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Last updated February 20, 2024

If you don't already know, CFNM is a power play fetish that stands for Clothed Female Nude Male. In the normal course of things, men take charge in their sexual conquests but sometimes, men want to be pursued and controlled. There's nothing better than a woman getting on top, taking control, and dominating the carnality.

If you're man enough to surrender to a woman who knows what she wants, strips you down, and uses you every which way she pleases, all while you imagine and beg to see what's underneath her lingerie, then CFMN is for you. If you haven't yet explored this kinky couple play, then here are the best live cam sites for you to get started.

LiveJasmin is a premium live cam platform that never compromises on beauty and quality. Models and couples here are easy on the eyes and ripe for CFNM live play, and they know what they're doing; no dueling duo makes it onto LiveJasmin if they don't. Streaming from designed studios with all the necessary gear, LiveJasmin's many show options pave the way to top notch CFNM shows.

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LiveJasmin's professional performers can indulge any CFNM show request

You won't find CFNM listed as a kink on LiveJasmin, but all you have to do to get it, is ask. You should also scan the bios of models and couples you like to see if they have named it as an option. If they haven't, don't be put off, it doesn't mean they won't indulge the request in a private session, for which you'll pay around $2.40 a minute. You can always scan through LiveJasmin's New Models and couples labeled New to inquire if you can start a CFNM show for the lowest rate of $1.00 a minute. Audio and cam2cam cost extra. Of course, you can steer your CFNM show using your performer's chat, but for true CFNM satisfaction, you may want to fork out the extra $1.00 to $2.00 a minute for each feature.

Speaking of couples, you'll find the link to these live cams under LiveJasmin's Category menu. You'll also find the link to all of the site's pro Fetish models here. with plenty of performers who'll take your CFNM requests. But these still aren't the only options available to you in the hunt for CFNM cams on LiveJasmin. I always recommend to also browse the Dominant and Roleplay models. In these two arenas, you can find women who like taking control with no-nonsense attitudes to match.

As you're scanning your eyes over the many chat room choices in all arenas, you only need to hover over any to activate a handy live video preview to see the models inside in real time. This saves you clicking in and out and losing track of who you wanted to see next.

Whatever route you take to clothed female and naked male shows on LiveJasmin, rest assured that the models are all pros streaming in 720p high def. They are well equipped with gear, toys, and costumes to play whatever part you want, not to mention leather, latex, restraints, and interactive sex toys that you can control and sync with. And yes, this goes for the cam couples, as well.

ImLive is a clever live streaming service that has invested a lot of time and effort into the unique and insightful features it offers, and this shows, because it's still the only platform offering them. When it comes to domineering women, power play couples, and CFNM live shows, you won't come up short on ImLive.

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ImLive's many skilled fetish models will give you a CFNM show

ImLive is a fetish friendly site with a menu dedicated to kink that launches once you've selected Fetish from the main category menu. You'll then see the All Fetishes menu appear above the webcam gallery. CFNM isn't an option here, but there's other choices to take you to authority hungry performers, such as Discipline, Bondage, Orgasm Denial, Humiliation, and Cock & Ball Torture (CBT). You can filter further by age, ethnicity, language, body type, and even butt size, and use the advanced search — the icon of three horizontal lines right of the search bar — to select and apply multiple filters at a time.

But in the quest for any type of show or specialty, ImLive's calling card is its Fulfill Your Fantasy feature, which all members have access to from ImLive's member page. Simply complete the short form to submit your darkest desires to ImLive's many models, getting as detailed as you like, from the kind of performers you're after for a CFNM show, to how they should dress and act. Models happy to oblige will respond to you in no time. The other benefit to this nifty feature that you stand to benefit is that, in order to lure you in and secure your business, models may drop their rates or offer bonus minutes for choosing them.

Once you're done negotiating, your ImLive CFNM private show will cost you an average of $2.00 a minute. ImLive boasts rates as low as $1.00 a minute, but most skilled fetishists won't go quite that low. Still, you can try your luck. Also, if you make use of ImLive's Prepaid Sessions to pay and book a block of time in advance for a CFNM session, you'll likely enjoy discounted rates.

While not CFNM specific, no mention of ImLive would be complete without also mentioning the site's Multi Viewer feature, which lets you exercise your eyes with six random live streams from the same category at once, in one convenient window. For maximum CFNM potential, you can pay the premium of around $3.00 a minute and choose the six live cams that you watch.

Deceptively named Flirt4Free is actually a premium live cam site that doesn't advertise free nudity, but, luckily, still hosts models who break the rules. The global selection of performers you'll find on Flirt4Free have dabbled in almost every kind of kink and you'll often spot CFNM shows already on the go.

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Flirt4Free's Fetish Community is a hub for kinky models into CFNM

Using Flirt4Free's Live Girls Cams menu at the top of the site, head to Fetish. This link lowers the drawbridge to Flirt4Free's secret dungeon of over fifty dark delights aka the Fetish Community. This isn't a stand alone site but rather an aggregator that brings together all of Flirt4Free's serious fetishists and arranges them by their specialty. You'll find many CFNM friendly niches here, like Training, CBT, Total Power Exchange, Discipline, Bondage, Roleplay, Orgasm Control / Denial, Jerk Off Instruction, and Domination. The options here come and go according to who's online at the time. Selecting any model you like will link you back to their live chat room on the main Flirt4Free site. Whether you're new to CFNM or a seasoned fetish pro, you may also find the community's active member forums and fetish Education Center to be great resources.

