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Last updated May 15, 2024

Since you don't want your friends to find out how kinky you are, privacy and security are always important when looking for sex cams. I've already listed the best PayPal adult chat sites, but not all of them are fetish orientated. I've therefore scoured the web in search of the best, safest and most discreet fetish webcam sites that accept PayPal, making sure they all have something to offer — whether it be amazing video quality, a robust selection of cam babes, cheap prices or outstanding special features. Read on, and see which ones best suit you.


LiveJasmin is, by far, the best fetish cam site in the business. There are many reasons for that, but the main one is the quality of its shows. All of them are in HD, but that's not the only thing that sets them apart from the rest: They're also beautifully presented and shot. It's almost as if each model has a photography crew standing behind the webcam. The rooms are always tidy and well framed by the camera, and everything look not only professional, but luxurious.

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Brunette mulatto sub on LiveJasmin

Another thing that stands out is the actual level of LiveJasmin's performers. You are not going to see any part-time cam models here. LiveJasmin's talents are experienced and skillful, and its fetish models are experts in the world of kink. They're also drop-dead gorgeous, to a point that I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they are hand picked by LiveJasmin's workers. Want to have your orgasm ruined? To be humiliated over your small penis by a master at her craft? Then there's really no better choice for you than LiveJasmin's professional dommes.

And they are not hard to find. There are about 80 fetish models online at a time, and LiveJasmin does a great job of providing you with the necessary tools to find any particular one you may fancy. The site's search and categorization features are accurate and convenient, saving you search time you could otherwise spend watching a model perform your favorite kink. Use the Fetish category on the left to get started.

Other than this, LiveJasmin doesn't have many bells and whistles, preferring to focus on its basic functions instead in order to give its members the best camming experience possible. As a result, everything on the site works flawlessly; The shows load fast and at high quality right from the start, and have no technical issues whatsoever. The two-way video and audio LiveJasmin offers are also crystal clear, providing its members with a more intimate experience than they can get anywhere else.

There is a downside here, though. While LiveJasmin ensures that all private shows on its platform have cam2cam included, it's usually never free, as is the two-way audio. If you want your model to see and hear you moan, you'd have to shell out an average of $1.00 a minute to enable each. And it's not like LiveJasmin is otherwise cheap. While LiveJasmin is very affordable and low-priced considering the quality of the entertainment it provides, but its still a luxury cam site, and is priced accordingly. At around $2.80 per minute for a private show, it's costlier than the average premium webcam site, so adding two-way audio can really put a dent in your budget.

You can take solace in the fact that, on LiveJasmin, you will always get the best version of what you're after. That is pretty much ensured by the site's customer support team, which you can contact via email, phone and live chat 24/7. They're quick to respond and eager to help. If you only have a small issue you think you can resolve on your own, use the site's FAQ section. It's comprehensive and is sure to help.


This is a place where fetishists can feel at home. FetishGalaxy is a fetish-centric cam site that only has fetish cam girls using its platform. You'll see around 140 of them online at any given time, split into four different groups: Professional Dominatrix, Professional Submissive, Professional Educator (for inexperienced kinksters) and Experts (for experienced kinksters). They are all skilled at giving you a show that's suited to your tastes and level of experience. Feel like getting a taste of what being a cuck is like? A Professional Educator will ease you into it nice and slow. Already know you enjoy cuckold cam shows? An Expert will gladly tease you mercilessly until you're begging to bust

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Brunette domme on FetishGalaxy

You won't have to pay much for the pleasure. FetishGalaxy is cheap, very cheap. At around €1.98, it's far cheaper than most, and this includes free two-way video and audio with every private chat. Unlike LiveJasmin, though, models on FetishGalaxy can refuse to enable audio, so this before entering a show if it's important to you. FetishGalaxy also has a rewards program that slowly gives you more and more free credits the higher your membership rank is. Since all you need to do to rise in ranks is to spend money on the site's sexy performers, this basically makes the site cheaper the more you spend on it.

FetishGalaxy also doesn't waste time. Since it's a fetish-only webcam site with a more-than-decent categorization system, you'll find whatever fetish that most interests you in no time, no matter how obscure it is. Can't find a dedicated category for it? Just request a model to perform it. Most will, especially the Experts.

The downside to FetishGalaxy is its video quality. No cam show on the site is streamed at a resolution higher than 576p, as FetishGalaxy caps its video quality. This means no HD, at all. I won't be surprised if some of you give this site a pass because of this. I mean, the shows on the site look good and rarely stutter or stop to buffer, but HD has proliferated to such a degree in recent years that most just take it for granted now.

FetishGalaxy's support is also nothing to write home about. The site has a decent FAQ section that can help you resolve most problems, but if you want a human voice, you're out of luck; You can only contact FetishGalaxy's customer support representatives via email, and they can take a while to reply.


Flirt4Free is the place people go to if they feel like having more options in terms of cam show types and interactivity with the model. Let's say you want to have a JOI cam show (jerk off instructions) or a CEI cam show (cum eating instructions) but want to give the model full control over your climax. Well, on Flirt4Free you can easily give her control of your sex toy. Want to also control her orgasm at the same time? You have that option as well.

