5 Best Debit Card Friendly Asian Cam Sites

Last updated June 04, 2020

Since debit cards make it easier to keep track of expenditures, many people today are switching over from credit when making online purchases. If you intend to do that as well, and are on the lookout for Asian cam sites that accept debit cards, below are the best ones in the market.


LiveSexAsian has earned the top spot on most of my lists when it comes to Asian cam sites for the quality of its cams alone. This is regardless of the fact that it also has a fantastic selection of Asian models and top-tier customer service.

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Beautiful young Asian cam girl on LiveSexAsian

Most of the performers on LiveSexAsian stream in HD, but that's not what makes this premium cam site shine. What does that is LiveSexAsian's professional performers, and their wealth of knowledge on how to best use their webcam, lighting and even make-up to make their show look like it's being produced by a leading Hollywood studio.

What's surprising about this is that it's not just a handful of models that I'm talking about. LiveSexAsian has, on average, close to 100 models online at any given moment, most of whom are professionals that have mastered their craft.

LiveSexAsian has one of the most well-implemented cam2cam features available. It's simple and easy to use, allows you to stream back to the model in HD, and is offered in every private chat. On top of this, LiveSexAsian is among the only Asian cam sites offering mobile cam2cam.

The downside to all of this is the price. LiveSexAsian isn't actually expensive, as most models here only ask for around $2.40 for a minute in private. The way it does get expensive is when you decide to turn on your webcam. Adding c2c to the show will cost you around a dollar extra, as will two-way audio. This can seriously hike up the price if you're not careful.

LiveSexAsian also has a noticeable lack of a tip-controlled feature, which lets members activate the model's sex toy by tipping them. Being a strictly premium cam site, LiveSexAsian doesn't encourage tipping as much as it encourages you to enjoy a high-quality private show with all the frills, so it makes sense from a business standpoint, but it's still somewhat disappointing.

Still, if a private cam show with a hot Asian is all you're after, then LiveSexAsian will pretty much guarantee you one, thanks to its generous user satisfaction policy. The site employs a team of customer support representatives that work around the clock, at all days of the week and even on holidays to ensure that you're satisfied with your experience of the site.


If you prefer a more casual experience, and are looking for the best freemium Asian cam site that takes debit, then Stripchat is probably your best choice. It has a ton of Asian cams for cheap prices and encourages tipping as well as going private.

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Pale Asian girl in VR chat show on Stripchat

Stripchat has close to 150 live Asian cams, along with a dedicated Asian category that can help you find them with ease. Since this site has so many models, the variety here is amazing. Thai women, Japanese babes, Chinese girls... You name it, Stripchat has it.

Stripchat also boasts a feature which LiveSexAsian lacks: Tip-controlled sex shows. Many of the models have vibrator icons on their photo preview so you can easily spot them.

What Stripchat lacks, though, is HD cams. You'll find around a dozen of them here, which is a decent amount, but is also a far cry from LiveSexAsian, which primarily features live HD Asian cams.

Stripchat also lacks a video preview feature, which means that you'll have to enter a room to actually see what's going on inside it. This isn't so bad, since the cams have an up-to-date picture preview taken from the show itself, but it would nonetheless have been a nice feature to have.

Stripchat does make up for its small shortcomings in two major ways, the first of which is it's affordability. A private cam show on Stripchat is actually quite cheap, costing $2.10 on average. In addition, cam2cam is always offered, and can cost nothing to activate. Sure, models here can charge up to $3.00 per minute for the pleasure, but most charge a dollar, while some charge nothing at all.

The second way Stripchat makes up for its small lack of HD cams is by being the only cam site that features virtual reality sex cams. Not only are these cams in 4k once you set up your headset, they're also incredibly immersive. You'll usually see only a couple of Asian models offering this feature, but it's pretty much the only place on the web that has it.


If you don't want to empty your debit card in one go, then I suggest you start with the more inexpensive cam sites. And, while Stripchat is indeed low-cost, there's only one site that I would consider to be the cheapest Asian cam site in the industry at this moment, and that is ImLive.

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Nubile Asian on cam on ImLive

On ImLive, you can expect to pay less than $2.00 a minute in private, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The site also has a generous loyalty program that discounts prices the more you use the site. Combine that with its cheap group cams, fan clubs, discounted block sessions (long cam shows you pay a reduced price up-front for) and occasional deals, and you got yourself a chat site that you can spend hours on without worrying about going into the red.

ImLive usually has close to 30 Asian cam models online at any given moment. You can find the Asian category by clicking on the Filter drop-down menu and hovering over Ethnicity.

