Find Hot Fetish Chat Behind XLoveFetish Cams

Last updated January 12, 2021

To look at it, XloveFetish would appear to be a rather simple site. It does not have a lot of flashy additions or extra features that some of the other sites. This assumption would be correct, however one of the first things we are taught when you are younger is to not judge a book by its cover.

Once you spend a little time on XLoveFetish, would will come to realize that it is a top notch amateur webcam chat site. Does it have a lot of additional features to offer? No. But it does have a good collection of real fetish cams and a dedication to the art of webcam interaction that is often hard to find.

Sign up for free fetish chat

The site loads onto the homepage, which is a good solid start, because even as a first time visitor you can jump straight into a free adult chat session, with hot real fetish cams stars.

There is a simple filter on the left hand side, which works on an automatic expansion logic. The filter is simple but detailed at the same time, including such options as:

  • Language
  • Show Type
  • Body Type
  • Hair Colour
  • Eye Colour
  • Age and more.

Multiple selections are possible with the main screen updating instantly to show you the thumbnails that match your search criteria. The response times on the site are very good, which is a key aspect of this type of search – result system.

Joining the site is free, although even guest users can tune in to watch the free adult chat shows. However, as a guest user, you are not able to chat with the real fetish cams models. For the sake a few fields, joining up and claiming your free account makes the most sense.

All you need to do is enter:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email Address

The site sends you a confirmation mail, but logs you in instantly, and you are ready to get exploring the site in more detail.

A good fetish webcam chat site

Joining the free adult chat rooms introduces you to the ladies and gives you the ability to chat with them. Unlike many other real fetish cams sites, these ladies will respond and enjoy a nice chat, but at the end of the day, this is an amateur webcam chat site after all, and the show is not started until it gets private.

For private shows, you will need to have some credit in your account, that’s how it works. The same here as on the other real fetish cams sites.

Buying credits is a quick and easy process which is great because nothing is worse than being caught mid show with no money, only to come back with a fat virtual wallet to find the free adult cams star of your dreams had gone into a show with another.

Credits can be bought in four pre-defined batches:

  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
  • $150

The site also offer you an extensive range of payment options that mean absolutely everybody has the ability to throw some credits into the account and enjoy the good times with a hot fetish model.

Payments can be made via:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Maestro
  • PayPal
  • Pre-Paid Cards
  • Phone
  • Direct Debits
  • And even BitCoin.
Multiple payment options mean you always have options

Of course, the main aspect of the site are the real fetish cams. The free adult chat sessions are fresh and fun. The streams load fast and the site offers a range of screen sizes meaning you can select the screen that is the best fit for your chosen viewing device. There is not much more in the shows than this. There are not many options for you to make use of once the amateur webcam chat has started. This is a weakness in the site, and holds it back from the top spots. However, as a user it does ensure that you are focused on the show and not distracted by the trivial additions. You can send your real fetish cams models a tip, or a bonus as it is called here, and add the hot cam stars to your favourites list. Other than that, there is nothing but you and the model.

While the live free adult chat shows are the mainstay of the site, there are a few extras that are there for you to enjoy, and keep you coming back for more visits. The models have the ability to upload their own photo galleries as well as stock their own video libraries. The videos are contained in a central library and are either free or VIP – they cost a set amount of tokens to view. Selecting a video will take you to the page of the amateur webcam chat stars page, where you can view all of the other videos should you do wish. These are a nice addition to the site, and if you have a very specific list of favourites, these videos can help you through those visits where none are online but you still need to scratch that itch.

There are always beautiful women to be found online

While the site may be smaller than some of the higher scoring locations, there is something to the real fetish cams here that is a throwback to the good old days. It is a simple site that is focused only on the chat experience rather than the needless extras. It could be argued that it is these extras that help the other chat cams sites to the higher ranks on this list, but it is certainly interesting to spend time on a site that clearly has so much faith in the skills of their real fetish cams that they do not feel the need to focus on anything but.

This site has a nice and simple feel to it. The amateur webcam chat stars are friendly and responsive to all and the atmosphere is laid back and as fluid as the site. Definitely a worthy winner of a place in the TopFive fetish cam sites of 2015.