5 Fetish Live Cam Sites for Total Power Exchange

Last updated June 12, 2024

Total power exchange happens when two consenting adults decide to create a relationship, however brief, of one completely dominating the other. As with all fetishes, there is a spectrum, and while some keep it to the classic BDSM tropes like having a mistress give out orders, others go all out with collars, orgasm control/denial, and even control of how the partner looks, behaves, what they eat and when they sleep. On live cams this is less intense, there is a time limit after all, but it's no less thrilling, as evident by the following top 5 tpe sites.


If you love fetish, in particular the dominant/submissive part of this kink, and you also love premium sites with pro gals, than you've hit the jackpot with Flirt4Free. It doesn't just have categories, it has an entire mini-site dedicated to it's Fetish Community, with offerings like an Education Center, where you can study up on how to be the perfect slave. Forums, where you can consult with fellow like-minded members and the models too. And finally, over 50 categories, chief among them the category Total Power Exchange, the only site on the list that offers it specifically.

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Flirt4Free has a dedicated tpe category and a fetish community

So how do you get to this promised land of kink queens? Easy. On the top of the main page select the Live Girls Cams, and then the Fetish link. Scroll and browse the categories until you get to Total Power Exchange catetgory, or you can also choose any one of the related categories such as Dominant, BDSM, Latex, Leather, Stockings, Feet, and many others. If you prefer to get there with less of a fetish fuss, just select the Categories on the main site on the left to reach the main site filter with less intense options, such as Roleplay, Fetish, and many more.

On average, most rooms ask around $3.60 a minute, while the cheapest rooms go for a much lower price of $0.45 a minute. Prices include cam2cam, on your PC/Mac as well as a great mobile platform. If you want to keep things on the cheaper side, use the section on top Room Type, where you'll find you can sort by Lowest Price, and also join any Group or Party Chat for a fraction of the cost, as well as watch someone else's private chat by selecting Voyeur.

Another way Flirt4Free is one step ahead of the curve on this list, is with interactive toys that go both ways, which can really tighten the bond between yourself and your model. By selecting the same Room Type section, you'll find the magical 2-Way Interactive category. With this, you can purchase or use a toy of your own, and have her control your pleasure, or lack thereof. Of course, you can also control hers by tipping, but this category lets you hand over the reins completely.


On the freemium side of the track comes a fantastic fetish-centric site that offers hundreds of categories that you most likely have never seen on other sites. Not only that, it gives you the option that few sites do, to interact with your boss-lady in a 360 degree virtual reality way. Between 20-30 rooms under the VR Cams category on the left await for your perusal, not all fetish of course, but all in HD+ quality up to 1080p and very much willing to please.

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Stripchat offers hundreds of fetish categories related to tpe

But back to the reason we're here, the tpe. while there is no specific category dedicated to it, there are dozens related to it, which can all be found when you scoll to the bottom of the life handed filter and select All Categories. It's fun to browse this page, because you get them all in alphabetical order, and they're spectacular. Gems like Bondage, BDSM, Domination, Hardcore, Mistress, and even Slave. There's no doubt you'll find your powerless bliss here.

A private show on the site will cost you an average of $2.10 a minute, but many models only charge $0.70 a minute. Unfortunately, not all models are alike in their generosity, as some demand up to 50 percent more for a chat when adding on your cam and mic to the mix. There are also those that will agree to a private only if you commit to a minimum amount of minutes. But this can work to your advantage, as block sessions like these tend to be cheaper than the per-minute kind. Good news is that you can record your chats for free and rewatch any time at no cost.

Another fun perk to mention, especially if you've found a girl you really like, is join a Fan Club. There are a few benefits such as discounts and special messages to your not-so-lady, but perhaps most enjoyable when speaking of power, is to be "Knighted" by your model, which will give you the power to kick out any guest in her open room you just don't like. This is a pleasurable experience, and the kind of exchange you can really get a kick out of.


The most premium site around, and also one of the best in general, LiveJasmin rules the market when it comes to quality over quantity, HD cams, pro performers, 24/7 live customer care, mobile with c2c, two excellent filters, a decadent feel and a true sense of luxury. This site is not for everyone, as prices can get high for cam2cam chats, but if you've saved up for a rainy day, this is as rainy as it comes, just like the drops of sweat you'll gather all over your body when the LiveJasmin ladies are done with you.

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LiveJasmin has a dedicated fetish category for your tpe needs

To get to the good stuff, you can use the filter on the left, and go straight to Fetish on the top. However, that impatience will rob you of selecting multiple options using the advanced filter on the top right next to the search bar. With it, you can choose categories such as Dominant, Bondage, SPH, and also add others like her appearance, world region, HD quality, and/or price per minute.

