Top 5 Safest and Most Discreet Sites to Cam2Cam

Last updated October 25, 2018

Everyone has seen that scene in American Pie when Jim tries to hook up with Nadia, and the entire neighborhood watches them through the webcam. If you want to sex chat, you are probably looking to avoid that experience. To do that, you want to make sure that you are using only the safest cam2cam sites, rather than any shady sites.

I've searched through the top adult chat sites in the business and found those that offer the best quality and most secure and discreet service. They all use top of the line encryption and offer members the option to pay with discreet payment methods such as PayPal and PayGarden. Rest assured that should you choose the following cam sites for your next face-to-face session, you'll not only have a great time, but also have no concerns afterwards.

When it comes to quality, LiveJasmin is simply unmatched. It is therefore no surprise that LiveJasmin has the most well-implemented and high-quality cam to cam feature out of all cam sites in the industry. It actually allows you to stream back to the model in HD, giving her a nice view of you. While the cam2cam is free, the two-way audio is not, though it only costs a paltry sum to enable, and its quality alone makes it worth the few extra credits.

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LiveJasmin pink haired cam babe winking at her viewers

LiveJasmin's focus on quality starts with its insistence that every model using its platform streams in HD. I have to say, you get used to that quickly. Visit any other premium cam site after that and you'll feel like you're compromising on the video quality. And I don't think I need to explain how much video resolution can make or break an experience.

If you have any specific fantasy in mind, LiveJasmin's search and categorization features will make short work of your quest. Which is good, because despite its high standards, the site has managed to accrue a huge number of talent. The issue is that, while you can filter by price, the average costs for a private show are slightly higher then on most other cam sites. You do get your money's worth, but it's a cost that some unfortunately won't have the budget for. On a brighter note, LiveJasmin offers its clients the option to pay with gift cards via PayGarden, which is the safest and most discreet way to purchase anything on the internet.

Luckily, once you do decide on spending some coin on the site's lovely performers, everything runs smoothly. I've yet to have any problems with the site's services, whether technical or billing related. And I've used them a lot. If you do run into any hurdles, LiveJasmin's comprehensive FAQ page and email, phone and live chat assistance offered to all members will undoubtedly make short work of them.

I simply couldn't make a list of "best cam to cam sites" without putting CamSoda among its top ranks. To this day, it is the only adult webcam site where you can cam2cam on mobile. Whether cam2cam or two-way audio is included in the private chat depends on the broadcaster, but their quality is fantastic nevertheless. The fact that CamSoda is a freemium cam site only makes it harder to resist. Go visit it and see for yourself; you'll be blasted with so much tits and ass that you'll probably give up reading the rest of this list and just spend the rest of your day checking out the plethora of talent.

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CamSoda cute blonde dancing on cam

When looking for anything in particular on CamSoda, know that using the search and categorization features will take you more time than just sifting through the pages of models room by room. The site's tag system doesn't work well, so your best shot is just doing things manually. Fortunately for us, the site has a mass preview feature that helps with that greatly. The amount of models using CamSoda's platform is also smaller than that of most premium cam sites, so while you will definitely come across a lot of quality rooms, the quantity will keep things from being overwhelming.

CamSoda's video quality is top notch. Many of its models stream in HD, and some even opt to stream in full 1080p HD. Also, while it's mainly a tip-based cam site, it still facilitates for people who like to take things private, such as ourselves, with affordable prices. The difference is that here, unlike on premium cam sites such as LiveJasmin, you get to see the cam models perform before you even spend a dime on them.

On the more technical side of things, CamSoda is very lightweight and runs like an olympic sprinter. It is also free of any technical issues, so don't expect to have any hiccups while you're on it. In case you do though, the site's vast FAQ page and email and phone support will take care of them.

Flirt4Free is the most accessible cam site that I am familiar with. And I'm familiar with most. From registration, to finding a cam room that suits your needs to flirting with the cam babe and finally taking her private, Flirt4Free makes sure that everything is as simple and straightforward as it can get. All video chat rooms which feature cam2cam are clearly marked, and they all include 2-way audio for free. Apart from its unhelpful search engine, everything on this cam site is convenient and inviting.

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Flirt4Free tall brunette bombshell twerking at the camera

The introduction starts at Flirt4Free's front page, where you quickly find out that this site not only lets you preview the rooms, but also lets you listen to them in the preview. What's more is that most rooms you'll see will be in beautiful HD quality with eye-popping cam girls. I've found it awfully hard to just visit for a review and not get sidetracked by its gorgeous performers. Sadly, there's not a very large number of them, especially when comparing to other premium cam sites.

