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Last updated June 16, 2024

There's a kind of secret kept in the live cam world that most users aren't as familiar with as regular private chats, because most sites don't "advertise" these types of shows. Which is a shame, as they can save so much money and be an asset to those on a strict budget. I'm talking about group shows, or multi-user shows. You may not be alone in the room, but it becomes a giant sex party, and in my opinion it's a great alternative to private shows, or even as a show to break the norm. These excellent live cam platforms give the best group shows around.

LiveJasmin is the site you'd need group shows the most if we're talking about budget. This super premium site radiates luxury and class, from the stunning professional models in 720p HD, to the customer support available live 24/7, the sleek site experience on desktop and mobile, beautiful livestream previews when you hover over the professionally taken profile pictures, and the multiple filter options to ensure you find just the right girl for you. The site even provides a couple of nice promos, including a free trial.

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LiveJasmin offers beautiful VIP Shows for multiple users

There's one kind of group show on LiveJasmin, which can be found under Show Type on the left sided filter. They're called VIP Shows, and that's an apt name considering it's the only place on the site that you may catch a glimpse of skin and even a few topless models, as they try to get you to purchase your ticket, or as you'll see in the room, Book Your Place. The price is located on the top right, and doesn't include tipping, which is important on these shows, as they're so comparatively cheap. The more you tip, the wilder things get, which is a general rule for all group shows on all sites.

If the group show left you hungry for more, or if you decided to take the relationship with another model to another level, then going private is still the best option, as you do get to "direct" a livestream all your own. The prices start off not too bad, costing a minimum of $1.00 a minute, and averaging at $2.40 a minute. You can find cheap models using the price filter. And if you're new to the site, verify your payment method to get 9.99 free credits, worth $10. Things get pricey when you add on cam2cam. Adding your camera will be another $1-$2 a minute, and the same goes for your mic.

But you can negate these rates with Spinning the Wheel prior to every purchase, with a chance to win up to double your purchase amount. And to find a hottie that's both cheap and fabulous, use the filter on the top right of the main site, next to the search bar. This will give you the option to make multiple selections, unlike the main filter on the left. Select your price point, the HD category, and any physical or show attributes you gravitate towards. I recommend Soul Mate/Hot Flirt if you're looking for a GF experience, and the Stories feature, that provides you with Instagram-like pics and short clips from your favorite ladies.

Flirt4Free is a premium site that loves to show off it's kinky side, and so gives you options in every possible department: Over 50 hardcore fetish categories in the Fetish Community, 2 different ways to pay for shows (Credit packages as well as pay as you go), 2 types of group chats, 3 different ways of interacting with model's sex toys, and multiple customer support options as well as 24/7 live chat, not to mention the ability to c2c on mobile. In short, Flirt4Free may get pricey depending on the model, but you have every option open to you, including cheap group chats.

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Flirt4Free offers two kinds of multi user shows, Group and Party chats

There's a lot to unpack, but let's start with the group chats. You'll find both under the filter Room Type on the top middle of the site. The Group Chat asks you to contribute, along with your fellow users to a model's goal, and once she's reached it the show will begin. The Party Chat is tips only, there's no cover to enter, and the more tipping happens, the more sex acts do. Your third option is to invite other users into your private show. You'll need to hunt around as not all models offer this option. Hit the Start Show button to see if she offers Multi User Show in the options. Out of the three, the Party chat is usually the cheapest.

By cheapest, I mean the lowest possible amount to be spent in a show on Flirt4Free, which is $0.45 a minute. But when it comes to 1on1 livestreams, the price usually gets closer to the average rate of $3.60 a minute, which includes cam to cam and a free show recording, but you need to pay to rewatch it unless you're a VIP. When you register to the site you have the option to validate your payment method (No purchase necessary) to get 120 credits completely free, worth $12. That's quite a chunk of change on this site, especially if you prefer group chats.

To become a VIP member, which for my money is the best program in live cams, you pay $39.95 per month, and receive these gems: 5% all purchases, 200 free videos a day, free access to all your recorded shows, free access to model Forums, free access to all new model hour-long Feature shows, free private messaging with the models, exclusive deals and promos/discount codes for VIP members only, and you'll even get the option to send and receive pictures from the models, a rare feature on live cams, VIP or not.

ImLive is the OG of premium sites, which has it's advantages, and disadvantages. The best parts about being a part of the live porn community for so long, is the stellar reputation that proceeds the site, as well as it's special events that draw one the best pornstars in the world. The super cheap prices are an added bonus, rare for premium sites such as this. The singular downside, is that the site has iffy HD quality webcams, and that's a major bummer when everything else, on the desktop and mobile app, is so well designed and beautiful. The models are a mix of amateur and pro.

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ImLive offers Candy Shows which are group shows for cheap

ImLive offers one kind of group show, located on the left sided filter under Other Categories, where you'll find the Candy Shows. First there's the show's preview, which usually lasts between 10-20 minutes, the best place to find the most nudity on the site. The model is trying to get users to pay for a ticket, and she'll start the show once she reaches her goal. When the show starts, I still recommend tipping, but you don't have to. If the show doesn't start and the model doesn't reach her goal, you get refunded the amount you paid for the ticket.

