Here Is A Guide To Recording Your Chaturbate Privates

Last updated June 06, 2024

The number one attraction that live cam shows offer, besides a slew of stunning models in different stages of undress in the public open cams, is the promise of a private session, which you as the user get to direct. While public shows are fun as a bystander and tipper, there comes a point where we want to go on a 1on1 session with a webcam model that will give us her undivided attention. On a site like Chaturbate, a private session is particularly important, as cam rooms may have hundreds, or even thousands of users at the time time, vying for the performer's attention.

And, while the thrill of the private chat is electric, many live cam lovers want a keepsake from that 1on1, something to have and remember, yet most webcam platforms don't offer it. If they do, it's mostly in a paid format. But not on Chaturbate, which gives you the option to record your private show completely for free, and keep it in your account forever, creating a library of self-directed sex cam sessions.

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Chaturbate gives you the option to record your private chats

What is Chaturbate?

If this is your first time considering going into a live cam site, and you're perhaps a little on the more "vanilla" side of the kink spectrum, this may not be the ideal start to begin with, as it may overwhelm you. If, however you rate pretty high on the kink-meter, and love watching all manner of perversions and free, weird sex antics, you've come to the right place. Offering thousands of models on any given hour, Chaturbate still boasts up to 4K HD quality cams alongside the impressive cast of amateur performers.

Not only is Chaturbate full of sex crazed women (and men, trans, couples, groups...), it's also super cheap. In fact, it's one of the cheapest live cam sites around. On top of that, it gives you the option to open up your cam in the public chat, another useful tool when it's so packed and crowded in there, though most models will expect a tip if you want them to see you. While Chaturbate may not be strong when it comes to filtering, the tagging system it employs works well, and you can either search for tags in the search bar, or use the (more tags) link to see them all in alphabetical order.

There are several tags that are offered at the top, and you should note the #new category. Chaturbate offers a huge collection of new models, which is good for two things. The first is the cheap chats, usually new models ask for the lowest rate possible (6 tokens per minute). The second reason is that in order to get the most new users and completely fill up their cam rooms (not an easy thing to do on such a enormous site), the ladies will either go very buttoned up, or balls to the wall madness sex acts. On the other side of the performance spectrum are models under the tag #pornstar, which often feature familiar faces, but who charge the top of the price rate options, at 120 tokens a minute, or more.

How do you record a private 1on1 live cam session on Chaturbate?

Chaturbate offers the option to go into private and record your show for free
  1. Choose a kink queen from the thousands on offer, and enter her public chat room. You'll see two option, Cam to Cam and Start Start Private Show
  2. If you select the Cam to Cam option, you will need to approve the use of the camera in the cam room, and the model will be able to see you
  3. If you select Start Private Show, you will see a pop that will ask if you agree to the per-minute price, and you will also see that the model is recording your show
  4. Find your recordings in My Collection (see the drop-down menu under the username on the top right corner)
Chaturbate offers you the option to use it on mobile as well as on desktop

Note that not all models will have the option to record your shows, though they are at a distinct, and rare minority. If you do find a performer not offering this option, it may be worth your while to send her PMs and tips, as she may be convinced to use the feature with proper incentive.

If you have even more questions on the subject, Chaturbate offers a mega FAQ center with wiki questions and answers for users and models, located under Support link at the bottom. Most freemium cam sites don't offer much in the way of customer care, but Chaturbate's FAQ section is actually quite impressive and will most likely answer most questions you may have.

How much do private cam shows cost?

Chaturbate is a freemium site, which means that in the free chat (public cam rooms open to both registered users and non-registered ones), you get to see all the glorious nastiness of the ladies without paying a cent, because even if you're not tipping, there are dozens or hundreds of others that are. To compete with other freemium sites, Chaturbate starts very cheap offering private c2c chats at less than $1 a minute.

The cheapest private chats on Chaturbate, which you can find by using the filter at the bottom of the main page (select the 6 tokens option), only cost $0.61 a minute, which, when considering this includes cam2cam and a free recording, is incredibly cheap, a price that most members can afford. The average price, more common with experienced models, is $3.04 a minute. The highest rate on the site is $9.12 a minute, but this is very rare.

But, if you want to go even cheaper, choose girls who are already in private, so you can spy on them with only the model knowing, AKA, live cam Spy Shows. To find these, go to the Discover section up top, and go all the way to the bottom to find Private Chats, which will also put a red sticker on the models saying that they're in private sessions. Select a model you like and you'll see a black screen, as you've not agreed to spy on her yet. This woks best with models you want to "try out" before committing to private chat rates. Agree to the price, and spy away.

Chaturbate offers an even cheaper option to private chats, spy shows

Does Chaturbate give free tokens?

There are several ways to get free tokens on Chaturbate:

  1. After your very first token purchase on the site, you'll get the option to verify your account, for free. Once you do, you'll get a one time gift of 200 tokens, worth $20
  2. If you decide to join the site's membership (more below), you will also receive a one time welcome of 200 tokens
  3. After registering, enter your member's account and look under the Share tab. Chaturbate offers you the chance to use links and refer a friend to the site. For each user that signs up and purchases tokens of their own, you'll get free tokens: 10 tokens for registration, and up to 500 tokens ($50) if you refer someone who becomes a model and broadcasts

Does Chaturbate offer a membership?

Chaturbate offers a membership that gives you the most valuable tool if you have a taste for the most popular models: anonymous cam browsing. When you have, potentially, 5,000 other users in the same cam room, and many of them tipping, the best way to stand out is actually to become part of the background and ignite the model's curiosity while you tip as a sneaky, benevolent user. In addition to the 200 free tokens you receive, you will also get:

  • No more ads (there aren't many, but it's much nicer to have them removed)
  • The option to customize your chat experience, such as with color fonts and emojis. Remember, the point on Chaturbate, for user and model, is to be different and unique to get other's attention
  • You will be able to PM cam models, another big advantage compared to others who are flooding a model's cam room, but cannot contact her directly
  • Preview rooms
  • Anonymous tipping and browsing
  • A special badge showing the model that you're a high roller, and worth her time

What payment methods does Chaturbate offers?

Another great attribute of Chaturbate is that it offers so many ways to purchase tokens beyond credit cards, which is the method most freemium cam sites offer.

Wire transfer is ideal especially for international users that like using their own bank account.

Cryptocurrencies is likely the most secure, anonymous, and safe methods of payment, away from prying eyes.

Lastly, Chaturbate offers an extra special payment method rarely found on freemium cam sites, gift cards! This is, essentially free live porn, as you're giving away your gift card to get tokens. The only downside to this 100% safe and anonymous payment method, is that you get less tokens than you would with using a card or crypto, due to the fees involved with PayGarden, which accepts your gift cards and turns them to site currency.

If you pay with a regular card, you get, for example, 200 tokens for roughly $20. If you use a gift card, you get only 190 tokens, and you part with $25. Also, using a credit/debit card is the only way to purchase a membership, you can't do that with gift card tokens. That being said, you pay nothing, so any amount of tokens is going to be "free" for you.

Chaturbate offers multiple payment options


As you can see, Chaturbate has a lot to offer. From thousands of cam girls on any given hour, to 4K HD quality webcams, to lots of fetish and kink, while still offering free tokens and a great membership, this is a versatile webcam platform that appeals to many. You can find super cheap chats with the wild amateurs, or go more expensive and exclusive with the premium models. Chaturbate is a haven for those looking to spy and be anonymous, yet still gives you the tools to stand out for those special ladies you want to impress. In short, Chaturbate is a cheap freemium site that loves to give you options, as well as free private show recordings.

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