FetishGalaxy is Home of the Naughtiest Fetish Cams

Last updated January 11, 2019

Fetish Galaxy is an adult video chat site that is specialized in the darker side of the real amateur webcams industry. It gives a home to those that like or want to further explore their options in a safe and respected environment.

The site is simple and straightforward in its design, using a classic layout. A top bar, a sidebar and the main action on the large central screen.

The dark colour scheme of the site is a great tone setter and cast no doubt as to the dark desires that dwell on its pages.

There is a feeling of communication and belonging on the site, helped in no end by the Live Updates screen on the homepage. It allows you, and all regular visitors a handy way to keep yourself updated in the site, and mean you don’t have to search around to find the newest fetish chat cams updates.

Chat With the Hottest Fetish Stars at Fetish Galaxy

The site is very two-dimensional. Read into that what you will. Personally, given the look, feel and subject matter of the site, I class it as a positive. You don’t need to worry about where you are going because everything loads from the same central page. No matter where you go or what section of the site you browse to, the filtering option and the headers stay the same. What this means is that the site is essentially run from the search criteria and filtering lists, but and displayed in the central portion. You could even argue that you never leave the homepage, you simple load different versions of it.

The site is free to join and required very minimal information to do so:

  • User Name
  • Password
  • Email Address

Joining the Fetish World is Easy as 1-2-3

Once you have entered this, you are essentially good to go. The fetish chat cams are yours for the viewing.Of course, to truly experience the fetish chat cams in all their glory, you will need to add tokens to your account.

They can be purchased in pre-defined packages.

  • $25 – with a $25 bonus
  • $50 – with a $25 bonus
  • $75 – with a $25 bonus
  • $100 – with a $25 bonus

Credits are how you pay for the varying show types on the site. If you are really interested in watching the hot amateur webcams action, public and private shows are the way to go.

The credit packages can be bought in a number of ways:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal

Buy Your Bundels and Explore the Site

The site is divided up on several levels. You can search on the left hand sidebar based on the fetish you are most interested in. This is handy for all, because it allows those that know where their heart lies to head straight there, while giving those who are visiting this adult video chat site to explore their fantasies for the first time to browse based on something definitive.

The possibilities include:

  • Balloons
  • Cuckolding
  • Face Sitting
  • Masks
  • Leather
  • BDSM
  • Humiliation and many more.


Further to that you can refine the returned results based on the type of fetish chat cams show that you want to see.

The site operates much like other mainstream sites in that regard. You have a several adult video chat modes, each of which offer increased degrees of fetish based activity. Obviously the more you want to see, the more the show costs.

  • Free Sessions
  • Public Sessions
  • Private Shows

These are the standard show terms for real amateur webcams, and work on the same, near industry standard logic.

Welcome to Fetish Galaxy

One way you can further filter your results is by sorting the webcams for each chosen fetish based on any number of characteristics. This allows users the change to define their requirements and choose from an appropriate list of real amateur webcams.

  • Features – The various features that the fetish chat cams models has to offer in her room
  • New Experts – The newest experts – adult video chat stars – that have signed up to the site.
  • Hot Rooms – The hottest rooms as voted by users.
  • Low Price Exports – For those on a budget find the low cost hot amateur webcams.
  • Happy Hour Model – Models running their fetish chat cams at Happy Hour rates
  • Models with Videos – Do the models have additional videos attached to their profiles?
  • Free Sessions – free hot amateur webcams.

The main thing on the site, are the fetish chat cams. They are why you join, not to chat with other members in the community section.

The real fetish cams are simple in their operation giving you everything you need in order to have a good time. Watch the show in any number of screen sizes. You can also zoom in on the sow using enhanced cam controls. This is a big selling point for these fetish chat cams, because they give you a a heightened degree of control in a show that is of a far more personal nature than any other.

For the rest the cams are about just that; the live chat action. Sit back, take a load off and enjoy the show.

The site is well run and well populated, meaning there should always be more than enough live fetish chat cams online to suit anybody’s mood. However, there could always be occasions when you are not interested in a live exchange. For those times the site has an extensive library of adult themed videos. Each one is targeted at training you as you travel along your fetish inspired pathway. Watch the shows, or tutorials as they are called on the site, and gain understanding and knowledge of the different fetishes, so that you are better prepared for the hot amateur webcams interaction and even for bringing it into the real world.

That is where the strength of this site lies. It not only offers you real adult video chat, but prepares you for the moment when you bring your fetishes to the front of your real life, and allow your true nature to shine through.

A solid site, it deserves its high ranking, but it is also missing just that little extra something to make it the best. A few more features in the fetish chat cams themselves, and maybe a more varied list of payment options and they will be real contenders.