Flirt4Free's prices can be a bit all over the place. You can find on it some of the cheapest and priciest cam shows in the business, so its a good thing it lets you filter them by price. Aside from that, Flirt4Free is also one of the few adult chat site's to allow its members to pay discreetly with gift cards, and even accepts a wider range of them than any other.

Flirt4Free works astonishingly well, and its shows stream so smoothly you might as well be watching a recording. I've encountered absolutely zero frame rate or buffering issues on my time reviewing the site, and having troubles paying on a site that accepts pretty much any payment method just isn't going to be a problem for anyone. Consult the sites giant FAQ page or fantastic customer support (offered through email, phone and live chat) if you somehow have any problems.

JOYourSelf is simply a joy to use. It's simple to register to and has an amazing search engine and categorization system to find anything you might be looking for in particular. Beyond that, it has one of the best implementation of cam2cam and two-way audio in the business. Video and audio taken by you and the model both end up looking and sounding crystal clear, barring any issues with your equipment. Also, while two-way audio costs a a bit of change to enable, cam2cam is free in any private chat.

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JOYourSelf tanned russian laying on bed

Aside from your feed getting through without a hitch and even in HD (should your camera be capable of that), JOYourSelf's video and audio quality manages to compete with the best of them. All rooms, except for the very new ones, are in HD, with some models even opting to stream in full 1080p. And there are a lot of models on here. The site is filled to the brim with gorgeous babes just waiting to get you off, with every show looking and feeling as luxurious as the next.

Not everything is perfect, though. The site is expensive. It is fully aware of how great it is and is priced accordingly. Anyone looking to limit his spending on this hobby to a minimum should probably look elsewhere. It's not unaffordable, mind you, but it is definitely pricier than most. On the plus side, it is incredibly discreet, and even lets you pay with gift cards, which is pretty rare, even if this list might not make it seem so.

JOYourSelf loads its previews and shows somewhat slowly, but that has yet to be a hindrance for even someone as impatient as me. Apart from that, there are no real issues which the site suffers from. It runs as smoothly as you might hope, and its video play-backs never stutter. An extensive FAQ page, as well as excellent email, phone and live chat support will definitely make sure it stays that way.

ImLive's strongest selling point is its enticingly low prices. Apart from that, though, this cam site shines thanks to a few features that set it apart from the rest, chief among them is its Fulfill your Fantasy section, here you can submit a fantasy you wish to fulfill and have the site's many, many cam girls bid to make it a reality. With cam to cam and two-way audio included in every private chat, your encounters on ImLive are not only budget-friendly, they are also much more enriching.

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ImLive cute russian girl biting her lip

ImLive's cheap prices are further lowered by its loyalty program. Prefer finding one good cam site that works for you and has some cute models you really enjoy and sticking with it? Well, good news: ImLive will probably be a godsend for you. The more money you spend on it, the higher your member rank will get, and the more benefits you'll receive. Among these are free bonus credits upon every purchase that can, in the end, reduce costs by up to 30%.

The way ImLive stays so cheap, though, is by limiting video quality to 560p, meaning no cam show on the site is broadcast in HD. This might understandably turn away some of you. If you have a slow internet connection or computer you might actually see this as a pro, but if you're a quality snob then you're probably not going to give ImLive a second thought.

A wondrous side effect of limiting the resolution is how fast it makes the site run. ImLive is fast to load its previews and shows, and generally feels extremely responsive. While it tends to work flawlessly, it also employs a great customer support team for times when it doesn't. There's a decent FAQ page, and if that doesn't help, use the links there to reach its customer support through email, phone or live chat.

In Conclusion

As in most cases, it's difficult to wholeheartedly recommend any cam site other than LiveJasmin. When you're talking about responsive and safe cam2cam, though, it becomes even harder. The site's quality really reflects on its face-to-face features, and it is heavily felt. There's just no other cam site that makes your experience feel quite as real, intimate and secure as LiveJasmin does.

Sure, the other cam sites on this list have their merits. CamSoda, for example, will probably be better for anyone eager to taste his food before eating it, and Flirt4Free and ImLive will have a better selection for anyone with a smaller budget.

But, if you can afford it, there's only one real option for you.

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