Top 5 Cam Sites With HD+ Shows (FHD 1080p)

Last updated June 15, 2024

Once upon a time, not so many years ago, an HD TV or computer monitor was considered a prize available only for kings and queens and those with a deep wallet. Today, you don't have to be a king or queen or even a prince or nobleman with a deep wallet to own an HD screen. In fact, an HD resolution is pretty much the lowest standard resolution you'll get in any new monitor or TV. Not only that, but HD+ (1080p) is quickly become the new norm in monitors, TV and video playing devices. So, if that's the case, why watch a live cam stream in a lower resolution? Well you shouldn't have to.

The following top 5 cam sites know that we want to see their gorgeous models' live video chat shows in a crystal clear broadcast such as 1080P (HD+) and some of the platforms even go one step further offering rooms streaming in 4K (2180p). Read on to find out how to get to the HD plus live sex streams at each platform and what other benefits you can expect at each site.

All of LiveJasmin's 1,200 or so live streaming webcam shows are broadcast in HD, with an increasing number of hosts upgrading their streaming options and providing an HD+ plus feed. This premium cam site is all about featuring the best of the best and that doesn't only apply to the resolution of a show. All the models are professional cam chat hosts and are top performers in their relevant categories. From stunning cover-girl models to seductive and skilled MILFs and skilled fetish practitioners, LiveJasmin is a premium luxury cam experience. And, although private show rates can get expensive if you want to open your cam feed, read on to find out how to score a great deal and even free credits to spend on an HD plus private video chat show.

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All LiveJasmin's cam shows stream in HD with many broadcasting in HD+

While all the rooms offer HD feeds, not all have upgraded to HD+ broadcasts. In order to find out which are 1080p streaming you have no other option than to go into the rooms and hover over the video feed. Icons appear on the left side of the window including a small settings icon (shown in the image above). This brings up the resolutions available. Even if the model does have an HD+ (1080p) feed, it may not come through automatically in that setting, so always check, even if at first glance it doesn't appear to be an HD+ broadcast.

With so many options to choose from, the best way to start your search is to narrow down the rooms according to the type of playmate you're looking for. The best way to get exactly the type of host you're dreaming of is to select the advanced search icon located to the right of the top search bar. You can then choose as many filters as you want including the model's body type, age group, fetishes she's into and even dictate if you want a small butt or a huge ass cam girl.

This is a premium site and at LiveJasmin, there's no naughty business or nudity in the open cam rooms. For some X-rated fun, you'll need to buy a ticket to a low-cost group show or pay for a private session. Private show rates start at $1.05 a minute, though the average per-minute cost is closer to $2.40. And, if you want to open your cam feed for some C2C fun, plan on paying an additional $1-2 a minute more. However, one way to offset the prices is to grab yourself 9.99 FREE credits. You can get the freebies just by adding a credit card as a potential payment method and verifying the card's details (no purchase necessary). If you see a host streaming in HD+ who's hosting an Hot Deal, grab it there and then. This means she's reducing her rates by up to 50%. However, the discounted price is only available for 5 minutes — snooze and you loose.

Before I talk about the HD+ streaming shows at Stripchat, I'm going to up the ante and mention that this adult cam site is one of a very limited number of video chat platforms with hosts offering virtual reality (VR) sessions. If you own a VR headset, you can dive into a fully immersive live sex show at Stripchat at a competitive per-minute rate. But, for most of us, it's the HD+ and even their handful of 4K enabled rooms that we're looking for. And fortunately, a significant number of the 4,000 or so live cam rooms at Stripchat are broadcasting in HD plus (FHD 1080p).

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Stripchat offers a huge range of HD+ streams from around the world

Like many other adult webcam sites, Stripchat has yet to offer a search filter that allows you to narrow your options to only those models using a higher HD plus feed. You can use the search bar to find only the rooms using HD as a tag, but be prepared to be inundated with over 2,000 options. A better way is to check out the cam rooms which appear when you select VR Cams from the homepage's menu. These rooms all offer virtual reality webcam feeds, and most also have HD+ capabilities.

