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Last updated November 05, 2018

Hey there, Andy here, back to talk to you about another live adult webcam site. Today I have been looking at

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This is certainly one of the more interesting sites I have seen. It is free to join, and has the same simple account creation process as any other real cam chat site.

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However, that is where the free aspect of this hot webcam chat site ends. In order to actually use the site, you must be prepared to invest in it from the word go.

Now, while this is not necessarily the best way to start a review, given the number of free live amateur webcam chat sites there are out there, it is not all bad news. The site really is very good, and it is worth the investment.

What I like about MyDirtyHobby is that, unlike other real cam chat sites, this one is not flat, based around a single homepage. It is multi-layered, and serves not just the fans of hot webcam chat, but rather those that are enthusiastic about the entire range of live internet amateurs.

The best way to find your way around the site is to use the left hand menu. This is the one static part of the page. Whichever page or level on the site you are on, the left hand menu.

The site is only geared towards the live amateur webcam angle, but is also separates everything that would normally be on a single level into different subpages.

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Other than the above, I liked how the site grouped their ‘top’ items into their own mini modules. This goes for the top:

If that is not enough, I noticed that the site also offers over fifty different predefined categories. These categories are not for the live amateur webcam feeds, but rather for the image and video galleries.

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When it comes to the live amateur webcam streams, there is a different filtering system. You can apply four different levels of filters across a wide range of options, to really bring down the available cam chat streams to a very special few.

The filters you can choose from are widespread and each category comes with multiple choices.

I was impressed with the depth of the site, especially with regards the available filter options.

With the hot webcam chat feeds, the sites are pretty straight forward. You can chat with the models, engage with them in the usual ways. The chat shows are all charged at a by the minute rate, set by the model. The variety here was staggering, ranging from 50 credits a minute to over 150. I was a little shocked by the difference, but when all cams must be paid for, you do realize a correlation between the show type and the price you pay.

It is strange, but I was actually more drawn to the additional aspects of the site that I did not mind the rather basic approach to the real cam chat rooms.

Everything on the site is charged, I have mentioned this before The currency on the site is called Dirty Cents, or DC.

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They can be purchased in predefined bundles. The bundles do differ depending on the payment method you choose, but the basis for them is:

I was very impressed with the large range of Dirty Cent bundles, it is probably one of the most varied bundle groupings I have ever seen. It was impressive, and certainly means that everybody has a chance to enjoy the delights the site has to offer.

I also like the way that the site offers you a good range of payment options to accompany the Dirty Cent bundles. I mean, it is not the biggest payment options selection I have ever seen, but it is definitely a decent list.

MyDirtyHobby is the Place for Online Amateur Chat Cams

When you look at the real cam chat angle of the site, there is not much special that jumps out at you, and the need to make payments for everything could be off putting. However, I review this site for what it is, and that is an amateur paradise. A place for live amateur webcam fun. Real hot webcam chat with live models, and a view into the real world of the adult amateur star. The real strength in the site lies in its depth of content. The number of videos, pictures, live real cam chat streams and amateur maintained blogs, makes it one of the most complete amateur resources I have ever seen.

It is definitely worth taking the time to check it out, invest in the experience, and let the good time roll. 

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