The Absolute Best Sex Chat Sites of 2020

Last updated June 14, 2024

After another year of writing articles and reviewing the best adult chat sites the camming business has to offer, I've finalized my list on which ones you should keep an eye out for in the coming year. Below are the 5 best sex cam sites of 2020, based on the quality and quantity of their cams, prices, support and their overall trend of improvement throughout 2019.

This list is still good, but I do have an updated list of top cam sites for 2024.

If you've been reading my blogs, this will not come as a surprise. LiveJasmin has been a leading contender for the best cam site worldwide for quite some time, and the upgrades it has received for its mobile version has only further cemented its place at the top.

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Blonde bombshell belly dancing on LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin has always stood out as one of the best cam2cam sex chat sites around, due to its focus on high quality cams, fast and stable streaming and intuitive c2c implementation. In 2019, LiveJasmin implemented mobile c2c and became one of the only cam sites in the world with this feature. It might charge you extra for these features, but no site does face-to-face private shows than LiveJasmin.

The site mostly retained the high quality standards it always had. It's still very difficult to find cams on LiveJasmin that stream in any resolution less than 720p HD, or that suffer from latency issues. LiveJasmin continues to also support its models and help them become better live sex streamers, teaching them how to best use their webcam, lighting and performance space, and successfully maintaining the luxurious appearance that it always prides itself on.

The amount of models featured on the site has remained the same, as has the the model variety, which is a very good thing. LiveJasmin has around 1,400 cam models performing live at any given moment, and they come from all over the world, and in all shapes and sizes. LiveJasmin's search and categorization features will also help you find whatever it is you're looking for in no time, which is greatly appreciated.

LiveJasmin also makes sure that your experience with its services is a great one. The site employs a customer support team that's available at all hours of the day, and on all days of the week, through live online chat. Chances are you won't have to use it, since encountering any issues on this premium cam site is a rarity, but 24/7 live chat is always great to have.

All this does come at a price, though. LiveJasmin remains among the more expensive adult cam sites in the industry, with private shows usually ranging between $1.00 - $4.00 a minute and averaging at around $2.40 a minute. Cam2cam and two-way audio, while offered in every chat, usually add to the price of the show, with each costing around a dollar to enable. This is all very much worth it, but it also comes out to be around $0.50 a minute higher than most cam sites on this list, so make sure you can fit your budget around it before diving in.

CamSoda is a freemium cam site that pretty much pioneered mobile cam2cam, and did so without compromising on its premium features. You can have fantastic private shows, with c2c included, on both its PC and mobile versions, and CamSoda even allows you to rewatch your private sessions at your leisure, for free.

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Chubby cutie on CamSoda playfully biting her finger

While CamSoda is tip-based and caters more to those looking for a more communal experience of watching a performer shake her money maker alongside others, it's still a great private site for anyone wanting a more intimate experience. While most cams on the site are in HQ, there are still tons of shows being streamed in HD, and with around 600 cams live at any given moment, you'll have a good variety to choose from.

If you like interactivity, then CamSoda will be right up your alley. So many models on this chat site use tip-controlled sex toys that you'll have to actively look for ones that don't to use them, especially on the first page. It works simply: You tip, they cum. You can then request them to do specific sexual acts, and depending on the size of your tip (and, consequently, the length of time you activated their sex toy for), they'll be eager to comply.   

Be aware, though, that private shows on CamSoda are quite pricey. While you will never have to go private since CamSoda is tip-based, and you'll see everything from stripping to full-on sex shows in the free chat, if you still want some intimate face-to-face time with the talents, you'll have to pay a bit more than on other webcam sites. Prices on CamSoda generally range between $1.64 - $5.45 per minute, and average at around $2.70 per minute. While this includes free cam2cam, it's still rather expensive, especially if you didn't plan on activating your webcam anyway.

CamSoda's most glaring drawback, though, is its search function and categorization system. They're quite inaccurate, which means that if you're searching for something specific, then you'll have to spend a bit of time manually going through the site's many cam shows to find something specific.

Flirt4Free is where you can find some of the most gorgeous performers in the industry, and at ease. At 500 live cams on average, Flirt4Free might have a smaller selection than some, but the gems that you can find here are mesmerizingly beautiful.

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Hot Latina laughing with her viewers on Flirt4Free

Flirt4Free has a good representation of models from across the globe, but it's most known for its plethora of US talents. If you prefer your cam model to be a fluent English speaker, then you probably have few better options than Flirt4Free. This isn't even considering the fact that, as I've already mentioned, Flirt4Free employs some of the hottest specimens to ever grace a webcam.

And the video quality on Flirt4Free truly does them justice. There are more HD cams here than non-HD cams, and some even opt to stream in full 1080p. There's also a good amount of tip-controlled cams for you to enjoy if you like making your performer cum, as well as a myriad of other show types for you to explore. Flirt4Free is also an incredibly fetish-friendly cam site, and even has a huge fetish community, with an active forum, guides and articles in case you're a kinkster who would like to learn more and experiment.

Flirt4Free's categorization system lets you find specific models with ease, especially if you're searching by price, so you'd be spending most of your time on the site actually enjoying a show. And I urge you to sort by Price, since the rates on Flirt4Free tend to range wildly, and usually fall somewhere between $1.64 and $5.45 a minute. Just avoid Flirt4Free's search engine, it's not helpful enough to be worth the effort.

