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Last updated February 07, 2019

There are trannies, and there are ladyboys, and there's a good reason for that. Asian are just naturally feminine, so they tend to be some of the most attractive shemales out there; A slender frame, pretty face and cute small cock. They're popular enough for people to travel to places like Thailand just for them, but not everyone has the time and money to take a ladyboy trip.

In that case, ladyboy chat sites are the second best thing. I've found there 5 best cam sites out there for enjoying yourself a petite Asian shemale, in terms of quality of cams, models and service, quantity of ladyboys and prices, and have listed them below. Read, experiment and enjoy.

As I've already mentioned in my review of this site and several articles, MyTrannyCams is the best shemale cam site in the world. First, it has a level of video resolution few webcam sites can boast. All cams on MyTrannyCams are in at least 720p HD, with no exceptions. The cam rooms themselves even look like they had a professional go over them so each is presentable and well-framed by the camera.

Thai ladyboy cam model on MyTrannyCams

But, as much as its video quality is fantastic, it’s not what makes this ts webcam site stand out so much. That will have to be its amazing selection of actual ladyboys. Beautiful ones, not only from Asia in general, but also from Thailand in particular.

Finding ladyboys specifically is also a non-issue. MyTrannyCams’ search and categorization features are top-notch, and, while the site has no dedicated ladyboy category, you can easily search for “Thai” or “ladyboy” and get many results. With around 120 shemales online at any given time, out of which about 30 are ladyboys, you’ll have quite a decent selection to choose from.

MyTrannyCams does have a downside, though; its prices. While it isn’t unaffordable by any stretch of the imagination, it is a bit more expensive than most other tranny cam sites. An average cam show on the site will cost you an average of $2.80, and while it will include cam2cam, adding it (or two-way audio) to the show will cost you extra (around $1.00). MyTrannyCams Also has little in the way of deals and discounts, so there’s no real way to be a smart consumer and reduce prices other than to shop around for cheaper tgirls.

The site makes up for its prices with its aforementioned high quality and excellent customer service. While it runs well enough to not warrant it, MyTrannyCams does have a spectacular customer support team that you can contact via email, phone and live chat. Make sure to check out the site’s comprehensive FAQ section before contacting support, though, as it most likely will have a solution to any problem that you might have.

A fantastically cheap tranny cam site, manages to stand out due to sheer affordability. No longer will you be stressed out over your spendings. Now, you can sit back and enjoy the show without such worries hampering your experience. At around $1.98 a minute in private, with some shows costing even less, is a fantastic choice for the more frugal among you.

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Cute ladyboy with blue eyes on has a great selection of tranny and ladyboy cam shows. You’ll see around 80 shemale cam shows live at a time, with a decent amount of them being hosted by ladyboys. As per usual, there’s no dedicated category for them, but a quick look through the site will guarantee that you’ll come across more than a few.

What’s really fantastic about is it’s rewards program. If you think the site sound cheap, wait until you spend a bit of coin on its services. The more you do so, the higher your rank will eventually get, and the more bonus credits you’ll receive on each purchase. It’s basically rewarding you for being a returning customer, and it gets to be very significant with time, practically lowering costs by up to a third.

All this, though, is only made possible due to limit on video resolution. None of the shows you’ll see on this site will be in HD, as they’re all limited to 576p. That, while not bad, isn’t really the best either, and in this day and age will just not be enough for some. We’ve all grown accustomed to HD quality by now thanks to its massive proliferation on porn sites and even others, such as YouTube, so I suspect that some of you might even be turned away by it.

Which is a shame, since is highly enjoyable and works fantastically well, partly due to the aforementioned resolution limitation, on most systems. For this reason, you probably won’t need much in the way of customer support, which is good, because is fairly limited in that department. It has a decent FAQ section and good customer service representatives, but you can only contact them via email and they take a while to reply.

Any “best cam sites” list would be lacking without the king of adult chat, LiveJasmin. I’ve already spoken in length, on many different occasions, about how fantastic this webcam site is, but saying it again won’t hurt, so let me summarize: To start, LiveJasmin’s video quality is pretty much unmatched. All cam shows on the site are in HD, with many of them being in full 1080p HD. They’re also amazingly presentable and are laid out neatly so no part of the action is missed by the viewer.

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Young ladyboy cam girl on LiveJasmin

As for the models, LiveJasmin’s selection of tranny babes and ladyboys is outstanding. You’ll find roughly 130 or so tranny cam models online using the LiveJasmin platform at any given time, with about a quarter of which being ladyboys. They are all full-time cam models and take their jobs seriously, doing their best to fulfill their fans’ kinky desires. They’re also drop-dead gorgeous and looked like they were hand-picked by a team of beauty pageant judges.

