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Last updated January 07, 2021

Hey there, Andy here, coming at you once again with a sweet live adult chat cams review. I want to talk to you today about creativity. In particular, how important it is when it comes to the world of real amateur webcams.

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CamsCreative is a relatively fresh face in the world of interactive cam chat, and it certainly brings a new philosophy on what can be done with hot adult chat cams.

CamsCreative Amateur Chat Cams

The site is not free to join, that is something I want to say now, to put it out there, because there are enough people I know who will not want to read any further. However, please do not give up on this site. It only costs $4.50 to join up, and that is really just a cursory fee to confirm your membership. What you get in response to joining is, without question, a real amateur webcams experience unlike anything else you will find on the net.

All you have to do is enter the standard information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email Address

And then confirm your credit card information. The charge is based off this, and is not a direct purchase of credits from the site.

The first thing I noticed when I joined was the fresh, almost pop art feel to the entire site. It was very bold. Strong, bright colours, big lettering. I found it very refreshing, and a nice way to spruce up the homepage without straying from the standard.

The site offers a wide range of interactive cam chat shows for you to choose from.

  • Free Chat
  • Erotic Play
  • Pleasure Session
  • 1-on-1 Fun
  • Private Relaxation
  • Naughty Time
Real Interactive Chat Cams from CamsCreative

There are probably others, because the site seems to be like that. They are edgy and wild, but stay true to the core nature of adult chat cams.

Every show type, including free chat, if you are lucky, involves degrees of nudity and a philosophy of tips in exchange to credit goals and shows. It’s a tried and tested formula. It works like a charm, and I do not see any real reason why they should change it.

Adding things on top of this service, I am all in favour of. It is here that the creative aspect of these real amateur webcams comes into play.

CamsCreative really take the interactive nature of interactive cam chat and pounce on it. I kept seeing models marked down as being ‘In the Playroom’. I wondered what this was all about. The playroom is the place where real amateur webcams become your canvas for pleasure. The models are generally busy with everyday household chores, things such as:

  • Washing the Dishes,
  • Taking a Shower,
  • Cleaning the House,
  • Working out in the Gym,
  • Cooking a meal,
Real Amateur Chat With CamsCreative Stunners

While they are busy with these general household activities, you are given the full control over the adult chat cams show. Every member that has joined the interactive cam chat room is given three minutes to direct the show in any way they see fit.

I was blown away by this option, and I spent a lot of time going through the different chat rooms, taking my turn in directing them. It really is quite the approach.

It is clear that the playroom shows are the core aspect of the site, but that should not take anything away from the other adult chat cams.

One thing that did take me a few minutes to get my head around was the payments for the shows.

The regular interactive cam chat rooms are charged at a per minute rate, but the playroom real amateur webcams are charged at a token rate. I found that the majority cost 1 token per minute, which is a very good price. The regular adult chat cams shows vary in price from $0.98 - $5.99 a minute.

I was not surprised to see that the site offered a recurring monthly payment package for their services. This is not quite the same process as on the majority of other adult chat cams sites, but as you have no doubt already concluded, CamsCreative is far from being another one of the pack.

The price for the monthly membership is $37.95 but for that, you do receive an estimated $200 in credits and bonuses. That is a pretty good return if you ask me, and one I would gladly invest in on a regular basis, judging by what I have seen so far.

Party Hard with CamsCreative Adult Chat Cams

That being said, you can also buy additional credit bundles, on top of the regular monthly price. Just in case you get completely caught up in the live real amateur webcams and need to supplement the account.

These additional bundles are sold in batches of 25 credits, and the price equates to approximately $1 per credit.

The prices might be a little higher than some other sites, but the per credit cost is significantly lower on average, so you make your money back in hot adult chat cams minutes.

The site does only offer four different payment methods for those looking to become regular paid up members.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • JCB
  • Discover Card.

I will be the first to say this is probably the weakest aspect of the site. I mean, who doesn’t want to have different options for payment. That being said, they have Visa and MasterCard covered, and let’s be honest, how many of us don’t have one of those cards in our wallet?

When I first started looking around CamsCreative I was very encouraged by their bold design and pop art styles. I was really impressed with their innovative take on interactive cam chat also.

Adult Chat Cams from CamsCreative

I will be the first to say the site is not perfect, but it has a lot going for it. It is different, it is daring and it is really good fun.

If you are an experienced hand when it comes to adult chat cams, then I would certainly say give this site a try. Invest, and let yourself get creative. It is a lot fresher than most other sites out there, and what you get in return, even for just a single month, you would struggle to find anywhere else. 

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