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Last updated February 06, 2020

We all love watching others have sex, but when it's live and right in front of us, and, better yet, when we're part of the experience, the exhilaration goes through the roof. If you want to watch hot, loving couples on cam and take part in their fun, these are the best cam2cam couples cam sites on the market.

LiveJasmin logo

Let me start by mentioning that I've already picked LiveJasmin as the best couples cam site in the business, so it shouldn't be surprising to learn that it's also the best one for cam2cam couple cams. That is because c2c on LiveJasmin is not only well-implemented, but available in every private chat, with no exceptions.

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Horny for each other couple ready to go cam2cam on LiveJasmin

I've said this before, but it bears repeating: LiveJasmin has some of the highest-quality cam shows on the internet, hosted by some of the most professional sex cam models in the industry. The vast majority of models on the site stream in HD, but it's not just that. LiveJasmin actually helps its models to become better streamers, giving them guidelines on how to better use their equipment and cam room. Ever had to suffer through a webcam show that had bad lighting, or one where the model didn't position her webcam to fully frame her? Well, you won't have that issue on LiveJasmin.

There's also a good number and variety of couples on cam here: LiveJasmin has around 50 live couples sex cams at any given moment, with most of them hanging out in open chat, ready to go private. You'll have white, black, Latin, Asian and mixed-race couples to choose from, and most of them will be professional cam couples that do this for a living, and enjoy it immensely.

You'll also pretty much guaranteed to have an enjoyable experience thanks to LiveJasmin's fantastic customer service? Have an issue? Doesn't matter if its technical, billing related or otherwise, all you have to do is inform LiveJasmin's customer service about it via the in-site live chat, and they'll take care of it for you. They even work at all hours of the day, and during all days of the week (yes, even on holidays), so you'll always be in good hands.

What does take this site down a peg is its pricing. The couples here charge around $2.40 a minute, which isn't much, but adding cam2cam and two-way audio costs around a dollar extra, each. If you want to enable this feature (and, if you're reading this, you most likely do), then you'll have to pay between $3.50-$4-50 a minute for it. LiveJasmin's quality makes it very much worth it, but it's far from cheap.

Stripchat logo

Stripchat is a top-tier freemium cam site that seamlessly combines tip-based chat and private features, without compromising on either. It may have bare-bones design, but don't let that fool you. Stripchat just focuses on what's important: Watching a high quality cam show that precisely suits your tastes.

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Young lesbian couple in Stripchat's cam2cam sex chat rooms

For starters, the streaming quality on Stripchat far outshines its UI. Most performers, including the couples, stream in either 720p HD or full 1080p HD, and they usually have the internet connection to support it, so don't expect any buffering issues to contend with.

With more than 100 couples performing live on average, Stripchat has the selection required to keep you coming back for more. You might not see the Couples category on the front page, but it can be easily accessed by clicking the ALL CATEGORIES button under the main categories. Once selected, you'll see couples in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities, and you'll be free to choose whichever suits you best.

That's because, while Stripchat offers streaming quality that rivals even the best in the field, it's also quite affordable. The average price of a private show on Stripchat is around $2.10 a minute, and while adding c2c and 2way audio sometimes cost extra (up to $3.00), it usually doesn't, as models here actually prefer to incentivize viewers to take them private by offering them these features for free.

Which brings me to what truly makes Stripchat shine: Its exclusive virtual reality chat. That's right, if you ever want to watch a couple in VR while they, in turn, watch you get off on watching them go at it, then Stripchat is pretty much your only choice. VR chat does cost a bit more, but it is so, so worth it, and if the idea itself is making you hard, then you probably won't regret the few extra bucks that you'll have to spend on it.

ImLive logo

Did you ever spend a few minutes enjoying a cam2cam couple show before sobering up to the realization that your expenditures may be getting a bit too high for your budget? We've all been there. This hobby can get a bit pricey if you're not responsible, but, on ImLive, that's much less of an issue. That's because ImLive is one of the cheapest sex cam sites in the industry, and certainly the lowest cost cam site on this list.

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Russian couple cuddling and kissing on ImLive

An average private cam2cam couples show on ImLive will usually run you under $2.00 a minute, since the c2c is free. But, ImLive's affordability isn't only due to its inexpensive cams. It has a generous rewards program that makes things cheaper in the long run, along with fan clubs that can save you a lot of money if you've found a couple that you especially enjoy and tend to frequent. Lastly, it has discounted block sessions, which means that you can pay up front for, say, a 20 minute show with a sexy couple and get a discount of around 30% on it.

Aside from being cheap, ImLive also has a very respectable collection of couples on cam, along with specific categorizations that can help you find exactly what you're looking for. It has categories for both guy-on-girl and girl-on-girl (and more, if you sometimes like to watch gay couples), with around 20 live couples on cam in each.

