The Best Tranny Cam Sites for Cam2Cam

Last updated February 04, 2020

Cam2cam is the ultimate online sexual experience. The performer can see and interact with you while you ask, demand or beg of her to get you off. The best tranny cam2cam sites have both great two-way video and audio quality and strict security and discretion protocols to keep you safe and anonymous. There are only a few such adult chat sites, but, luckily for you, I've found them and listed them below for you to enjoy.

You simply can't make a list of the best shemale cam2cam sites without including the best shemale cam site in the industry. MyTrannyCams just has it all: high quality streams and lots of them, tight security, a customer satisfaction guarantee and fair prices. The only thing keeping it from being my one and only recommendation is that everyone loves options.

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Hot feminine mulatto tgirl on MyTrannyCams

MyTrannyCams has an impressive selection of tgirls. On average, you'll see around 150 performing live on the site, most of which will not be in private so you'll be free to chat with them. They are also incredibly varied, ranging from Asian ladyboys to beautiful European shemales.

The quality of the shows is also a standout. The site seems to have some sort of process for keeping the directing of the shows top-notch, making it so every performer is well-framed by her camera and always in focus. You will not miss any detail about any of these trans models. As for the video quality of the shows, MyTrannyCams is filled with models streaming in HD, whether 720p or 1080p, so much so that finding a stream in lower quality is rather difficult.

MyTrannyCams also runs fantastically well. The shows never stutter or stop to buffer and load very quickly. Despite this, MyTrannyCams still employs a large customer support team that's available to you 24/7 via email, phone and live chat. The site also has a comprehensive FAQ section in case you feel like you can resolve your problem on your own (no that you'll likely have one to begin with).

The main drawback of the site stems from it being so luxurious: It's prices match the quality of its services. A private show on MyTrannyCams costs around $2.80 a minute, which is around 10% more than on most premium cam sites. While it's very much worth it given what you get for it, and it's not much of a price gap, it can still stack up. This is especially true if you prefer being as intimate as you can with the performer as possible. While MyTrannyCams includes cam2cam in every private show on a computer, you will need to pay extra for it, and even more for two-way audio ($1.00 per minute on average for each). You can also cam2cam on mobile, but it costs extra there as well.

The prices can be mitigated slightly by claiming up to 9.99 free credits (valued at around $13.00) by using a credit or debit card when purchasing credits. These are only given on your first purchase and on every 5th purchase afterwords, though, so MyTrannyCams is still a tad bit more expensive than most cam2cam trans sites. But, by and large, if you're not looking for the cheapest option around and not not hurting for cash, MyTrannyCams is still the best option for you for a high quality and secure tranny cam2cam show. is easily one of the cheapest tranny cam sites in the business. At around $1.98 a minute for a private show, it is amazingly affordable, but this is only one of the reasons why the site is so low-cost. The others are its fantastic rewards program, which makes things cheaper the more you use the site, and the different discounts and show types ,such as group chat, which can make things ridiculously inexpensive.

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Red hot redhead shemale on

As you might have guessed, specializes in shemale cam models, and has no models other than chicks with dicks. If tgirls are all you're after, you'll be pleased with this site's enticing collection. There are more than 50 models live on at all times, and, while many of them are Hispanic and mulatto, the site does have quite a decent amount of European trannies and Asian ladyboys.

The video quality of the shows, though, is not the best. There are quite a few HD cams on, but a lot of performers on the site stream in 576p HQ resolution or lower. There's also no good way to search specifically for HD cams, even though's search and categorization features are actually quite helpful.

The actual quality of the streams also differs from room to room. Usually, you won't be having any technical problems with the stream, but once in a while you'll enter a room and start experiencing lag, buffering issues and video stutter. This can fortunately be spotted in the open chat and thus avoided, but it will still take up a bit of your time to filter these rooms out.

Knowing this, you can just avoid the rooms that don't quite live up to your standards of quality and move on, but you're lucky to know that they are in the minority. Up until very recently, Shemale didn't have any HD webcams which made the site painful to look at. If you were on the site before and were not impressed, you should really check out what they have now.

Overall, I would say's customer support is pretty lackluster. While its FAQ section is helpful, you can only contact the site's customer support via email, and they take a while to reply. The site does have live chat support, but that's reserved only for VIP members, and it takes a while to become one.

Despite some faults, if you're just a bit patient and take your time to find a cam room to your liking,'s dirt-cheap prices will allow you to enjoy it for hours. Plus, if you like two-way video and audio, offers it for free in every private chat on a computer. All this, in my opinion, is more than worth the hassle.

Flirt4Free is a premium chat site that doesn't shy away from nudity in the open chat. As such, it allows you to check out the performers in action prior to taking them to a private session. Not only will it ensure that you're getting the show you want, but it will also make your time flirting with the performers much more enjoyable.

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Young Latina tgirl on Flirt4Free

On average, you'll see less than a dozen or so shemales online at any given time. That is not a lot by any stretch of the imagination. While Flirt4Free offers a ton of different show types for you to enjoy, these don't really come into play in the site's tranny section due to the small collection of online cams.

The saving grace here is that the cam rooms that you will come across will all feature high quality shows, starting with the trans model herself. The ts girls working on Flirt4Free are, by and large, gorgeous pre-op shemales. They are as professional as they are engaging, and know exactly how to get you off. The small collection of cam rooms thankfully does not mean that each room has too many members in it, as Flirt4Free is mostly favored for its female and male models, which means that it won't be difficult for you to get noticed by the performer.

