Review of EveLive - Real Amateur Webcams

Last updated January 01, 2021

Hey there, Andy here, and today I want to take you on a walkthrough of a new live adult chat site I discovered.

EveLive is a premium quality site that offers everything I had hoped it would.

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They say first impressions count for a lot, and that is certainly true in a visual / media driven industry, and yes, I class amateur chat cams as being both of those things.

EveLive Adult Cam Chat

EveLive has a very nice, clean look to it. A true live webcam chat site, it has everything good about it on display; loud and proud!

When I first signed up to the site, I was a little disappointed to see that I had to make payments in order to even finalize my account creation. This made me a little dubious on the site, I will be honest with you. However, my concerns were soon allayed, once I looked around the site, and sampled its wares.

To join all I had to do was enter an email/username and select my password. I was then automatically redirected to the credit bundle screen. I made a selection and took the free bonus credits that came with it.

I took a middle grade packet, but saw you could get more than 1400 free credits with a purchase.

Lusty Live Amateur Cams Star

The full list was:

  • 50 credits for $14.99
  • 120 credits for $29.99 with 18 free credits.
  • 280 credits for $59.99 with 42 free credits.
  • 660 credits for $129.99 with 99 free credits.
  • 1400 credits for $249.99 with 210 free credits.

The one disappointing thing I found was that the site only offered three different ways of completing your purchase.

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Telephone

I have never used telephone top up technology, but it does look like something cool, if you are the sort of person that likes these sort of tech extras.

With my account created, and credits loaded, it was time to explore this live adult chat site.

Real Amateur Chat Cams That Deliver the Goods

Back on the homepage, I browsed around the active live webcam chat models and after watching a few of the live previews through the thumbnail, I settled on the first live adult chat feed.

The screen opened, and the charges began immediately, at a rate of five tokens per minute. A pretty reasonable rate. The chat show had a very large viewing screen, which is something I always like to see. The real amateur chat shows are that much more enjoyable when you can clearly see everything that is going on.


Chat with real live amateurs at EveLive

The models were very interactive; flirty and chatty. They were interested in talking, seeking out contact with me. It was a nice change compared to many other live webcam chat sites I have seen.

I did not get the time I wanted to look around however, as somebody else took the live adult chat model into a private show.

So, back on the homepage, I started looking again, and after playing with the different filter options I found a nice full figured blonde. She was happy and smiling, and the perfect embodiment of everything I felt this site was and could be.

The filtering on the site was simple to use and worked well, allowing me to refine my search based on several important criteria.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Hair Colour
  • Bust Size
  • Figure

One of the first few things I noticed when back in a live webcam chat session where the in-chat extra options. The first was the in chat tech support. A nice direct link to the FAQ section of the site. A quick and handy link, that makes things a lot simpler.

The site also promotes its cam-to-cam abilities. In many ways, this is a lost art when the comes to real amateur chat sites. A lot still have it, but are not necessarily so vocal about it.

Hot Adult Cam Chat Beauties

Talking about being vocal, the mind blowing extra that I saw was that they offer a microphone service. A simple touch of a button will connect you straight through to your broadcasting live webcam chat star, and you will be able to talk to one another. I found this amazing, and after using it, can safely say it is one of my favourite additions to a live adult chat site. The entire chatting experience was made that much more realistic and effected as a result.

I can only imagine what it must be like to couple that with a cam-to-cam feed and really let your wild side come out.

The general feel of the chat room was smooth, and the transition from general chat to private chat was effortless. A click of a button and I was where I needed to be. No refresh, no pause. The live adult chat star simple went with the flow. It helped that the group chats were equally prone to nudity as the private chat. No doubt made fact due to the per minute price of every chat show.

The rates for the private chat was around 15 credits a minute, which was three times the regular chat price. I could understand that some may find this a steep rate, but for me, the cost was worth it, especially when you factor in the powerful use of the in-chat extras.

Moving through the rest of the site, there was nothing particularly striking, but at the same time nothing that made me want to reconsider my options. It was clear that they are not interested in building up anything – at this moment in time – other than their real amateur chat rooms.

A bevvy at hot bodied amateur char babes wait at EveLive

If You Need Help With your Live Webcam Chat, Just Ask.

There is a nice detailed FAQ section of the site. Another one of those little things that I always have to look for. Without it, you know that you are lost if something happens, and at the end of the day, you are investing money in the site, and want to know that you will be taken care of if anything happens.

Not only are the questions and answers well laid out and informative, there is also an option to call them directly, from any one of several numbers for the major countries around the world, and also an ability to send them an email.

Overall, EveLive looks to be a quality site that certainly has the goods to deliver. The live adult chat is fun, the models are engaging and the overall experience rates up there with the best of them. That being said, EveLive does sit at the bottom of my list. You can check out my full list of the top cam sites here.

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