Live Mature Cams on - A Review

Last updated January 11, 2021

The third site on our list is another classic and well known site that offers access to all ranges of live adult chat cams, with the live mature cams being a specific niche within the boundaries of the main parent site. Imlive is known for delivering a high quality product and fantastic customer service.

It goes without saying that the same applied to all niche divisions also. With close to a thousand models online at any one time, the site certainly offers a wide range of potential live webcam chat models for members to choose from.

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Membership is completely free, with no hidden costs or subscription fees. You don’t even need to register a credit card to be able to enjoy the site as a fully registered member. The site offer a comprehensive membership program which sees you climb through Bronze, Silver and Gold ranks, earning bonuses and unlocking additional features as you climb. It is a great way to reward loyalty while at the same time ensuring that the revenue continues to be generated.

The first thing that you notice when logging onto the site is the interesting layout. The initial range of choices that you have allow you to set the homepage to various settings, each of which offer the user something different.

You can select your live mature cams from the ‘Host List’ layout which shows you a thumbnail of the model in question along with a little enticing teaser text from them. This is perfect for those who are new to the site and watch to join a site that offers a nice connection with MILF cam stars.

The second view is ‘Gallery View’ it offers a grid style layout with thumbnails of the live adult chat models and the type of show they are performing in: Free Chat, Private Chat; Live Nude Chat and House of Games. Free chat is available to all visitors to the site including guest users.

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The third main view option is the ‘Tiled View’ this is a mosaic arrangement of the live cams. No information is given about the hot live mature models or their shows, and it is perfect for those ‘blind date’ occasions.

All three of the main screen view options offer a wonderful feature that gives you a sneak peek at the action in progress. Hover your mouse over the thumbnail and it comes to live, showing you a small screen view of the live mature cams model. It is a handy additional feature that can help you decide if this is the live adult chat room for you.

With so many different live webcam chat channels available to you, it can be hard to decide which hot live mature cams stream is the one that will satisfy your needs. ImLive have you covered in this regard. They offer a live multicam feature. The multicam is a screen that shows you six random live webcam chat feeds. Only free chat cams of course, but that doesn’t matter. You can instantly watch six live shows at once. This is, in my opinion, a fantastic feature that more sites should, and probably will start using.

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I used this feature heavily for this review, watching multiple cams, waiting for that one mature stream to catch my eye, whilst ensuring that I did not miss out on another golden opportunity in the process. This is the main feature that propelled this particular live mature cams site into the number three positon on our top five list.

Once you have chosen the live adult chat models that you want to have as your partner, everything becomes much more generic. The cams load very quickly, and there is little lag on their feed, even on the non-HD cams, the stream is strong.

The biggest let down for ImLive as a live adult chat site is their limited range of options in chat features. Sure, the MILFs feed is the main thing you are looking for, but at the same time, it is always nice to have something else to spice the experience up a little. To take it from the mundane to the entertaining, to the memorable.

The only real options within the chat screen itself are to chat with the free chat cams models or to take them into a live mature cams private show. Now, it can easily be argued that this is the name of the game, and there is nothing more needed. In many way this is true, and I agree, the site does not lose and marks for only having a chat window and Private show button in their free chat cams screen, but at the same time, it does not gain any points.

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The saving grace for the site is that they do have a favourites button, allowing you to build up your own preferred list of hot live mature cams models. Perfect for easy reference on those days when you need a quick fix of something special and trusted.

The free chat cams models also have good biographies, which, if opened in the chat session, appears on a new tab in your browser. This is good, because it does not interrupt with the live adult chat show you are watching, but still allows you the chance to learn more about the mature model you are chatting with.

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All in all, ImLive is a site that has a lot to offer members and guests alike, before you enter the chat rooms. After that it becomes a bit stale and while delivering the goods, it leaves you with an overall feeling of having wanted something more.

That being said, it is a good site, and it deserves to be seen and visited as often as possible. So don’t feel as if you need to take my word for it. Come on in and check out the live mature cams for yourself and let a first-hand experience be your guide.