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Last updated January 09, 2021

Hi, welcome back. I have been busy searching the web for a new live adult chat cam site to review, and think I have found a good ´un. is not only a great live adult video chat site, but it is also one of the oldest. One of the first sites of its kind to really promote chatting with amateur cam models, and as a result it is something of a revered name in the industry. The site is laid out like all traditional live adult video chat sites, with the screenshot / thumbnails of the actively chatting amateur cam models. In fact, maybe they coined this layout and the others are just mimicking them. Who knows? In any case, it works, and who can argue with a successful tactic.

Free to join, offers a wonderful resource of real time amateur cam models who are always happy to engage in a little playful chit chat before during or after a private live adult show.

Screenshot of Busty Brunette Playing on Cam

Open to all users, from free guests to fully paid up members, the site does not make many discriminations. Even guests can make use for the full screen mode, even being able to minimize the chat window to create a truly full screen view. These things are, in themselves, nothing special but together make a fantastic draw that will reel people in.

The live cam models themselves are friendly and always willing to chat, although, and this makes perfect sense to me, they are less willing to chat to guests. After all, a guest cannot bring any sort of game with them. That is why the benefit of the site is the free sign up that it offers. Enter a couple of fields and off you go. The level of attention you will get is crazy. Just like one of those deodorant adverts. You know the ones I mean.

Anyhow, the site runs on the same principle as all others I have come across, again, it does seem that the industry is a bit one dimensional in that respect, but why change a winning formula. Free chat is (normally) fully clothed and more about the laughter, playful flirting and maybe a little bit of live adult cam chat skin, if you are lucky.

After that you make the move into the private shows. Now these start at around $1.98 a minute although you can, if you catch a break, find them for $0.99 a minute which is just awesome, especially when you realize that almost all of the cams are High Definition which mean you get the very best possible image.

Of course, as with many live adult cam chat sites, it is not necessarily about the show types, free and private, that’s it, and how good the shows are, well, that is up to the live cam models themselves. The better the show, the more money they make, at the end of the day. Now, what do so well, is to use their experience in the market and keep their customers happy with regular special offers. Not just for those users that have just signed up, but for all of their live adult webcam members.

What will do is send an email mailshot to their valued customers offering all manner of enticing offers to not only bring them back to the live adult cams but to remind them that you don’t survive in such a business for as long as have without having something to back up the live cam models that run the show.

Personally, I was not expecting anything, I just signed up to write a review, but that was yesterday, and this morning, I logged on and saw that they were offering me Free peep shows into live private adult chat cam sessions, and just a few moments ago got a nice coupon which – as I mentioned earlier- took down the price of a private show from $2.99 a minute to $0.99. That means I get three times as much live cam models action for my money as I would have done elsewhere.

It is the touches like this and the clear interested and care in their customers that make the special place that it is. Unlike any other side in the world you feel at home when you are browsing their pages, and never once feel as if you are not a offering a valued contribution to their services.

Another cool feature of the site, and while it may just be showing its age for the fact that it still does it, I found it endearing. Not only can you be a guest or a paying member, but you can sign up for a monthly rolling charge – on top of any credits you would like to use and you can become a premiere member. This opens up another level of detail on the site such as alerts when certain live cam models come online, access to image galleries and much more.

Screenshot of Slim Webcam Brunette Teasing Me is certainly a site that I would recommend to anybody that was actually interested in my opinion, and while guest members are ignored to a larger degree, the free sign up negates that fact with ease, and the free bonuses that can come your way as a result are just pure wins each and every time.

With attractive live cam models or all sizes, shapes and ethnicities, the site has something for everybody and with more than 14,000 live cam models registered to perform, the chance of logging on and finding a live streaming adult webcam model online who suits your mood down to the group is rather high.

Come on over, sign up today. You have nothing to lose and every number of extract special experiences to gain. I have heard that if you sign up now, you can even get a 100 free tokens bonus for each card used, which once again means even more bang for the buck.