Even on a technical level, LiveJasmin feels like a premium experience. It runs well on pretty much any system, loads fast, and even has a feature that minimizes the show and moves it along with you as you scroll through a model’s profile page. Everything is set to give you the most convenient experience it possibly can. And if you have any issue, LiveJasmin has an extensive FAQ page and a customer support team that you can contact 24/7 via email, phone and live chat.

This, of course, comes at a price. LiveJasmin is a luxury adult webcam site and is priced accordingly, though not to such extent as to become unaffordable to most. The average private cam show on the site costs around $2.70, and comes with cam2cam. Most models usually charge around $1.00 for c2c, as well as for two-way audio, and so adding both these features can jack up the price significantly. I suggest that you only enable them if you can afford it and you really like exhibitionism and the added intimacy of sweet-talking your ladyboy.

ImLive prides itself on being one of the most affordable premium chat sites out there, but that’s not what makes it shine in my opinion. No, while it’s a fine website, what makes it truly special is its Fulfill your Fantasy feature, which lets you write down the cam shows your fantasizing on having so the site’s models may compete among themselves for the pleasure of hosting it. It’s like the best kind of bidding war, and if you have an idea for a specific fetish you’d like your ladyboy to perform, this is basically a must for you to try out.

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Hot nude ladyboy cam model on ImLive

And yes, ImLive is cheap. Very cheap. With private cam shows costing below $2.00 a minute and with free two-way video and audio, it’s easily up there among the the cheapest tranny cam sites in the business. Add to that its dirt-cheap group shows, fan clubs, rewards program – which lowers costs significantly over time – and penchant for giving out discounts and deals, and you’ve got yourself a surprisingly cheap trans chat site that only gets cheaper the more you’re familiar with it.

While ImLive’s selection of ladyboys isn’t the biggest, it’s also nothing to scoff at. No matter at what hour you visit the site, you’ll see upwards of 100 shemale cam babes online, and about a fourth of them will be hot, young ladyboys. Together with the site’s great search and categorization systems and aforementioned Fulfill your Fantasy feature, you’ll find whatever you fancy in no time. Even if you’re uncertain, you can still use ImLive’s multi-viewer to enjoy several cam shows at a time.

While the site tends to load fast and work well, ImLive nevertheless has a great FAQ section and customer service. You can contact it’s representatives via email, phone and live chat, but you’ll only have access to its VIP live chat (available 24/7) once you spend a whole lot of time and money to gain a VIP status.

ImLive’s most glaring fault, though, is its video quality. You are not going to see any HD cams on this site, and you might even see some that are in 480p or even less. It’s quite a shame, and really explains how ImLive’s developers manage to keep things so cheap. You might not really care about this if you’re viewing the site on your phone, or if you have a slow computer or internet connection, but, if not, you’re going to notice this, and it may bother you.

A very popular freemium cam site with an enticing selection of tranny cam shows, Chaturbate is only this low on the list due to its relative lack of ladyboys and poor search functions. While its collection of shemale cam babes is huge, not many of them are Asian, so this site is fantastic for those who are not adamant on having their shemale cam model be Asian and petite.

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Young ladyboy cam model on Chaturbate

Apart from this downside, Chaturbate will likely reel you in in seconds. The moment you enter this webcam site you’ll see more action then you have in a while. Chaturbate is freemium, so you’ll not only see nudity on the front page, but much more. Due to the site’s general high quality of models, this will probably get you to stick around for a while. It’s just a shame that Chaturbate has no preview feature for its cam rooms, but even without it, knowing what’s going on inside will not be difficult.

While Chaturebate is freemium, those of you who like to get more intimate with your models will appreciate how affordable it also is. At around $3.00 per minute in private, it’s not the cheapest, but it will also not make you go over-budget if you don’t splurge. Chaturebate manages to stay this affordable while using only unobtrusive ads and no pop-ups. It's also the only tranny cam site that accepts American Express cards.

Chaturbate also has great video quality, with most of its shows being stream in HD. If you come across a ladyboy webcam show on this site, chances are it will be stream in 720p, if not higher. Just make sure, after you enter a show, to make sure it is at its highest video quality, as it sometimes doesn’t raise it to its max resolution automatically. Press the cog to do so. If the cog doesn’t appear, resize the video by dragging the bar at its right.

Chaturbate’s shortfalls are its cam2cam and customer support. The site has no implemented cam2cam, forcing you to open your own broadcast just so the model can see and hear you. While that’s free, it also a pain in the neck, and it’s not like you can just use the site customer support to help you do so, and you can only contact them via email.

In Conclusion

While all the site’s on this list are fantastic for you ladyboy lovers, there’s only one clear winner here: It’s affordable, has lots of hot Asian trans girls and amazing video quality and customer service. It works great and feels luxurious while staying simple and easy to use and navigate.

If you have the yellow fever and want a cute ladyboy to moan your name, try out MyTrannyCams. Chances are you’ll cum for more.

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