Top 5 Women-Friendly Video Chat Sites

Last updated June 04, 2024

Porn is no longer an underground subject when it comes to what a woman wants and watches. Just take a look at what's on TV. Many subscription channels broke the barrier with movies that weren't quite 'porn' movies, but were pretty much in line with the videos you'd find on an adult X-rated sex site. The audience for them? 50/50 men and women.

Then, cable TV hopped on the bandwagon. HBO's Idol is certainly far from PG, with some considering it not soft, but very rough porn. Is the series aimed at guys only? Hell, no. It's water cooler talk for women around the country. It's taken longer than it should, but finally it's out in the open. Women also enjoy porn!

The below cam sites know that and so do their hosts. These platforms all feature a huge range of shows and cam models aimed at a female and mixed gender audience. Whether a woman wants some girl-on-girl action, to watch or join in for a 3-way, or simply flirt with a hot dude or dame, they've got it streaming live right now.

If you're not sure if you what type of live sex cam show you're looking for, or even whether if you wanna sit back and video chat with a girl, a guy, a couple, a group or simply not chat but just watch, CamSoda covers every preference. Best of all? you don't need to pay a penny in order to see an X-rated cam show where clothes come off and the kinks come out. This freemium cam site offers not only free shows, but cheap private cam show rates.

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CamSoda features a range of live cam shows targeted at a female audience

When you enter the website the first thing you'll see are rows of thumbnail images showing a few seconds of video captured from the room's live feed within the past minute. Some hosts will be dressed and just hanging out video chatting to people, though the majority will be naked and naughty. Under each image is an eyeball with a number next to it. This indicates how many viewers are in the room. Generally, the rule of thumb is the bigger the audience the host attracts, the kinkier the show is.

If you're looking for some girl-to-girl chat, the best way for some attention is to enter a room with a small audience and use the message box to communicate with the model, or models. Many girls are more than happy to chat to another women, in fact, you'll probably find you'll get more attention than the guys in the audience. If you want some face-to-face conversation you can open your cam feed and go C2C in a free cam room. However, this is only an open if you're using Chrome as your internet browser.

If though you want some uninterrupted time with a partner, you'll need to go into a private show mode. Rates vary from room to room with the cheapest costs starting at $0.52 and averaging $2.60 a minute. On the left menu of the homepage you can filter the results according to how much a model charges for a private show. The rates are shown as how many tokens a minute a model charges.

For female cam show viewers who want a world of fantastical luxury, LiveJasmin should be the first site to visit. At this platform, it's all about salubrious conversation on silken sheets in beautiful boudoirs where fantasies can come true. LiveJasmin's ladies are all top models and when it comes to chatting to a guy, the platform features a range of straight, bi and sexually fluid cam studs who flaunt their perfect physiques.  With no nudity or sex acts allowed in open cam rooms, the models are happy to hang out and chat. 


LiveJasmin features male and female models performing for female viewers

For female viewers, the minute they spy the photos of the live streaming LiveJasmin models, they may feel somewhat under or over-dressed. The majority of the cam shows are hosted by women who look like they've just jumped out of the center pages of a glossy magazine. But however glamorous or almost aloof these ladies may appear at first glance, don't be misled. They're all extremely friendly and well versed in a variety of topics. They aren't here just to strip off and get sexual, but they're also looking for someone they can create a connection with.

If you want to be part of a kinky live show but aren't ready or don't want to pay the what can be expensive per minute of a private show, check out the VIP shows some model's offer. A VIP show is a semi-private group cam show initiated by the performer. They set a credit target which they want to meet within a set time frame. If viewers give the model's enough credits to reach the target, the show begins. If you've given credits, you'll get access to the show which can last anywhere between 7 to 20 minutes. If you break it down on a per-minute basis, it's much cheaper than a private show. However, you're not the only one in the room and you don't have the option to turn on your cam feed and go C2C.

If you want to intimately get to know a host or just what them perform you fave type of porn you'll need to go into a private show setting which cost on average $0.36 a minute. If a room has Promo sticker or New sticker on the photo it means the performer is asking LiveJasmin's entry show price of just 0.14 a minute. However you'll need to pay extra if you want to open your cam and go C2C or use your microphone to talk to your new friend.

Flirt4Free's looks like and in almost all aspects is a premium cam site featuring experienced webcam chat hosts from around the world. However, a couple of clicks from the homepage you're transported into the platform's somewhat hidden world of kink where spice is the name of the game, and fetishes are the rule of play.

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Flirt4Free offers female-friendly live cam shows

For women looking to delve further into a genre or wanting to experiment with a naughty niche, the fetish microsite at Flirt4Free is a great place to let loose at. It not only features over 50 different types of kinks such as sissy training, JOI and BDSM sex games and the online models who are into them, but also offers articles dedicated to genres, information and tips on how to improve or even start out on a fetish fantasy. There's also a community-powered forum board where you can talk to other users about their experiences, swap tips and chat to hosts about your fave kink.