Another thing that might help you find a specific performance is ImLive's exclusive Fulfill your Fantasy feature, which lets you ask for a certain sexual act (or acts) and have the site's couples vie to perform it for you. Want a couple to involve you in their act? Want the girl to talk to you and pretend that she's cuckolding you? Doesn't matter what gets you off, you can find it without looking for it here.

My main gripe with ImLive is that there are a lot of cams here that are non-HD. You'll find many HQ (576p) cams here, and sometimes even SD (480p) cams. At times, you'll even come across a cam show that suffers from screen tearing, slow buffering or anything in between due to the couples low internet speed. It's not a frequent problem, but it's a problem nonetheless.

BongaCams logo

As a freemium cam site, BongaCams might not have the most polished private shows, but boy does it cater to lovers of couples sex cams. It actually has a dedicated main Couples category right at the top, which features around 80 live couples at any given minute - And they're some of the sexiest couples you'll ever see on an adult webcam site.

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Latina and Russian lesbian couple on BongaCams

Since BongaCams is freemium, it's fair to expect many of the couples here to already be mid-act when you visit. You're going to be bombarded with so much dick-sucking, pussy-eating and straight up boning before you even enter a couple's cam room that you may lose track of time and just wind up staring at the cam rooms grid.

There's a fair amount of both straight and lesbian couples on BongaCams, and a good balance between the two. Their quality is also usually laudable, as most couples here choose to stream in either 720p HD or full 1080p HD. Also, the site has a well-implemented cam2cam feature that includes 2way audio, is completely free and is offered by almost all the couples hosted here.

But, the site has a few drawbacks that can steer quite a few of you away from it. First, it's the only site on this list that uses pop-ups, and aggressive ones at that. You might use an ad-blocker, so these might not bother you as much, but what an ad-blocker doesn't help with are the frequent watermarks imbued in the streams.

On top of the above issues, BongaCams is also rather expensive. The c2c is free, but the actual average price of a show here is around $3.30 a minute, which isn't low, even when compared to high-end premium webcam sites such as LiveJasmin.

Chaturbate logo

Chaturbate is another freemium cam site that, just like BongaCams, has a strong focus on couple sex cams. This is evident from its placed-in-the-header Couple category, which features a whopping 300 live couples on cam, on average, at any given moment.

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Chaturate facilitates couples ready to go cam2cam

Chaturbate is, without a doubt, the winner here in terms of sheer volume and variety. Aside from the usual straight, gay and lesbian couples hosted on here, there's also a decent amount  of threesomes, foursomes and even groups, all eager for you to come and watch them hump each other senseless. The site might not have a video preview to help you figure out what's going on inside a cam room, and it's search and categorization systems aren't the most accurate, but it's a small price to pay for such great selection.

And it's not like all you'll be getting here is quantity, as the quality on Chaturbate is actually rather impressive. Sure, there are some couples here that are just exhibitionists and don't use HD cams often, but that's not even really a downside. I mean, where else will you be able to watch a couple have sex on cam just for fun? They don't (can't) even accept any tips for it, so you know that they're 100% getting off on having an audience.

On top of all of this, Chaturbate is actually very cheap. An average private couples cam show here will only cost you around $1.10 per minute, which would even beat ImLive if it wasn't for ImLive's many forms of cost reduction.

So, with all that said, you might be wandering why Chaturbate is placed last on this list. The answer is simple: Chaturbate has yet to implement cam2cam. It's not like it's impossible to for you to initiate a cam2cam show on Chaturbate, but there's no button for it. It's a process, one that will require you to actually open your very own cam room on the site. It doesn't require any fee or special documentation, but it is a time-consuming process, and isn't as reliable afterwards as an actual c2c show in which you know that the couple can, and will, watch you. If you still want to go ahead and do it then I've written a guide on how to cam2cam on Chaturbate, but, be advised that you're probably better off visiting the other couples cam sites on this list, despite all of Chaturbate's upsides.

In Conclusion

The above sites all have a great collection of couples, HD streaming and affordable prices, but each one offers something unique that may peak different people's interest. Looking for cheap couples cams? Visit ImLive. Want to have a VR chat with a beautiful couple? Visit Stripchat. Want variety? Visit Chaturbate.

But, if you're just looking for the best platform to have a great cam2cam session with a couple, then try out LiveJasmin. In terms of quality, it handily beats the competition. In terms of consistency of enjoyment, LiveJasmin also comes out on top due to its excellent customer service.

In short, there's just no going wrong with LiveJasmin, and since trying it out is free, I suggest you do so before trying out the other sites on this list.

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