One of my favorite features at Stripchat is that you can record a free cam show. Most models get naked and kinky in their free tip-fueled cam rooms. For the same per-minute price they charge for a private show, you can record their free session. The difference is that if you go into a private show, most performers have a 10-minute minimum requirement and not all give a free recording of a paid-for private show. If you record a free cam show, there's no minimum (or maximum) time recording constraints. This is a great way to create a personalized library of HD and HD+ porn clips featuring only the girls you're interested in performing your favorite bedroom game.

Private show prices at Stripchat kick off at a just $0.70 a minute, though most of the HD+ live streaming cam rooms ask the average rate which hits $2.10 a minute. When it comes to cam2cam, a few include it in their rates, though most charge a higher fee which can be anywhere from 20% more expensive to double the price of a non C2C session. Occasionally the site offers a promo where they discount the price of tokens, but these are few and far between. One way though you can get free Stripchat tokens is to enter the site's hourly giveaway. Go into any chat room and click on the Giveaway link located at the bottom of a model's chat box. If you're lucky, you'll be one of 10 online Stripchat viewers who win 50 FREE tokens.

With around 6,000 rooms streaming live sex shows day and night, finding an HD+ room isn't going to take you much time at Chaturbate. This site has everything. From 4K streams starring celebrity porn-stars broadcasting from designed studio settings and professional video chat hosts stripping off in extreme HD+ free shows, to experimental college students seeing if they have what it takes to be a porn star in SD broadcasts hosted from their dorm rooms.

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Chaturbate offers HD+ and 4K (2180p) live sex streaming shows

With so many rooms fighting for your patronage, Chaturbate's models know that one way they can get a foot up on the competition is to not only offer HD+ streams, but also more and more are 4K UHD friendly. Unfortunately for them though, the platform has yet to offer HD plus (1080p) or 4K UHD (2180p) as a search group. However, as you browse the snapshots of live cam rooms at Chaturbate, you can see how many viewers are watching the show. Generally, the higher the number of viewers in a room, the higher the streaming quality is. After all, most people want to sit back and enjoy a crystal clear feed when it comes to watching a live cam session. When you click on a photo and enter the room, if there's a small HD icon on the bottom right of the video window, you know that the show has at least an HD (720p) feed. Click on the icon and you can see if 1080p or 2180p are also available.

You may wonder why if Chaturbate has so many HD+ cam rooms streaming live, as well as 4K options, it isn't my top pick as the best HD+ cam site? Well, if you want any attention from a model, you either have to tip generously in order to stand out from the crowd or invite them into a paid private show and at Chaturbate, you'll find that not every model will enter a 1on1 show. You can though open your cam feed and go C2C in a public cam show at Chaturbate. While this doesn't incur a set-fee you should always ask the model first and most will ask for a tip upfront before you open your video link. The model is the only one who can see your webcam feed but remember, you probably won't be the only video feed on her monitor so during the session, keep on tipping in order for them to pay your feed any attention.

The average cost of a private cam date with an HD plus streaming cam host comes in at an affordable $1.10 a minute, with some hosts offering a rock-bottom rate of symbolic $0.55 a minute. Not only are the prices cheap, but most rooms will give you a free recording of their performance which is stored in your personal video vault area on Chaturbate.

BongaCams is another freemium cam site similar to Chaturbate showcasing the talents of professional cam stars and extreme exhibitionists from around the world. While anyone can broadcast a show at BongaCams, most of the 1,200 live webcam rooms are hosted by skilled  models including many fetish lifestyle fans who stream from professionally designed and fully equipped dungeon style studios. Private show rates here tend to be higher than at comparable free cam sites,with many viewers preferring to enjoy the hardcore action that takes place in the tip-fueled free shows.

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BongaCams features HD+ (FHD1080p) live broadcasts from around the world

BongaCams is one of the few cam sites that actually lets you filter the results to just those rooms streaming in 1080p HD+. There are keyword tags above the gallery of photos, including a link for #HD+. This brings up only the rooms with a HD+ sticker on them. And, in several cases you'll be in for a pleasant surprise if you have a 4K monitor or TV, as a number of the HD+ options also go one resolution higher with 2180p feeds. Talking about TVs, BongaCams is also a rarity in the camming world. It has a great free feature that lets you cast a cam show directly to your smart TV. If ever there was imperative to see a session in 4K or HD+, then a big screen HD+ or 4K UHD TV screen is it.