But, while ImLive's search and categorization are accurate and helpful, the site has another exclusive feature that brings them to the next level: The Fulfill your Fantasy feature. This will allow you to write down your fantasy for the site's models (and only them) to read. They can then message you with an offer to fulfill it. If you're into any sort of fetish outside the Asian attraction, I wholeheartedly suggest that you give this feature a go.

ImLive's weakness is definitely its selection of Asian cams. On average, you can expect to see less than 30 live Asian cam shows on the site at any given time. Additionally, some of them will already be in a private show, so your selection will be even more limited than that.

Some of ImLive's models use HD webcams, but not all. The shows on the whole looks good anyway, though, as do the models. Still, ImLive isn't where you go to to have tons of options. If you want to spend the least amount of money that you can, this is the place.


If you found Stripchat to your liking but are looking for an adult chat site with more HD Asian cams, then CamSoda should be perfect for you. It's a popular freemium cam site with more emphasis on video-quality then on model selection, and has a few other existing features that help it stand out.

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Young Asian cam girl in lingerie on CamSoda

CamSoda has rather fair private show rates to go along with the high quality of its cams. A one-on-one cam show with an Asian beauty on CamSoda will cost you around $2.70 a minute, and, while c2c isn't made available by every model here, when it is, it's completely free.

Furthermore, some models allow you to record your private show so you can re-watch it later, a feature which few other cam sites have. Re-watching a recorded show is free, so you can do so without having to pay extra for the pleasure.

And, like most tip-based cam sites, CamSoda has an abundance of models who use tip-controlled sex toys to enhance their viewers experience. It can add a lot to your enjoyment if you like the feeling of controlling the performers orgasm.

CamSoda's drawback, as I've mentioned, is its selection of Asian cams, and lackluster categorization system. If you search for Asian using CamSoda's in-site search engine, you'll find around 30 live sex cams, with only half of which actually being hosted by Asian models.

By no means are these the only Asian cam shows on CamSoda, but the general lack of a simple way to find them makes it so you either settle for what you do find or spend several minutes sifting through the site's some 400 live cams in search of Asian cam models that you might have otherwise missed.

Luckily, CamSoda is freemium, so if you do decide to look through its catalog, it will be a fun experience filled with hot naked bodies and even hotter sex acts. The site also features a mass video preview feature, which not only helps you in your searches, but also makes them much more appealing.


Chaturbate, without a doubt, has the single biggest collection of Asian cams on the web. From Korean cuties to Filipinos hotties, Chaturbate has them all. With over 200 Asian babes for you to pick from, you'll never be strapped for choice.

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Gorgeous Asian cam model wearing a hat on Chaturbate

You'll also have a surprisingly easy time finding them. Chaturbate may not have a video preview feature, but its picture preview feels like its enough. It also has a dedicated #asian tag listed among it's most popular tags, above the cams on the main page (it's usually the first on the left). It's probably the only sex cam site with a somewhat functioning tagging system.

Also, if you're feeling adventurous, you can also click the #asian tag and then the COUPLE tab to filter specifically for Asian couples. Chaturbate has around 10 of them on average, which is much higher than on any other Asian chat site.

Chaturbate also has an Advanced Options filter (found on the top-right side of the site, below the orange SIGN UP button), which lets you prioritize HD cameras. You'll usually find a ton of them, since most of Chaturbate's Asian cam girls stream in HD. You'll also see a whole bunch of them tagged as HD+, meaning that they stream in 1080p. Overall, expect around 100 HD Asian cams to be live on the site at any given moment.

The sad part about all this is that Chaturbate really isn't the place to have private shows in. It's great if you prefer to stick to tipping, but if not, good luck finding a model who'll agree to a private show, as they usually make a lot more money here from tips, just by being kinky in the open chat.

If you do manage to get into a private show with the Asian girl of your choice, though, you'll be surprised to learn that the site's private rates are actually very low. The average an Asian cam girl on Chaturbate will charge you is around $1.10 per minute in private, but that's because they set a minimum time for the show (usually 10 minutes), since it's the only way they can earn more from it than they do from the tips in the free chat.

Do note that this site does not have a cam2cam system implemented, meaning that you'll need to use a workaround to c2c on Chaturbate. It's a pain, and not very reliable, but with the amount of other stuff you're getting it's hard to complain.

In Conclusion

While every single cam site on this list has something unique to offer, I would have to pick LiveSexAsian as the go-to site for Asian cams.

Just like all of the above cam sites, LiveSexAsian is highly secure and discreet, and has Asian cam shows that will leave your jaw on the floor. But, unlike the other chat sites on this list, it maintains a level of quality that few can even compete with.

If it's your first time enjoying Asian sex cams, have LiveSexAsian be your first step into the foray, as it will set your standards high, as they should be. If you're not so new to this, then LiveSexAsian is going to show you what you've been missing out on.

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