A private show on LiveJasmin will cost around $2.40 a minute, with the cheapest girls going for just over a dollar a minute. However, this is just for the chat. If you want to include your camera and microphone, it will raise the price by another $1-$2 per minute, and if you want to chat with her through mobile, even more. This is why you should keep your eyes peeled when browsing the ladies for those with white stickers on their profile pictures. Specifically, New, Birthday, and Promo. Also, verify your credit card for 9.99 free credits worth $10, and Spin the Wheel prior to each purchase to get up to double your purchase amount back.

There are two other fun features unique to LiveJasmin you should know about, located on the left filter, main page. The first is Stories. Just like on Instagram, the models post pictures and short videos, some for pay and some free, for their fans, which is a great way to get to know your one-of-a-kind performer even better. The second is Mobile Live, located further down on the left. Here, you can talk to models on their own mobiles, and get to see different sides of their lives, like their homes, sexy friends, pets, and other tidbits you don't get to see in a regular show.


Streamate is a really interesting site, as it's unique in several ways. First, it's premium, but you get plenty of XXX action in the free cam rooms. Also, it offers a special payment method not offered by most other sites, pay as you go. When you register, you enter either a regular card or a prepaid card, and you are charged every 24-48 hours depending solely on which chats you participated in, and you're charged by the second. This is a great boon for those looking to keep a close eye on their spending, and also hate running out of tokens/credits mid-chat. Especially when it interrupts their mistress.

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Plenty of fetish models for tpe can be found on Streamate

There's plenty of fetishes to be found on Streamate, and the ladies are far from shy, probably because so many of them aren't from around here, but hail from Europe, where the continental sensibility is definitely more open minded. On the top filter on the main page you can find multiple tpe related categories under Fetishes, such as BDSM, Feet, Dominant, Femdom, Roleplay, Leather, Spanking, and other fun suggestions. You're also likely to find quite a few models that are not your average teen 18+ but instead MILFs that really know their slave-oriented craft, and have the skills and know-how to get you where you need to go.

Streamate offers privates for an average price of $2.50 a minute, but starts low at $1.00, with prices including webcam to webcam chats, too. You can find more cheap options be selecting the Features section up top, like Phone chats, which are usually cheaper than regular privates, Party Chats, which are a group chat based on tipping alone, and models with Fan Clubs, which can reduce your costs substantially if there are particular madams that strike your fancy.

Streamate is also a pretty great site if you like to be ganged up on by a couple or a group. On the left filter you'll find the basic categories, and among them will reside said Couples and Group Sex. You'll need to have a chat with them to see if they're game, but it's definitely an added level of danger and thrill letting a couple or several people control and dominate you.


One of the most popular freemium sites in the world, Chaturbate offers over 4,000 models, many of which don't even accept requests to go to a private chat. Why is that a good thing for fetish lovers? Because these models are so thrilled and excited to be showing off their bodies and bags of tricks, that they're happy just getting tips, or sometimes even just performing for the fun of it. Though the site works on a tagging system without a filter, #mistress is one of the most popular tag, found right in the top middle of the main page, and houses around 250 models on most hours of the day.

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Chaturbate offers dozens of fetish tags to choose from for tpe

As mentioned above, you can select the tag #mistress, but there are many others to choose from when you hit the (more tags) link on the top right. You can go for #german, #dirty, #joi, #slave, #strapon, to name but a few from the many. Another great thing about Chaturbate is that it's the only site on the list to offer chats with up to 4K HD quality, so you can really see the frayed ends on your mistress' whip. To get only these rooms, select Prioritize HD Cams under the Options section on the top right.

For a private cam show, prices average around $1.10 a minute and start at a super low $0.55 a minute. And then there's the freebees, such as 200 free tokens (Worth $20) when you raise your daily spending limit, as well as 500 tokens (Worth $50) when you refer a model to start performing on the site, which is the most model-friendly I've seen in a while, to the point of having an entire Broadcast Yourself section right on the top of the main page, with articles and helpful tips to become the best model around.

For those interested in Trans tpe models, this is a great site for you, you'll find some of the best right here, in the hundreds. Another advantage to the site is that most models offer the option for you to open up your cam and mic in the free rooms as well — mostly at no cost other than perhaps a tip. This way, if you really are on a budget, you can spend your time completely for free showing your chosen one just how great of a slave you really are.

In Conclusion

Flirt4Free is definitely ahead of the pack on this list of worthy contenders. Not only does it offer the total power exchange category, and an entire fetish arena you can study up on at the education center, but you can even learn and share from other members in the fetish forums. In addition, the site is simply stellar, affordable, offers 24/7 support and a kick-ass VIP program, as well as a great free trial. So get your freak on and find your next total power exchange relationship at Flirt4Free.

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