All in all, Flirt4Free can be cheap if you know your way around it, and with amazing high quality cams as well. It features free c2c and 2way audio with every private show, and even has a fantastic VIP membership in case you find yourself frequenting the site. In terms of your overall experience, the site makes sure that you do not have to endure any hiccups, and works perfectly on all devices and systems. It even has one of the best customer support teams in the business, just in case you encounter a problem.

Stripchat has shown, over the recent year, that adult webcam sites always have a way to improve, and should never rest on their laurels. It has quickly become one of the most ambitious and fast-growing freemium chat sites around, and has done so while boasting premium features that rival those of the best in the market.

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Gorgeous Russian hottie squeezing her tits on Stripchat

Let me start by saying this: Stripchat has, on average, more than 2,000 live cams on its platform. It's perhaps the reason why the site doesn't have a video preview feature. There's so much to choose from here that, while there are definitely more Latinas and Caucasians on offer, the selection of models from Asia, Africa, India and even the Middle East still rivals, if not surpasses, most other webcam sites on the web.

This becomes even more impressive once you find out that, while around 10% of said models stream in HD, that's still a whopping 200 live HD webcams for you to peruse. There's also a dedicated HD category, along with many other categories and even filtering by price, so you'll never have to waste time looking for the things that got you to visit the site in the first place, and you'll always know which cams fit your budget.

The rates of private shows on Stripchat are a bit all over the place, ranging from $0.71 to $5.32 per minute. I did some calculations, though, and found out that the average price-per-minute for a high quality cam show on Stripchat is only around $2.10, which is not only inexpensive compared to most cam sites out there, it's dirt cheap, considering that Stripchat is a freemium cam site. You don't even have to go private to see the models nude and in action, yet being intimate with them somehow still costs less than it does on LiveJasmin. Like on LiveJasmin, though, cam2cam and two-way audio on Stripchat does tend to cost a bit extra (but not always), so do keep it in mind in case you want some face-to-face time with your sweetheart.

What truly makes Stripchat stand out among the crowd is the fact that it's the only sex cam site that features virtual reality chat. These VR chat rooms allow you to use your VR headset to watch the model in up to 4K, and feel like she's in the same room with you. It's a one-of-a-kind experience that can make you buy a VR headset, just so you can enjoy the utmost intimacy with a hot babe of your choice. These cam shows tend to cost around twice as much as a regular cam show on Stripchat, but they're more than worth it.

ImLive is one of the cheapest sex chat sites in the world. It's definitely the cheapest cam site on this list, and over the recent year has steadily improved in quality to match the new industry standards - allowing models to stream in high definition video while keeping the price of its private shows low.

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Punk girl with blue hair flirting with her viewers on ImLive

A private show on ImLive will run you about $1.98 per minute, with models on the site usually charging around $0.98 - $3.80 per minute. While most cams on the site are still in HQ, there's a good amount of webcams in HD, and the HQ ones (as shows in the picture above) still look great. ImLive has around 800 models online at a time, but since its a premium site, don't expect any of them to gut busy in the free chat. This site is for those that want a performer all to their own, and prefer to sit back, relax and enjoy the show at their leisure, without having to worry about how much they're spending.

ImLive also has a plethora of ways to make your experience on the site even cheaper. It has a tremendous loyalty program that drops prices the more you use the site's paid features. It has block sessions that let you pay up-front for, say, a 20 minute show for a 30% discount. It even has Fan Clubs you can join that drop prices even lower for private shows with your favorite models. On top of all of this, ImLive offers free c2c and 2way audio with every private chat. It really puts a lot of effort into making sure that you get a lot for very little. It even lets you sort by Price so you're always aware of which cams cost less.

And speaking of ImLive's categorization features, while they're as helpful as they need to be, they really pale in comparison to the site's exclusive Fulfill your Fantasy feature. This feature allows you to write down your fantasy, have the site's models (and only them) read it, and come looking for you to help you fulfill it. Have a niche fetish? Are you in the mood for something different, and you don't feel like asking the models for it? Are you just shy? Then this feature will make you wonder why not every sex cam site has such a thing.

Overall, ImLive is the site you go to if you want to spend as little as possible while still enjoying quality entertainment. You'll encounter a bit of low-quality cams and latency issues, but, with some patience, you can have an incredible and lengthy experience without paying an arm and a leg for it.

In Conclusion

The above sites all changed over the past year, and for the better. From introducing mobile cam2cam and HD to lowering prices, they are all competing for your attention and are making serious efforts to be better contenders. But one site has remained, on average, the best choice out there, and that site is LiveJasmin.

While Stripchat may offer you lots of choices and even VR chat, while ImLive beats it in terms of prices, while CamSoda will bombard you with hot, naked bodies right out of the gate, and while Flirt4Free will amaze you with models that look like they were sculpted to perfection, LiveJasmin still stands above the competition. Its measure of quality, quantity and accessibility is like no other, and it does so while keeping prices sane and fair.

If you like any other site on this list, then, by all means, try it out. They're all on this list for good reasons. If you just want the best, though, and are looking for nothing in particular other then a good time, then visit LiveJasmin, and thank me later.

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