While you can watch any free show at BongaCams without having to purchase tokens, there are a number of free features that only users who have purchased tokens can enjoy. Firstly, without buying tokens, a free show will constantly be interrupted by annoying pop-ads calling on you to get some tokens into your account. Once you have those tokens you can enlarge a free show video window into full screen mode without having to pay. You can also turn on your webcam feed so the model sees you in 2-way video chat mode while she's in her open cam room. While this doesn't incur a up-front fee, if you don't ask permission and tip the performer, there's a good chance you'll be ejected from the room, or at least totally ignored.

The average cost of a private HD+ cam show at BongaCams comes in at $3.20 a minute, though there are a handful of HD+ rooms asking the entry rate of $1.20 a minute for some 1on1 video chat. At these prices, make sure you take advantage of all the promos on offer at the site. You can grab 10 FREE tokens just by verifying an email address or phone number. And, if you're using a mobile device to access the platform, if you purchase a token package on the site's mobile platform, you'll get 50% of the token amount gifted as an extra bonus (up to 100 tokens).

The world of free live cam shows didn't exist until MyFreeCams came onto the scene. This was the first platform to offer free tip-fueled XXX shows and for that, I will forever be in their debt. However, since then times have changed and while MyFreeCams is still one of the top free cam sites, it's no longer then only one and in some respectsnot even the best, due in large part to the somewhat high standardized private show rates. However, all of the 1,200 hosts at MyFreeCams are all worth spending time with. Whether you're looking for a kinky girl-next-door amateur type stripping off in front of her bedroom cam, or a professional porn-star making an appearance in a free cam show on the site which launched her X-rated career, MyFreeCams has them streaming live in HD+ right now.

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MyFreeCams skilled amateur and pro models stream kinky live shows in HD+

The only way to see if your fave model is streaming in HD+ is to go into her room and hover over the video window. At the bottom right, the small settings icon brings up the choice of resolutions offered by the room. The overwhelming majority of the girl (and MyFreeCams is a girls-only cam site) are HD enabled, but a much smaller number have upgraded to HD+ feeds. On the upside, there are very, very few without an HD (720p) option. Free cam shows are the most cost-efficient way to enjoy some live kink action, with most performers ready to take requests and carry out almost any niche act for tips in their open rooms. However, you'll find many girls will only let users who are Premium Members, chat to them in their public shows. All that's required to become a Premium Member is to have purchased MyFreeCams tokens at some point.

Even though it's a freemium cam site meaning any girl can stream a live show, almost all the performers are skilled cam stars and, if you're looking for an American cam girl, MyFreeCams has an unparalleled selection of top models streaming in HD+ from across North America. And, while the interface is somewhat outdated and cumbersome to navigate, the site offers users a range of features that let you personalize you experience including deciding which cam rooms you see at the top of the options that appear, which types of models you want to see more of, which models you don't want to see in your feed and even whether the snapshots feature a static image of the girl, her avatar, or a live feed from her room.

Unfortunately, at MyFreeCams, the price for a 1on1 show is high and is the same in every cam room, regardless of streaming quality, type of model or kink you want to see. All privates cost $5.00 a minute but at least you can go C2C if you want at no extra cost. If you don't want anyone else spying in on your exclusive time with the model, (though they can't communicate with the performer in any way) you'll have to pay an additional $2.00 a minute for a TruePrivate show.


If you want an HD plus cam show starring a top model who knows exactly how to angle her camera so you get a crystal clear view of what she gets up to behind her bedroom's closed doors, the stunning video chat hosts at LiveJasmin are some of the best live video chat performers around. By taking advantage of the free credits you can get and discounted show rates, you can enjoy a competitive low price for a private show with a premium model and not miss a pixel of the live porn perfection that fills your screen.

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