The quality of the actual streams matches the quality of the performers. Most of the cams on Flirt4Free look amazing, and the developers of the site know this and aim for you to notice it. The rooms open to a huge display of the show, which is rarely in any video resolution lower than HD. They also run as smoothly as you could hope, and have no technical issues that I've noticed (and with the amount of time I've spent enjoying this cam site, I would definitely have if there were any).

And not that you would need it, but Flirt4Free's customer service is simply top-notch. The site employs a team of dedicated support representatives available at most hours of the day, and you can easily contact them in every way short of a carrier pigeon and telepathy. On top of this, the site has a wonderfully extensive FAQ section to aid you in case you prefer to handle things yourself or are just curious about Flirt4Free's various features.

And, while Flirt4Free would be justified in being expensive, it really isn't if you know your way around it. The site has a crummy search and categorization system, but what it does well is let you sort the rooms by price. Which I wholeheartedly suggest you do, since Flirt4Free gives its models total freedom in deciding the prices of their shows, which means that the prices are all over the place. You can find rooms for as low as $0.55 a minute, though the average does seem closer to $3.00 a minute.

Above all, though, Flirt4Free's cam2cam is fantastically well-implemented, secure and %100 free. No matter the show, as long as it's private, you can turn on two-way audio, which includes two-way audio, and enjoy the added intimacy with your new friend. Just remember that cam2cam is not currently available on the phone.

If you look at my list of safest cam2cam sites, you'll see that LiveJasmin is ranked in first place. But it doesn't end there: LiveJasmin is a discreet and highly trusted high-quality cam site that is leading the industry in terms of standards. From its high video resolution stream and professional tgirls to its amazing cam2cam implementation, LiveJasmin sets the bar high for its competition.

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Cute tranny with glasses, braces and big tits on LiveJasmin

It is true that LiveJasmin is mostly geared towards those looking for female cam babes, but you simply can't ignore its massive selection of trans models. There are always over 100 ts models online on the site, and the vast majority of them are professional performers with tons of experience.

The streams themselves are usually either broadcasted at 720p HD or 1080p HD, with most 576p streams hosted by amateur shemales that have yet to acquire HD streaming equipment. The quality of the shows matches the video resolution it is streamed in, with most rooms looking like they are attended to by a filming crew where you can take the role of director and producer.

The streams load fast and play well, suffering from no stuttering issues or even excessive stream delay. The site itself is easy to navigate and has a search engine and a categorization system that help you easily find any show, model or fetish that you might be looking for. On mobile, LiveJasmin works wonderfully and has an official app that works even better.

Nevertheless, LiveJasmin cut no expenses and offers its members the best customer service it can. The site has an extensive FAQ section and a customer support team that every registered member can contact with ease via email, phone or live chat at all hours of the day.

All this will unfortunately cost you a bit extra. LiveJasmin's private shows cost around $2.70 a minute, which is a bit higher than most, and even though it's worth it, it can still make things quite expensive. On top of this, two-way video on LiveJasmin is included in all private shows on a computer, but it costs about $1.00 per minute to enable. This is also true for two-way audio, which can paint you a picture about how pricey the site can get.

It was difficult for me to put CamSoda so far down this list. It is a freemium cam site that let's its models get naked and busy in the open chat. It lets you not only see them in action for free before taking them private, but it also the best option to cam2cam with them on the phone once you do. Nevertheless, it doesn't specialize in trans models, and only has about two dozen models at it's busiest times.

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Gorgeous young tranny with braces on CamSoda

The tranny cam shows on CamSoda may be few and far between, but their quality is undeniable. Most of the models on the site stream exclusively in HD, and do so with an internet connection that actually supports it. That means no lag, no slow buffering and nearly unnoticeable stream delay.

In addition, many of the models on CamSoda, including the trannies, like to use remote-controlled sex toys that you can activate by tipping. If you're looking to enhance your experience with cam2cam, you should try controlling a model's pleasure. There's really nothing quite like it.

As an aside, CamSoda doesn't have a truly helpful search or categorization feature, but with the small tranny collection and the mass preview feature that the site has, it's really not an issue.

The site, in general, is very lightweight and runs flawlessly. This is part of the reason why it's the best mobile cam site in the business. Which is good, since, aside from a decent FAQ section, your only recourse when you have any issue is to contact customer support via email. CamSoda does have live chat, but it's only for resolving billing issues, so if you have a technical problem you'll have to be patient.

Once you do find a model that you want to take the next step with, you'll find that CamSoda is actually very affordable. The average per minute price of a show on CamSoda is $2.40 a minute, and you can find performers that charge as little as $0.60 a minute.

In Conclusion

Let me start by saying this: I've found MyTrannyCams to be the most secure and discreet ts cam site out there. That is not at all trivial, but it's only part of the reason why it's at the top spot on this list. The other reasons range from its massive collection of shemales and the amazing quality of its streams to its crystal-clear two-way video and audio. You won't find many cam sites that truly make you feel like the model is there with you, as you are there with her.

Sure, all the sites on this list deserve their spot among the top 5 ts cam2cam sites. They all have special features that make them stand out, and their all secure and enjoyable to use. CamSoda, for example, has free mobile cam2cam and free two-way audio on the computer. is so inexpensive that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show without a worry on your mind.

But, the only site I would recommend to basically everyone is MyTrannyCams. It may be a tad bit pricey, but it's definitely worth it.

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