Seeing as one participant of each gender is central to CFNM, be sure to also peruse Flirt4Free's gallery of live cam couples. The selection here is usually small, around ten or so at a time, and most will accommodate any CFNM show requests.

For private CFNM shows including cam2cam that start at Flirt4Free's lowest rate of $0.45 a minute, use the Categories menu that you'll find top center of the site. Here, each arena has a bright blue number next to it for how many new streamers have joined the site who may ask the entry price while finding followers. Performers sourced from the elite Fetish Community most likely charge $3.60 a minute on average. If you're in it for more than four minutes, you'll also get the option to record the show.

Speaking of time and money, I always tell people to look out for Flirt4Free's models accepting Show Offers. These power playing control freaks are happy to put the control back in your hands for long enough to negotiate the rate you're happy to pay for the number of minutes you're happy to pay it. Guaranteed your patronage, these models are open to price discounts and/or bonus time, and the more you give, the more you get. Other performers post limited offer promotions via codes you use to claim. You'll find all of Flirt4Free's models with valid codes using the Promos link at the bottom of the site, under the Live Chat heading.

Stripchat's almost endless list of categories and kinks is about as overwhelming as the number of live streams that greet you on the homepage, so it's a good thing that this site learns your preferences and brings you chat rooms to match in your personalized For You list, and all the models you chose to follow in your own list of My Favorites.

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You'll find CFNM models and shows in Stripchat's many fetish categories

Stripchat has a page dedicated to live couples with often more than 150 streams to choose from. Once you've found a guy-girl pair you want to watch in a power struggle, you'll probably first need to ask her to put some clothes back on, or it won't be a true CFNM show. That just goes to show how much unrestricted fornication is taking place on this site, and the many couple cams isn't the only place you'll find it. Other fetish options for a show of sexual force worth a look are Cosplay, Mistress, Bondage, Dirty Talk, Humiliation, Erotic Dance, and Cock Rating.

But that's hardly it. Stripchat's famous A to Z sex encyclopedia, All Categories, recently got a makeover, and now the site's abundance of filters are clearer and more accessible than ever, and arranged under subheadings such as Appearance, Specifics, Activities on Request, and Fetishes. With Stripchat, you never need to limit yourself. All of the site's performers are approachable, friendly, and flexible, and you can put forward your CFNM show requirements in their free chat until you find the ones you want.

While chat is free, special requests, like CFNM, usually aren't, so you should expect to pay around $2.10 a minute for a one-on-one session to meet your demands. Browsing the chat rooms by rate and exploring the models in the Cam2Cam category, where this two-way face-to-face feature is included in the price, could score you a private CFNM show for the lowest $0.70 a minute.

Stripchat stole the live cam site limelight by introducing virtual reality shows available to all headsets and I surely don't need to mention what a 180° spin this feature will put on your next CFNM experience. If you don't have VR gear, you can still enjoy one of the largest selections of high definition cams and 4K HD+ cam streams, and you can even tape live shows from Stripchat's Recordable category.

The name says it all, doesn't it? JOYourSelf is all about customer satisfaction and giving you the most enjoyable experience possible. It's a no frills, no fuss, premium cam site specializing in one-on-one private exchanges with stunning models who're serious performers, serious about giving you a stellar show.

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Use JOYourSelf's free chat to secure your next private CFNM cam show

JOYourSelf's vertical list of alphabetized categories is clear and simple with CFNM fetish friendly options such as Cosplay, JOI, Dominatrix, Hot Flirt, SPH, and, of course, Couple. Categories sure help to pave the way, but being a service that's focused on intimate personal cam sessions, almost any model will go out of their way to please you, so just ask if they'll perform CFNM for you, or with each other.

JOYourSelf has two ways you can find more budget friendly private shows down to $1.00 a minute: Sale and Hot Deal. Models on sale, so to speak, will be offering reduced rates, while those offering a Hot Deal have price cuts on their shows of up to 50% for a limited time. Otherwise, you'll pay an average $2.40 a minute for your private CFNM experience.

Then, there's JOYourSelf's gallery called Free Show. Instead of basing their online income on private sessions, the models here are performing for tips in the way of virtual Surprises, starting at 1 credit (about $1.00) and going over 150 credits. Alternatively, you can use the Send Tip button to stipulate the amount you wish to give her. As long as these models are streaming live and getting tips from someone, you can continue to watch the show, which may or may not get a little naked.


Clothed femme fatales taking control of their naked and vulnerable male partners is a thing of beauty. Whether you're the male in question, the female in charge, or you're watching a couple performing the act for you, CFNM is hot.

Any live cam model performing sex acts will surely be familiar with CFNM, so where do you get the best? These top 5 cam sites, of course. LiveJasmin is my first stop for sensational models, seriously sexy couples, and skilled fetishists, any of whom you can freely approach with your CFNM requirements to follow in a private show.

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