Even though Flirt4Free is a premium cam site (which means all the hosts are vetted by the platform before being allowed to up a cam stream), you can find a few free X-rated cam shows starring girls, guys and couples. These shows are called Party Chats and you can enter them without paying. However, unless the audience is tipping, there won't be much steam action taking place. and these shows only last a limited amount of time.

When it comes to a private session where you're the only participant in the audience, a few hosts ask the site's minimum per-minute fee of $0.20.  The choice of shows though in this price category is usually very small. On average, expect to pay $2.05 a minute. This is one of the highest averages of any cam platform, but on the upside you get cam2cam and dual-audio included in the rate. You'll also get a free recording of the host's performance. But, you'll only have a week in which you can watch the video of the action for free. After that the clip is locked and you'll have to a premium in order to access the video.

For the budget-conscious viewer who's looking for a premium live video chat experience but doesn't want to pay a premium price, some of the ca, hosts at ImLive ask rock-bottom rates for a private live sex webcam experience. Even though the rates are low, this doesn't mean you'll have to compromise when it comes to streaming quality. Almost all performers offer HD feeds and while the number of models broadcasting live is smaller than comparable platforms, they still cover all genders, looks and sexual preferences.

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Women make up a large percentage of the audience at

If you're looking for a large choice of shows, ImLive falls short. However if you do find a partner who you have a physical and mental connection with, you're in for a low-cost treat. One great feature the site offers viewers is the ability to browse live shows, six at a time, not only for free, but also without the host even knowing you're peeking in. By selecting the Multi-Viewer link on the homepage, the screen refreshes to show six live video feeds. Selecting the right arrow brings up another six. You can see what the guys, girls and fetish fans are up to, but they'll have no idea you're watching them.

If you're a female cam viewer and want to watch some live porn that ticks every box in your fantasy wish list, ImLive has a webcam genie who can make your dream come true. Log-in into the site as member (membership is free and it only takes a minute to register as a user). When you're logged into go to your members' page, scroll down the page till you see the little genie bottle on the left of the screen. Here you can write down your sex dream and what type of partner you want to make it come true with. The site then sends out your dream to all models and they'll soon contact you in the hopes you'll pick them to be the one to turn your fantasy into a reality.

When it comes to paying for a private session, you won't be breaking the bank at ImLive with the average cost for some 1on1 cam2cam inclusive X-rated action coming in at $2.00 a minute. The cheapest webcams here kick off at $0.82 a minute. You do get a free recording of a private show, but only 3 days in which you can access the video without paying a surcharge. After 72 hours, you'll have to fork out extra cash if you want to unlock the video and watch it.

Stripchat describes itself as a place of sexual freedom where an open-minded community enjoys interactive pleasures with thousands of models for free. They certainly deliver what they promise. This live cam platform is where exhibitionists and voyeurs of all sexes gather for some X-rated fun without judgement and without boundaries.

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Women from around the world watch live cam shows at

Choice is what you get at Stripchat. A choice of live shows, with usually over 4,000 streaming sessions to choose from. Streaming qualities range from SD to HD+ and even rooms using VR feeds. A choice of cam hosts from girls of all sexual leanings, straight, bi, gay and fluid guys, transgenders and couples, threesomes and multi-gender groups. And a choice of kinks from run-of-the-mill fetishes to more niche genres and hardcore practices.

If you're looking for free live porn action, the rooms at Stripchat won't disappoint with the majority of hosts stripping off and performing sex acts in their public free tip-fueled shows. If you like what you're watching you can record the free action (for a small per-minute fee) and build up your own, very exclusive and very personalized library of porn clips. Or if you want to more than just watch and join in the fun, you can enter a private show, with many of the models gifting free videos if you invite them to perform in a 1on1 situation.

When it comes to a 1on1 session, while the average cost is a reasonable $3.08 a minute and the entry price starting at just $0.77 a minute, many performers have a caveat you should be aware of. In most cases, they won't close out their audience and go into a private cam show unless you pay for at least a 10 minute session. You don't have to stay the entire time, but you'll still be charged for the full time. 


Almost every adult cam site caters for female viewers. After all in this day and age, porn is for the masses as it should be. The question of which cam sites are the best for female users depends on the same criteria as for male viewers. Value-for-money shows, streaming quality, choice of models and user-friendliness.

The above 5 cam sites all came out as the highest scorers and the truth was put to the test when my female friends took them out for a test drive. Though, as they pointed out, it wasn't their first time either on the cam site rodeo. CamSoda constantly rode the bull longer than others due to its cheap private show rates, selection of hosts, and site options making sure it was easy for any user, of any gender to find their perfect online live sex cam partner.

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