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Redhead fetish cam girl blowing a kiss on Flirt4Free

Flirt4Free shows also look great. The vast majority of them are in HD, they load fast on a large screen that takes up most of the page, and they run well. The shows have no stuttering issues that I'm aware of, and, while you can't control their resolution yourself, they do a good job at adjusting their quality according to your connection speed.

Flirt4Free's prices, on the other hand, are all over the place. You can find shows that cost as little as $0.60 a minute, as well as shows that cost upwards of $13.00 per minute. You can filter by prices, but the best thing you can do to avoid going broke in minutes is to get familiarized with the site and its different deals and discounts. Check out my Flirt4Free review and you'll see what I mean; the site can be truly cheap if you know your way around it.

Flirt4Free, though, only around 400 models online at a time, with about 30 of them being dedicated fetish models. It also has an unhelpful search engine and a cumbersome categorization system, so your only real option is to use the site's filtering options and sift through the rooms. There aren't a lot of them, which helps, but I prefer to have an overwhelming selection rather than this. You can also post in the forums, to find talents.

The customer support on Flirt4Free, though, is first-rate. It has a very comprehensive FAQ page in case you have any basic question, and if your inquiry is a bit more pressing or complex, or you can't find anything helpful to your situation in the FAQ page, then you can contact Flirt4Free's customer support team in a myriad of ways, including email, phone and live chat.


CamSoda is one of the best freemium cam sites in the business. Not only can you see nudity and some heavy action right in the open chat, but you can see a lot of it. So much, in fact, that it would have been overwhelming if it wasn't so enthralling. There is a small issue with it, though: CamSoda doesn't have a dedicated fetish category, nor does it have a good search engine or categorization system. This means that you'll have to just sift manually through its many, many chat rooms for one that best suits you.

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Fetish babe masturbating on a sex swing on CamSoda

CamSoda's webcams are pretty high-quality too. With around 500 cam rooms live at any given moment, you would think that the majority of them will just be duds, but the opposite is true. Most of the shows on CamSoda are hosted by a gorgeous cam girl that knows the business well, has her own preferred show types but is otherwise eager to please and will perform most kinks you can think of.

Most shows on CamSoda also boast high video quality, with some even streaming in full HD. In fact, on the first few pages, it's far easier to find a room that's in HD that one that isn't. CamSoda also let's you easily adjust the size of the video, making watching the shows a convenient experience on any screen size, including phones.

Since the site is tip-based, it's more geared towards the communal experience of many guys tipping for the model's attention. Still, private isn't neglected, but it generally costs more than on most premium cam sites (around $3.00 per minute) and has no way to filter by price. It does include free cam2cam and two-way audio, though. CamSoda is also one of the few sites that include ma2cam on mobile, and is a great option if you like watching a good fetish webcam show on the go.

On the more technical side of things, CamSoda is highly renowned and trusted, using the best security measures and no intrusive ads or pop-ups. It also doesn't have any technical problems, thankfully, as its customer support is fairly lackluster. They are attentive, but you can only contact them via email, with live help reserved for premium members only. CamSoda does have an extensive FAQ section, though, so use it if you're having any problems.


ImLive is one of the best adult chat sites in the business if you want to save time and money. It is incredibly cheap, with most of its webcam shows costing around $1.98 a minute. It also has several features, like free cam2cam, cheap group cams and fan clubs, all of which help lower costs even more, making things so cheap that you'll be spending hours enjoying the site without even feeling it in your budget. On top of this, ImLive has an amazing rewards program that, over time, effectively reduces the overall costs of the site permanently.

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Blonde giantess cam show on ImLive ImLive

As for saving you time, ImLive has fantastic search and categorization features, as well as one other: the Fulfill your Fantasy feature. This feature allows you to write down your fantasy and "offer" it to ImLive's models, like you would on a forum. The models can then reply to your post, so not only do you not have to search for one who will perform it, but you'll have several performers to choose from. This feature is absolutely amazing for more niche fetish shows, such as a giantess cam shows.

That said, ImLive is very vanilla-friendly, but that in no way reflects on its selection of fetish cams, which is vast and varied. With around 150 models online at a time and a dedicated Fetish & BDSM category, you will never feel like you lack options, especially since so many of the talents in this category are gorgeous and experienced.

The downside to all this is the site's video quality. To stay so astonishingly cheap while maintaining its high quality of service, ImLive limits the video resolution of its cam shows to HQ. This means no HD, at all. Frankly if it wasn't for this, ImLive could have been my top pick not just for the best fetish cam site, but for the best adult webcam site in general. As it is, though, many of you will feel like they are compromising on video quality, and may be looking at other options because of this.

You can at least rest easy knowing that everything will work well, and if not, that you're fully covered. ImLive is very lightweight, loading fast and staying so, without much issue. It also has top-notch customer support, with a team of representatives that you can contact via email, phone and live chat.

In Conclusion

Due to its consistent high quality, affordable prices, cutting-edge security and privacy protocols and plethora of fetish cam shows, I can honestly say that LiveJasmin is the best PayPal accepting fetish cam site. It has all one needs to enjoy their kink with peace of mind, and it's luxurious to a degree where its prices are downright surprising.

There are many PayPal fetish chat sites on this list that will suit you if you're looking for something a bit different, but in terms of sheer quality and quantity, LiveJasmin is the safest choice for most.

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