if you ask me is always a bonus.

Real Shemale Cams Never Disappoint

Tsmate.com offers a simple but effective filter that will aid you in choosing the correct free shemale cams for you, even allowing you to filter on location, in the form of various pre-defined regions.

The site runs smooth and the hot tranny babes that run the cams are all attractive, attentive and friendly to chat with.

What lets the site down most of all is the limited number of options you have once the show gets started.

Personally, I enjoy a site that affords its users a number of options to either aid or enhance their in chat experience. TsMate.com, has, in my opinion, dropped the ball a litter here. Once a show has started, you have three screen size options, but no full screen, the best you get is the equivalent of a medium screen on some of the other free shemale cams sites that I have reviewed. This could easily be overlooked should there be other favourable options hidden within the chat. Redeeming features that help separate TSMate from the rest of the live tranny chat sites out there.

Hot Shemales Are Always Ready to Chat

There is easy access to a good and detail biography section. I found this directly beneath live live tranny chat cams feed. The biography is not overly detailed, but set up to cover enough to give you an understanding of the show, and if the real shemale cam models decide to put the effort in, they can make the section very informative. There are also tabbed links through to photo galleries and other member comments. This sort of feedback is rather unique to TSmate, and while not an overly marketable point, it is a nice thing for members to see.

As with other live tranny chat sites, TSmate does also offer the individual schedules of its free shamale cams stars. This does not have to be completed, and from what I saw, looking around the site, do not seem to fill this in. I cannot say anything about the site in this regard, as it is the responsibility of the models themselves to make sure such information is added. Still, it would bee nice to have a bit of information about your preferred real shemale cam babes.

One feature that I was very pleased to see on the site was the favourites button. While it is slightly hidden out of the way, there can be no mistaking it once you have spotted the button. It is one of my favourite buttons – excuse the lack of a more fitting word there – as if really allows you to tailor make you live tranny chat experience to suit your own individual desires. Another nice feature is the 'Similar Models' screen that shows other live shemale models similar to the one you are currently watching.

Sexy Models Will Take You To Heaven and Back

From chatting on TSmate for a while, it was clear that the models, while friendly, are not there to chat and flirt more than is required to get your into a paying chat session. You can’t blame them, but I am not a fan of the easy sell approach. I want to have some fun and feel as though I am going to a private chat because I have earned the chance to spend some time with the model.

Two nice features that are offered by TSmate are the ‘give gold’ option, and also the cam to cam feature, which is available for all of those with credits in their account. I didn’t top up the account for this review, but I have experienced the live tranny chat cam to cam option before and can say that it is more than worth the additional expense

Having spent a fair bit of time browsing the site, checking out the hot tranny babes and the different options that they have, I would have to be honest and say that while I think TSmate is a good live tranny chat site, it leaves me wanting more at the same time.

There are certain areas where they are one of the best. Their crisp layout and clean homepage design being the main selling point. The simple sign up process could be easier if they removed the email authentication stage, and maybe a bonus or two for signing up would be nice.

Hot and Kinky Tranny Cams Are Loaded and Waiting for You

The site itself needs to modernize, I guess you could say. They need to take a look at what the competition is offering in terms of real live shemale cams, and understand that just offering a live tranny chat cam isn’t enough. You need to go the extra mile and offer your customers something that makes them feel appreciated, special even. Hot tranny babes abound on this site, and they could certainly use this to their advantage. A few key enhancements that TSmate could be a name to be reckoned with.