The Cam Sites That Take Gift Cards [via Paygarden]

Last updated October 11, 2018

Did you find yourself in the possession of a gift card you can't use or don't want to use? You're not alone. An estimated billion dollars worth of gift cards expire each year in the United States alone. Whether because they are for retailers too far from your residence or for businesses that don't interest you, you are now stuck with them. Or are you?

Some live porn sites offer the option to pay using gift cards through a payment processor by the name of PayGarden. It's a network where you can trade in your gift cards for a cash equivalent. You can use the service, to empty cards, even if they have been partially used.

Currently, there are only two adult webcam sites that I would recommend that work with PayGarden and accept gift cards as payment. So whether you got a gift card for Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, or any other company that you don't intend to do business with, know that these two top cam sites will happily trade with you.


LiveJasmin logo

LiveJasmin is by far the best adult chat site in the world. Its quality is like no other, and there are several reasons for that. First and foremost, LiveJasmin sets a base video quality and doesn't let any of its models stream in less than HD quality, with many even opting to broadcast their shows in full 1080p HD.

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LiveJasmin cute russian babe

Unlike many other cam sites, the models on LiveJasmin are hand-picked and treat camming as their full time job. Every cam room feels neat, and every private show feels elegant and luxurious.

Despite its high standards, LiveJasmin manages to maintain one of the largest collections of cam models in the industry. The variety of sexy performers here is like no other, and I can guarantee you that there will be times in which your eyes will be glued to the screen in awe.

While LiveJasmin is more expensive than most other premium cam sites, it is not prohibitively so. A private show averages at around $2.70 a minute, but if you also want to enable cam2cam or two-way audio, you'll usually have to pay an additional $1.00 for the luxury. You have the ability to sort by price, so can always choose the babes that fit within your budget. If you play your cards right, LiveJasmin can be much cheaper than you would expect.

On top of that, LiveJasmin has the best customer support out of any sex chat site. It has a giant and extremely helpful FAQ page, along with email, phone and live chat available to all members, paying or not.

Unfortunately, LiveJasmin currently limits the option of using PayGarden as a payment option only to members living in the United States and a few other countries. Check to see if you live in any of the accepted territories. If not, worry not, as I have another great option for you.


Flirt4Free logo

An extremely popular cam site, Flirt4Free manages to strike a fantastic balance between high quality and affordability. While I recommend you to check first if PayGarden isn't an option on LiveJasmin where you live, you really shouldn't look at Flirt4Free as some sort of compromise. It's an amazing cam site on its own right, and might even be more suited to you anyway.

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Flirt4Free sexy cam girl blowing huge kiss

You'll see a lot more skin from the get-go on Flirt4Free than on LiveJasmin. While most cam girls on the site refrain from stripping in open chat, some here do to attract clients, so you can even see some of them in action before taking them private.

And you'll surely want to. Flirt4Free has a ton of hot cam models at its disposal, ready and eager for you to show them how much of a baller you can be. While they are not required to stream in HD, most still do, and their shows are proudly presented by a giant screen the moment you enter them.

Flirt4Free's prices are very varied. You will find both the cheapest and the most expensive chat rooms on the net on here, so it's a good thing that the site's search and categorization features are as good as they are. Cam2cam and 2-way-audio is also freely included in all private shows.

Flirt4Free has good customer support. There is an option to upgrade to VIP and get VIP support, however, that option can only be paid for with a credit card. You should consider it anyway, though, since Flirt4Free's VIP program is wonderful.

Flirt4Free works with American gift cards. Since most companies put their gift cards under the same network, the cards usually work even if they are from overseas. You can expect that gift cards of American companies will work, no matter where in the world you got them. Checking to see if your card is valid will not affect value on the card, so don't be afraid to test it out.

Why Redeem Your Gift Cards on Porn?

Let's be real here: Retailers aren't going to sell you a $50 gift card for $39.99 unless they know they will profit a lot from it, and striking a deal with a company like Apple isn't enough. No, since every time the cash in a gift card is used it actually comes out of the retailer's coffers, they are basically banking on most of you not to use your gift cards.

And they're correct in doing so. Some forget about having them until they expire (which is the only real reason why they have an expiration date), some lose them, and some get gift cards for places they'll never even visit.

Whatever the case may be, companies are hoping you will be just another sucker who let money go down the drain.

Don't give them the satisfaction. If you enjoy adult sex chatting or just always wanted to give it a try, then go for it. Gift cards after all are perhaps the most anonymous payment methods you can hope to find.  If you have gift cards sitting around and gathering dust, there's literally no reasonable explanation for not using them on live porn, other than misguided hesitance.

In Conclusion

At present there are only two live porn sites that accept gift cards through PayGarden that I would recommend. Fortunately, though, they are both among the best in the business.

If you can, I recommend you to use your gift card on LiveJasmin's services. There is just zero chance you'll come out of it with anything less than a giant grin on your face.

Though, if this isn't an option for you due to where you live or where the gift card was purchased, Flirt4Free should more than sufice in taking care of all your needs.

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