Prices are incredibly affordable to say the least on ImLive, with the lowest rooms coming in at just $1.00 a minute and averaging at an almost shocking $2.00 a minute. This includes dual audio and video, on desktop and mobile. Add to that the fact that you can go even lower with prepaid shows, which are set in advance and paid for as a set amount of minutes; great for those who are budget conscious. And if you're a new user purchasing for the first time, get up to 40 free credits, worth $40, depending on which credit package you select.

Another option for you, if there's one special lady you want to invest in, is the Discount Clubs, which give you access to all the model's content, which is usually pictures and videos. There's also a large Videos section on the site, where you can spend very little and get either recorded live shows, videos made by the models, or full productions that are made every month to celebrate the model that wins the coveted model of the month award. Once you make a purchase on the site, you'll be able to view teasers and previews for free!

BongaCams is a freemium cam site that gives you an eyeful when you first enter it. Around 2000 models are hanging out, many of them naked, and already engaged in sex acts in their free, public rooms. If you're looking for worldly models, from all corners of the globe, this is where you'll find them (The site translates to over 20 languages). Performers from the States, to France to China to Australia are here, and they've brought their sexy accents with them. Rooms stream in brilliant HD quality of up to 4K, and there's even 24/7 live care.

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BongaCams offers group cams directly from the models chat room

Technically, BongaCams offers group shows, but different. Each model has an option in her public room for you to choose either Private or Group Chat. This will allow you to start with the model and have other users enter the room. Prices can very wildly in this option, from just a few tokens to more, depending on the model. However, what is guaranteed is that it's about half the price of a 1on1 livestream, so you'll save money for sure, even if this is a relatively expensive performer. And if the room gets a little hectic, you can always become anonymous, either just to the group, or to the model as well.

Prices start at an ok level of $1.60 a minute, but unfortunately there's no filter to see which rooms are the cheapest, and which charge the more average rate of $3.20 a minute. Prices include cam 2 cam, on desktop and mobile. That being said, it's the site that gives you the most promotional offers. When you hit Promotions, you'll see lots of them, in particular, get 100 free tokens, worth $10, when you purchase tokens using your mobile. Or, refer a friend to the site and get 50% from their 1st purchase amount. Also, the more you spend on the site, the more gift cards you'll receive, just like cashback.

To get around the site you can use one of three ways. The first is the orange Categories button on the top left of the site, offering fun options like Group Sex, Fetish, Pregnant, and even Pornstars, on occasion. Then there are the Tags, hundreds of them, with any kink you can imagine. It can take a while to go through them, but they're presented in alphabetical order, which is very helpful. Lastly, there's the Quick Search under the tabs, with the same categories, but also added ones such as age, world region, language and special appearance categories.

Streamate is a bit of a mixed bag, on the one hand providing premium amenities like 24/7 live customer support, and multiple filtering systems, and on the other asking for super low prices, and having some of the freakiest, most fetish-inclined models that love to get down and dirty in the open rooms. The livestreams are just as mixed, some with fantastic HD quality, others without. But perhaps the most beneficial for budget- conscious users, on Streamate you can only pay as you go. You enter your info when you register and get charged only for what you do on the site.

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Streamate offers Gold Shows that are a cheap alternative for private shows

Streamate offers one group chat, called Gold Shows, which you can find on the top left of the site. There's the preview part that's usually 10 minutes, where you can save your spot for a set amount of Gold (The site's currency), and the same deals as the others apply: If the model reaches her goal, you get the show and can tip as you please. If the doesn't, the show gets cancelled and you receive your Gold back. While site has it's fair share of nudity in the open cam rooms, this is definitely the place to go when looking for free nudity before the show starts.

The platform has livestreams starting at just $1.00 a minute, including cam2cam, but not on mobile (The mobile site doesn't have that capability yet). The average amount is also quite affordable at $2.50 a minute. If you want to be sure that no one can spy on you, you'll need to request the Exclusive chat option, which will cost a couple of dollars more per minute. If you have any issues with the billing system, the site has one of the best customer support systems, offering not only 24/7 live chat, but also 24/7 Whatsapp reply, an email and a phone number. And separate billing support too.

Getting around the site is one of the best parts. On the left you have all the basic categories, but on the top-middle part, you can make multiple selections. You can choose the world region your model hails from, if she has a Fan Club, which means you can get access to her content, what kinds of fetishes the model will perform/do on her livestream, age, and other features unique to each model.


When looking at an overall live cam experience with the best models around, there's no doubt LiveJasmin takes the cake, and the group shows are your cheapest option on it, by far. For variety of shows, Flirt4Free is best, as in general it gives you the most options all around, even in how you pay. If price, however, is your ultimate test, then ImLive is the cheapest it gets for a premium site, but there's the chance you'll get choppy HD quality. To ensure you get the most out of your money, and the best show by the best performers, I recommend starting your group chat journey with LiveJasmin.

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